Time of the Enterprises

Joy,love, and memories

. . . . 2296 . . .

. . . January 9th . . .8:29 PM. . Guest rooms in Fort Madison . . .

"Molder, has it ever occurred to you this Q is pulling your leg?" Skully asked, through their communicator while getting on her socks.

Molder is in bed with the communicator right beside him on the table.

"Yes,it has." Molder said.

"And he is losing his memory," Skully added. "I don't think this old man is a reliable witness."

"Wait until it happens again." Molder said. "Or at least some alien forces leave their scanner down and another resident goes missing." He tossed a ball up in the air. "I have some of my security videos set up around the building connected to my computer." Molder catches the ball once again. "He once used to have a clear memory, Skully, but when he has his moments . . . I am pretty sure this man is sane as you and me."

"We are talking about a old man,Molder." Skully said.

"We will know what we are up against tommorrow, hopefully." Molder said.

"We better." Skully said.

"Remember how he had no idea who you were after our first meeting?" Molder said.

"Yeah," Skully said.

"If I become like that man, shoot me." Molder said.

"Molder!" Skully said.

"I was joking, Skully." Molder said, with a snicker.

"You sounded really serious when you said that." Skully said.

Molder laughed.

"I was just trying it out how Quarty did his 'serious' act," Molder said. "Fun fact there are some videos that are supposedly from 2364 to 2370 on his profile." On the screen is a video of Q dressed up oddly as a judge in front of a frozen woman. "I am watching history from a different perspective."

"Molder, who gave you those videos?" Skully asked.

"His son." Molder said.

Skully raised her eyebrows.

"Molder, Mr Q doesn't have a son." Skully said.

"He shared a strong resemblance with Quarty," Molder said. Skully lowered her eyebrows down. "He told me I needed to see what kind of man we are relying off. Things are getting interesting here, Skully, like so interesting it is outrated."

"See you in the morning, Molder." Skully said.

"Don't let the bed bugs bite," Molder said. "Molder out."

Molder shut the communicator then turned his attention back to the screen and resumed watching the episode.


Two Vulcan Security Officers stood at the doorway to my room.

They, as in the Medical Home, had enlisted the help of some Vulcans to ensure the safety of the elderlys.

Vulcans are known to sleep for two to three hours but sometimes they are exaggerated to sleep for seventeen minutes due to their ability to require little sleep than humans do. Small mechanical sounds drew their attention. The two Vulcan male officers dispatched at my door walked forward toward the walking robot. I knew this was happening due to their boot steps walking away and the strange eerie cling-cling sound made when metal meets metal. I saw a white flash in the corner of the room.

There stood the strange man from earlier.

"Hello, Father." The man said.

I positioned myself forwards basically upright.

"Who are you?" I asked.

The man approached me with a smile and a photograph appeared in his hand. He sat down at the edge of my bed and held the picture up telling me, "I am your son, the scandalious one. The one you weren't there for." He put the picture into my metal right hand. "Do you remember me? My name is Trelane."

I looked at him, oddly.

"I don't remember you," I said. "And what kind of scandal was it?"

Trelane sighed and his shoulders lowered.

"Father, everyone knows." Trelane said.

I raised a brow.

"Knows what?" I asked.

"The truth," Trelane said. I lowered my brow. "That you are my father."

I looked down toward the photograph in my hand.

Suddenly I had this screaming thought in my mind that almost made me jump. Almost. It was 'TRELANE, YOU DID WHAT'. I didn't understand the meaning of that thought. I looked toward the young man confused. This thought lead to a feeling of 'no, , you just had to ruin her reputation did you? DID YOU?'. I had mixed emotions glancing back toward the image. It was . . . A younger man holding a two year old pinching his nose appearing to be disgusted. The two year old was chewing on a toy.

"Who is her?" I asked.

"My . . . My mother," Trelane said. "She was understanding about what I did. It was about time the continuum accepted me. I met with mother awhile ago." Trelane's gaze lowered as did his voice. "Father, you were never meant to live to the year 2366."

Suddenly I heard a crash. I paid no attention to it. The angry emotion turned into shock. But it explained a great deal. But what did it explain? It was this emotion of conclusion. I handed the picture back to Trelane then made his fingers curl up against the photograph. 'That explains why I am dying, apparently', came another thought.

"I am dying." I said.

Trelane smiled, putting one hand on my shoulder.

"No, you are not." Trelane said. "You will live for round five. You still have the end of round four to learn."

"Are you my teacher?" I asked.

Trelane took his hand off my shoulder.

"Do you recognize yourself in that picture?" Trelane asked.

"No." I said.

"No?" Trelane asked, concerned.

"I barely know who I am anymore," I said. "Around here . . . People call me Q. What does Q mean? What was his life? What did he do to deserve THIS?" I waved my left arm in the air. "Sometimes I wonder if my thoughts are his or some of them are mine."

Trelane nodded, understandably.

"It is not uncommon for people like you to ask those questions," Trelane said. "It keeps you in check and it helps you remember."

I sadly sighed.

"The only way I remember who you are is by repeating your name to my mind . . . at least to what is left of it." I said, fiddling with my metal fingers.

"Left of it?" Trelane asked.

I glance up toward Trelane.

"It's . . ." Trelane looked up then back toward me. "It's like . .Knowledge comes to me . . .Things make sense . . .And then they don't." I heard beeping. "What is wrong with me? I don't understand why they test me so often."

"Lay back down," Trelane said, putting one hand on my chest. "You need it."

I quizzically looked at the young man hiding a alarmed look.

It was the one question I dreaded to ask.

To see that calm and reassuring face fall apart by that one question would break my world of calmality.

"What is it?" The young man asked.

I was half scared to ask.

"Who are you?" I asked.

The young man stood up not even flinching.

"Trelane, your son," Trelane said. "And I am not going to get tired of telling you that, father."

Trelane vanished in a white flash.


"Trelane, your son," I replayed the words. "And I am not going to get tired of telling you that, father."

I smiled, crouched in the boat stranded away from the dock.

"Oh Trelane . . ." I said.

I was looking down upon the photograph in my hand.

I couldn't hear what I was saying outside but apparently someone must have aimed a flashlight in my direction. I looked over expecting to see a yellow flash in the darkness. The only way I could see the photograph was because of the star light. There are a kind of ancient spirits called Walk-Ins who turn children into star light and let them wonder to find new homes. But to be fair they only did it to save their lives.

My eyes widened seeing the sky be outlined in light blue. I looked over toward the translucent green water knowing it was cancer. Did I really want to be taken through the mind by the scanner? No way! I wanted to live. I had to be in the cancer. I folded the photograph into a small square, tucked it into my pocket, then jumped right in doing a cannonball.

I pinched my nose upon landing in the water watching the blue light graze over the water.

Why did it want me?

My eyes were wide open.

Long as I am technically inside the cancer it seems all my memories are gone. That way it cannot upload me. Why is it trying to get me for the second time in a row? Did it make ANOTHER mistake? The blue light faded. I closed my eyes feeling relieved. I heard a seagull flying over the water. A seagull? I didn't understand. Nothing about this made sense to me! It was all too irritating. I attempted to swim up but that is when I realized some tentacles had wrapped around my legs. I looked down to see the cancer ridden octopus dragging me down into the abyss.

I can't let it win!


I am Quarty and I don't lose the challenge of escaping, usually!

I can feel water making way through my nose and my mouth. I kicked! I flailed! I attempted only a Q would wonder to make it let go. I had to try. I had to try. I had to live. At every turn in my life as a human there have been many attempts on my life. The continuum never intended me to become a Q again. I wasn't suppose to be alive. Period. When I was really supposed to die? I saw the belly of a boat grace forward with the shape of a human being rowing.

I won't die any time soon.

This time I grabbed at the tentacles squeezing them hard as I could then bit into them.

The tentacles let me go.

I swim up toward the surface to where I see it is day.

The first word out of my mouth, "Picard?"

It was turning into daylight.

I looked over seeing a boat with a figure holding a fishing rod in complete fishermen gear.

"John-Luc!" I shouted.

With aching in my shoulders and my legs, I went onward.


I grabbed onto the boat making it shake from side to side. I slipped into the boat right beside the half-breed Vulcan. I took my fresh breaths of freedom. The fresh unique taste of the air went through my lungs. I strangely wasn't wet. I was happy to see the man I had long left behind in the natural world. Surely he must have built a life. I hope he has and I hope he is happy. All I want to be assure of is that John-Luc has been taken care of and will have a comforting life for the next couple decades.

"John-Luc?" I asked, putting one hand on his shoulder.

I turned John-Luc toward my direction to see he has a poker face.

"This is not real." John-Luc said.

"And I am not real." I added

"Correct." John-Luc said.

I sighed.

In the world of dreams, John-Luc likes to to think he has everything figured out.

"But I am real," I said. "I just escaped a cancer-topus!"

"Cancer . . . Topus. . ." John-Luc said.

"It is so absurd, right?" I asked.

"Yes, that is illogical." John-Luc said.

"Is it possible that as long as you are dreaming, we are sharing the same psychic plane?" I asked.

"Possible," John-Luc said. "But why is the ocean green?"

"Cancer." I said.

"But Cancer would make it orange, reasonably." John-Luc said.

"Or red." I said.

"Explain." John-Luc said.

"It is green because I know a Half-Breed Vulcan with green blood and I am fairly accustomed to seeing green bleed out," I said. "You do remember the time you nearly cut off your pinkie. . . Riight?" I raised a brow. "Don't tell me I am the only one who remembers that!"

John-Luc grabbed me into a hug.

"It is really you," John-Luc said. "It is really you."

I smiled.

"Oh yes, it is," I said. "It is really me."

John-Luc broke the hug.

"How are you doing this?" John-Luc asked. "You normally can't jump into someone's dream."

"I am not wrong when I say this, but . . ." I tap my fingers together. "You are in my mind,John-Luc." I put my hands on his shoulder. "And if things turn to worse . . ." I cleared my throat. "I will be making sure you will have a better life. Even if it means haunting you, terrorizing you, and forcing you out of that cabin!"

John-Luc smiled.

"I will, Quarty." John-Luc said

I felt so relaxed and I take my hands off his shoulder.

"Wake up," I said. "John-Luc."

"No," John-Luc said. "I want it to last a little longer. "

"Longer and you are dead," I said. "For good."

"Liar." John-Luc said.

"Stubborn half-breed." I said.

"You are very aware insults cannot work on me, right?" John-Luc asked.

"Stubborn Vulcan." I said.

"Why thank you, Quarty." John-Luc thanked me.

I slide my hand down my face.

"Do I look old to you?" I asked.

"No," John-Luc said. "You look just the way I met you."

I smiled.

"Until next time, honey." I said.

I delivered a kiss straight to John-Luc's lips. A single passionate kiss initiated in the realm of mind or dreams can wake up a man. I reopened my eyes to see John-Luc had vanished leaving me in the same boat I had found myself in the beginning. I felt the need to cry. I really did right then. What I did was out of sheer love to John-Luc.

And I cried.

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