Time of the Enterprises

Shirk confronts Q

.. . . 2296 . . .Fort Madison . . .

. . . January 11th . . .10:39 AM. . .

We were told that our hotel arrangement was changing due to a Gas Leak in one of the hallways leading to our rooms. I lowered my head feeling really sad, as though knowing the truth behind it when I did not. They were quarantining it to ensure it could be safe for testing and experimentation to see what went wrong. I had heard the news the nice lady who was there when the Picard fellow dropped me off was dead.

I felt bitterly sad.

I wanted to curse at the world in so many tongues.

I had suitcase which only needed items I believed were valuable.

Knock,knock,knock went the sound on the doorway.

I turned toward the sound using the wheelchair.

"What do you want?" I ever so rudely asked.

Why was I in such a angry mood?


I was mad at the world.

"I want to talk with you," Came a young Vulcan man with blonde hair. "My name is Shirk."

I could have said, "You know I will just forget your name. What is the use in telling me something I won't remember?"

"Interesting name," I said, instead. "For a Vulcan."

The two IBF agents left after wrapping up their investigation yesterday.

"I want to tell you the truth," Shirk said. "The beast is not dead."

"What beast?" I asked.

Shirk came down to my side with a concerned look.

"It can't decide whether it wants to end your misery for you," Shirk said. "I told the agents the truth up until I awoke in your quarters. Now you must do me a favor and never stop fighting to live."

I looked at him, puzzled.

I could have asked, "Why?" to get the point.

Instead, I nodded.

"My partner and I can't explain what we saw," Shirk said. "But we both agreed to a lie to assure it will never appear again. It only appears when you have lost hope. Don't ever lose that. It makes you more human than I am."

I felt hope that the nice woman wasn't dead.

Then three words came out of my mouth, unexpectedly.

"Thank you, Shirk." I said, whole-heartedly.

Shirk raised his eyebrow then he lowered it.

"Mr Quarty," Shirk said. "I wish you the best of luck."

Thoughts wondered into my head, "It will get better. Eventually. The darkness will fall and there will be light. "

Shirk left my quarters.

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