Time of the Enterprises

Here is what happened

. . . 2296 . . .Fort Madison . . .

. . . January 10th . . .7:39 AM. . .

"What happened?" Is the first question that came out of Molder's mouth.

The new morning shift security discovered their fellow officers on the floor on the floor wounded and in their most intensive trances. They were taken to a local Vulcan ward that happened to be nearby, conveniently. One of the female Vulcans Teanna and her male counterpart Shirk had recovered from their injuries, both of whom were questioned separately by the two IBF Special Agents.

"We were attacked," Shirk said. "By a creature. A creature that shape shift from robot to dragon."

"What kind of dragon?" Molder asked.

"It was like a bird . . ." Shirk said. "But not."

Molder jotted down the note on his note Padd.

"What did it do?" Molder asked.

. . .Last night . . .

... Fort Madison . . .

Shirk was contemplating how much of a threat this intruder posed to the elderlys. Targeting the old people was illogical including those who worked to make sure they were comfortable in their dying days on their last leg. A strange metal sound drew his attention as did it to Teanna. Shirk grabbed his phaser taking a step forward. His partner, Teanna, was hesitant to grab her phaser.

Womans inner sense, Vulcan's call it.

This threat didn't seem to be mortal in a sense.

Teanna, instead, took out her vaporizer. The robot had got out of a elderly's room with glowing crystal shaped blue optics. The other two Vulcan Gaurds took their phasers out in the moment then shot right at the exiting robot, but they were sent flying technically sliding down the floor covered in phaser burns on 50% of their body. They were cowering in pain and recuperating from them.

"Teanna, do not shoot." Shirk warned.

"Why not?" Teanna asked.

"It would seem to inflict harm onto us." Shirk said.

"We have a charge to protect." Teanna said.

The little robot turned into a dragon. A dragon like bird.

"Fascinating," Shirk said. "A robot capable of becoming a organic being."

What stopped the other Vulcan's from firing was the point Shirk had made. Their phasers were locked at the direction of the Dragon-Scanner. Their eyes were launched on the very disturbing illogical being who could make their weapons backfire on them. The Vulcans found it illogical to fire on something that used their weapons against them. It was logical not to attack.

The Dragon-Scanner went to the direction of the door protected by Shirk and Teanna.

"May I now fire?" Teanna asked.

"Your wish to be burned." Shirk said.

Teanna shot at the Dragon-Scanner.

Teanna crashed against the other wall across from Shirk. Her body crashing against the wall made a loud obvious sound capable of drawing landed on her side grasping at her arm with a little bit of green blood coming from the corner of her mouth. Shirk stood in the way of the Dragon-Scanner lowering his phaser. The other Vulcans fired their phasers at the alien being making its way to the doorway. Our view goes behind the Dragon-Scanner where we can see the fellow Vulcans on the floor most of whom are now in pain.

Teanna forced herself up seeing a blue glow from in front of the dragon-like beast.

What was it doing to Shirk?

Teanna got up dropping her vaporizer to the floor.

Then she did the unthinkable.

Teanna jumped onto the Dragon-Scanner's back right as the blue light had continued. She dug her fingers into the creature's back trying to get its attention. But then the Dragon Scanner's tail smacked her off due to its illogical length. Teanna managed to stop herself from going any further on the floor six feet away to see the figure of a glowing Vulcan child standing before Dragon-Scanner staring at it. The height of the individual standing there shrunk and shrunk until the light was gone.

"Shirk!" Teanna shouted.

Teanna forced herself up using the wall.

The Dragon-Scanner turned its attention straight to Teanna drifting smoke out of its nostrils.

"You will not take my charge," Teanna said, taking a phaser out of her sheath. "I promise you that, shape-shifter."

The Dragon-Scanner approached Teanna with a growl that was low and menacing. She shot at the beast using the phaser taking small steps back. She wasn't afraid. She wasn't afraid. She wasn't afraid. She was merely attempting to keep her distance from the beast. Fear was an emotion. A emotion that she had learned to control during her childhood. Each blast was absorbed into the beasts skin. Its scales started to glow a firesome heat. Its metal claws shined brightly to reveal that it is roughly the size of a large horse.

The Dragon-Scanner struck Teanna.

Meanwhile, Shirk discovered himself in what appeared to be coding. He merely floated to and there seeing the blackness be brightened by a series of dark blue lines that illuminated the scenery for him. The whole floor was outlined in light green squares. He felt like a computer program,useless and waiting to be used. He saw other figures in the setting belonging to old people to young people. In fact he saw Mrs Sweeter!

"Mrs Sweeter!" Shirk shouted, running after the woman.

She was shown to the guards through a holo-projector to the various Vulcan Gaurds.

Mrs Sweeter turned toward the sound of Shirk's voice visibly frightened.

"Where is Mr Q?" Mrs Sweeter said.

"He is fine," Shirk said, after he approached her. "He is in his quarters . . . Resting." He raised a brow. "Why are you concerned of Mr Q's status?"

"He is dying." Mrs Sweeter said.

Shirk lowered a brow not surprised.

"So?" Shirk asked.

"This beast . . . Whatever it is, can't decide." Mrs Sweeter said.

"Decide what?" Shirk asked.

"To end Mr Q's misery for him or not. I can remember so much than I had in my human form. He's a walking memory bank." Mrs Sweeter said.

"This is a person, Mrs Sweeter," Shirk said. "He is much of a threat to everyone."

"Mr Q would love it here." Mrs Sweeter said, with a soft smile.

"Mrs Sweeter," Shirk said. "If I am not wrong. . . He would not be happy here. His loved ones are outside and logically in whatever state he is, I believe Mr Q would prefer to stay in contact with them in some way through his deteriorating condition."

"What makes you think that?" Mrs Sweeter asked.

"I have learned and seen humans defy all odds to see their loved ones again," Shirk said. "I saw that in my previous charge."

"Under no offense," Mrs Sweeter said. "This charge of yours does not happen to be a former god."

"But he was a human," Shirk said. "And Mr Q is a human being."

"You are blinded by humanity!" Mrs Sweeter said.

"I am not," Shirk said. "I know humanity and you are not Mrs Sweeter."

The image of Mrs Sweeter frowned as she disappeared.

"Take me back, computer." Shirk said, staring at the computer generated coded sky.

"So let me get this straight," Molder said. "You are saying Mrs Sweeter is dead."

"That is the facts." Shirk said.

"And after calling out the Dragon-Scanner you found yourself in Mr Quarty's quarters on the floor face down in the dark and discovered Mr Quarty was unresponsive," Molder added. "You then went out to check on your partner onto to see the huge robot holding her up by her neck above the floor choking her."

"Affirmative." Shirk said.

"Then you fired at the Dragon-Scanner's back using her vaporizer and created a . . ." Molder looked down toward the Note Padd.

"Black hole." Shirk finished for him,.

"Which sucked up the beast, and as it did you took your partner out of the way in your arms," Molder said.

"That's exactly what happened." Shirk said.

"But can you explain how you made a black hole?" Molder asked.

"No, I am afraid not." Shirk said.

"And how you received additional injuries?" Molder asked.

"The black hole had scrap metal coming out afterwards and my partner and I were injured," Shirk said. "We were too weak at the time to call for help."

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