Time of the Enterprises

A investigation

. . 2296 . . .

. . . January 9th . . .8:29 AM. . .

Fox Molder and Dana Skully were sent to investigate a strange occurrence. Not that it counted as an X-File but it was certainly in their street. The tell-tale marks of there being a X mark in blood along with the word 'x-files' in blood on the wall where a wheelchair still sat sideways leaned against the wall. That section of the building had been sealed off from the other elderlys.

"This sounds like a murder," Skully said. "Molder."

Skully has brown hair and her partner has red hair. She even has problems seeing colors correctly so she has color blindness.

"But, there is a catch." Molder said.

"I am listening." Skully said.

"The eyewitness is Q." Molder said.

"That guy?" Skully asked, raising a brow.

Molder nodded.

"Yes, Skully." Molder said.

Skully lowered her eyebrow.

"How come he's not where he should be?" Skully asked.

"He got out early due to his illness," Molder said. "Anyway he spoke of a scanning dragon shortly before he passed out muttering something about getting comfortable." Skully raised a brow. "Starfleet wants to be sure this case can be explained . . . In some way."

"Sending us to solve something that is not like an X-FIle is not their brightest idea." Skully said.

"Uh huh," Molder said. "So was getting a kid with telekinseses back from Romulan hands."

"Molder, that is a different subject." Skully said.

"Let's for one moment believe this old guy is fairly certain what he saw." Molder said.

"And let me guess; he just woke up." Skully said.

Molder nodded.

"And we are the first to interview him," Molder said.

"You just want to meet the man who had been a god before and ask him about everything." Skully said.

"Not everything," Molder said. "Just about the case."

. . 2296 . . .

. . . January 9th . . .10:29 AM. . .

I was looking down toward my hand. My wounds had been healed thanks to the new technology out there. Whatever they had used was a name I passed by. Why was I returned to my bed? The Dragon Scanner wouldn't just leave its victims on their bed. Why two people were taken. I decided then when I don't have this problem to have the temple receivers taken out surgically sometime today. I don't need the brainwave technology.

The whole part about the word 'X-files' written in blood on the wall was odd.

"Hello." Came a man's voice.

I turned around toward the source of the voice. He reminded me a lot of Fox Mulder and his partner reminded me strongly of Dana Scully. Except . . . Their hair color is totally different. I rubbed my chin then lowered my hand.

"FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully?" I asked.

They share a strange look with each other than back to me.

"My name is Fox Moulder and this is my partner Dana Skully," Molder said. "We are here about the Dragon-Scanner."

"You are never going to find her," I said. "Or him."

"What do you mean?" Molder asked.

"The Dragon Scanner never gives back its victims," I said. "But I am an exception. I don't know why, I just am."

"So you were . . . Scanned by it?" Skully asked.

"Yes," I said. "And then it promptly got rid of me after scaring the hell out of me."

"So what are you, a mistake for the Dragon-Scanner?" Skully asked.

I leaned forward rubbing my forehead feeling a pain in my temples followed by the sound of water.

"Skully." Molder said.

"I have no idea. . ." I said.

I explained to them what a Dragon-Scanner is. Skully inquired me if I had been on something or was making this up. Molder seemed to have a reasonable speck of belief that I could be telling the truth. The two left me be after I explained the origins of the being. It was an being created by the M continuum to gather 'mistakes' and 'should not have beens'. All it needed was the prime version of the target and then all the mistakes are wiped off the record. It is a little late approaching its victims most of the time.

I was scared.

Was I a mistake?

"Thanks for the cooperation," Skully said. "Q."

"Don't you dare call me that name," I said. "My name is Quarty."

But The Dragon-Scanner had spit me back out.

Was it hesitation?

A inquiry in its databanks regarding my existence?

A fluke mistake it chased after me?

I won't ever know.

"Sorry, Mr Quarty," Molder apologized. "We are going off old information. Files said you went by the name Q here."

I sighed.

"Damn old age," I said. "Damn old age."

I wheeled away from the two Special Agents. I went to the viewing room. The two agents left the building followed by close security. The last time I saw security was during the time of being a Senator for Colo. Apparently some Colonian launched an attempt attack on everyone in the room. I, too, was there during the attack. I was frozen in the spot unable to do anything. It was like time had frozen as he came with two accomplices holding out armed phasers. Thank the Q continuum Jessie wasn't there for that time.

I still have nightmares of watching my close enemies dying before my eyes due to those phasers. As the saying goes; keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. My section of senate was held hostage. I was honestly scared about dying then. It was a miracle that a new smoke grenade was tossed into the room. However the hostages ended up getting sun burn, cancer later in their lives due to the chemical in the smoke, and blinded for a period of time. I was one of the many to have a bad sun burn and a blindness. I heard Senator Chelsey scream then the sound of a phaser. I never saw or heard of her since then. She was reportedly one of the slain Senators.

I didn't need to tell the new X-Files about my condition.

Only John-Luc and the hospital staff are aware.

That is how I like it.

I was being wheeled to the medical ward, oddly.

I looked over to see it being a orderly.

"Why am I going to the medical ward?" I asked.

"There could be a cure we recently uncovered." The orderly said.

My vision began to change from the long gray hall to the blue ocean.

"Is it that time . . . already?" I said. "Damn it."

"Sir?" The orderly asked.

"What's your name again?" I asked.

"Tyerlis," The orderly said.

"If I don't act myself; it's the damn alien cancers fault." I said.

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