Time of the Enterprises

The Q Judges have reappeared

Two hours later the Q Judges reappeared. Trelane was still by his father's side feeling remorse. He hadn't been watching his father closely as he should be because everyone was watching him. Trelane watched the story unfold on his own time. Not showing up since 2285 and only appearing towards near the end of the round turned out to be a mistake. His father had been alive for thirty plus years without dying.

Trelane believed it was safe not to watch.

He almost was too late.

"You opened the door for Q to leave." The third Judge said.

Trelane's eyes were not on the Q Judges.

"We have reconsidered." The first Judge said.

Trelane looked up from his dying father's body.

"Annnd?" Trelane asked.

The three Judges stared back at him.

"It depends if you are really Quarty's son." The second Judge said.

They all knew who his mother was.

A highly respectable Q.

"I am his son," Trelane said. "His first one." He stood up glaring back at the Judges who were at the other side of the bed. "The one you all hate more than him!"

"If you'll rejoin under the conditions that Quarty lives and becomes a Q again; we'll be willing to forget you told us your heritage." The third Judge said.

"Just accept it," Trelane said. "You can't stand there being a fully grown version of Quarty who screws up more than his sire."

"Please, everyone is leaving." The first Judge plead.

"I am not joining until you accept me for who I am." Trelane said.

The Judges shared a collective sigh.

"We accept your terms," The first Judge said. "Trelane."

"When will he die?" Trelane asked, softly.

"This version will die in a hour," The second Judge said

"I want to be there for him." Trelane said.

"Before the timeline ends . . . Understood." The second Judge said.

The three Judges vanish in thin air in a white flash.

There was a wallet left on the counter beside the bed. Trelane turned his head toward Quarty's direction contemplating how to set in motion a chain of events that will save his life. It didn't take long for Trelane to come up with a plan. He had Quarty's right hand in his hand which he squeezed, whispering, "I am here, father."

He could sense a ghostly presence nearby.

That of a little girl. His vision went through typical vision to ghostly vision allowing Trelane to see a little girl at the other side of the bed holding onto Quarty's hand. She looked up toward his direction mouthing the words, "Save my Grandpa." She must have been familiar to the concept of fixed time. Once you were there and witnessed the event; there was no changing it including the manner of death when it occurred.

Trelane nodded.

"I. . . I. . .I will." Trelane finally said, picking up the wallet.

Suddenly Quarty's eyes opened and he turned his head toward Jessie rather than Trelane.

". . . Jessie. . ." Quarty said.

"Go." Jessie mouthed back to Trelane.

In a nick of time Trelane vanished before Quarty drew his last breath in that reality.

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