Time of the Enterprises

In the prime timeline


...USS Enterprise...

The Enterprise came to a stop and lights returned throughout the ship. Q had vanished into thin air, not that it was a surprise, but the way he left was a sheer startling exit. Picard rubbed his chin thinking what in the world could be up. They were in a different sector or more so a different quadrant of the universe.

"Soo..." Riker said. "No more Q?"

"It seems so, Number One," Picard said.

Data looked over to where Q had vanished. Really? Q leaving their lives just like that. In a flash. Data looked away. Q was the one who would pull tricks on the crew but not Data for some reason. Never Data. One time Data and Q had a word scramble contest through the computer in different locations.

"Tallyho," Data read the word he unscrambled.

"You have a new message," The computer read.

"Open message," Data said.

"I have scrambled a new word for you," Q's message read. "It is a name that you know well and it has a spelling error. TGADA."

Data processed the word.

"Dagta," Data said, then he typed in the name into the computer. "Send in the following letters: IUC."

"Letters sent," The computer said. "Reply: I see you."

Data looked over his shoulder then back toward the computer.

"Dagta," Q's message read. "Do you ever wonder if people spell your name wrong like that? I find myself spelling it wrong when writing your name."

"Your name can never be mistaken," Data wrote back.

"Que,qie,cue,glue," Q's reply came back. "I can go on."

"FFFLEHOPFFLEU," Data wrote back.

"Hofflepuffle," Q replied. "AGME VORE."

"Game over," Data read out loud. Then he pressed one letter and hit 'enter'. "Y?"

"Because we are never going to lose this game," Came Q's reply. "Maybe another game a different time?"

Data's eyes are fixated on screen.

"A different time," Data replied, too late.

Q definitely had some respect with Data just without the Enterprise crew being aware he had contact with the Android. Worf had a sigh of relief. Frankly he had filed numerous reports about Q's random appearances. Troi can sense a relief on everyone's minds. Picard, on the other hand, just found it hard to believe they were really rid of the entity.

"Lets find our way back to our quadrant," Picard said.

Data turned around.

"Captain," Data said. "We are 100,000 light years from our quadrant."

Picard rubbed his forehead.

"Out of Star Fleet contact," Picard said.

"Yes sir," Worf said.

"We're lost...in space," Riker said, shock.

"We are going to find our way back," Picard said. "Set course for our quadrant. Get us out of here!"

"Q was right," Riker said. "We weren't ready for this quadrant."

On the screen appeared a wide metal object apparently blinking. The object beeped a bright red light then it died down to become extremely faint. Worf could see a transmission from one hundred years ago (that he knew because the transmission had a date) that looked rather inferior to modern day information pods constructed for this purpose.

"We have a transmission coming, sir," Worf said.

"On screen," Picard said.

They listened to the transmission and then it ended. Picard leaned forward staring at the screen in shock as though trying to grasp the logic behind it. Troi sat there staring at the screen speechless. Riker had a slack jawed reaction to it. Worf, on the other hand, did not seem entirely happy. Worf usually has a stoic face, always. Data is staring at the screen curiously.

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