Time of the Enterprises

Merrily across the stream

It was quite strange really, losing grip of reality and myself. Because the next I was sitting in a boat fishing. The ocean was not blue but rather a translucent green. A nice shade of green I'll say. The trees were reality and here I am stranded with a complete library of memories in my head that had been previously left out of my reach. I saw John-Luc standing at the dock staring at the beyond waterscape.

A nurse was beside him.

"He'll be fine," The light blonde nurse said.

"I hope so," John-Luc said. "If I lose him . . ."

"Hey, Picard!" I shouted. "Over heeeree!"

I waved my free right arm in the air.

"He'll be waiting for you." The light blonde nurse said.

John-Luc sighed then turned away.

"I hope so." John-Luc said.

John-Luc vanished off the dock.

"John-Luc?" I said.

"No need to worry, Mr Q," The light blonde woman said. "The Picard fellow will be back."

I noticed she was in a white dress with a blue strange hat. She had strange earrings, too. She kind of reminded me of a Romulan except for the strange scales on her skin. I grabbed onto the rope then struggling to push myself forward toward the dock. So this is how my fight against the alien cancer will be determined? Tug. of. war. I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE! My grasp was loosening. I felt scared. Scared to lose my only chance of returning to the natural world. Yet there was a part of me that accepted whatever fate there was in store for me.

The light blonde woman vanished.

"Hey, come back!" I shouted. "I need a cheer leader,for once!"

I pushed onward tugging on the rope trying to get closer.

"Come on,Grandpa!" I heard a familiar voice that made me froze.

I looked up seeing Jessie in a explorer outfit complete with a whip like Indiana Jones complete with a hat. She then turned the whip into something to jump over repeatedly going on a cheer. She hadn't aged a day. Was I dreaming? I grip let go of the rope stunned by what I was seeing. I recalled the water level increasing on a once clear forest area soaking in my boots, and that was a long time ago. I stared at Jessie.

She stopped jumping.

"Grandpa, come on!" Jessie shouted.

I admit, I was unable to comprehend how this was possible.

She dropped the whip into the water then leaned forward holding her hand out.

"Come on!" Jessie cried, holding her small hand out. "You can do it!"

My hands wrapped around the rope and I was quite a distance away from the dock. I had to do it. I had to fight it on my own through some means that is . . .Hey where is the rest of the island I use to see around here? It used to be a forest area of completely trees. Restoring my brain involved thinking of it as a forest like the heart. A huge gigantic forest with mechanical panels that had to be well kept. I looked over seeing a branch sticking out of the water. Oh. That is the alien cancer taking over.

I pulled at the rope struggling to get forward.

"Come on, Grandpa!" Jessie called. "You can do it! Yes, you can!"

My hand began to burn due to the unexpected friction being produced.

"I am trying!" I shouted back.

In reality I was staring at a television screen with a couple other old people.

"Try harder!" Jessie shouted. "I believe in you!"

My left hand let go as did my right hand.

"Grandpa, come back!" Jessie shouted.

Eventually I was out in the open sea. I looked over to see the sun right on the edge. I got frightened thinking it was the realistic end of the world as I know it. I grabbed the oars to the boat then began rowing my way back to the forest. I had to try. I just hand to. I had seen Jessie, clear as day on the wooden dock. I wasn't just about to go under after seeing my granddaughter! I had a determination about today and whatever day that comes after that. I had to stop though to let my hand heal from the burn.

In the meanwhile it left me adrift.



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