Time of the Enterprises

Hey Skully!

.. . . 2296 . . .Above Fort Madison aboard a Star Ship. . .

. . . January 11th . . .11:29 AM. . .

"Skully,you should take a look at this." Molder said, sliding right beside Scully in the recreation room.

"At what, exactly?" Skully asked.

"The video from two days ago, the night the 'Dragon-Scanner' supposedly was sucked to its death." Molder said.

"Molder, there is evidence to back up their claim." Skully said.

"Just come look at this and tell me I am imaging this," Molder said. "Because if I am . . . I am willing to drop it."

"All right, I am in." Skully said.

Molder looked in both directions then he took out a Padd that had a image playing on it. He tapped on it lightly. Before the two IBF Special Agent's eyes there was a profoundly similar scene told by the two guards. True Shirk had been projected back in reality in front of Quarty's bed. Quarty looked toward his right mumbling something that wasn't picked up by the cameras.

Our perspective followed Shirk toward the direction of the doorway that lacked a door. The other camera showed the Dragon Scanner pinning Teanna against the wall with claws wrapped around her neck making jagged long almost wide scars along her neck. She was making a struggle. Skully looked up toward Molder's direction raising a brow. This was almost to the tea of what happened, so far.

This time, Shirk mouthed something that went about the lines of "LET HER GO."

The Dragon-Scanner did not move as it scanned Teanna.

Skully's face went pale.

"I said, LET. HER GO!" Shirk demanded. "Teanna. Have hope you'll live. Have hope!"

Teanna stared back at the Dragon-Scanner's eyes thinking, 'I am not going to die. I am not going to die. I am not going to die.' It was simply on her face. It was not just an emotion but a look of reassurance. She had trust in her partner's word. First time she ever worked with Shirk but she had that kind of faith in most of her Vulcan counterparts. The grip around her neck loosened. Quite quickly the beast let go then faced toward Shirk.

"And here is where things get a little unrealistic." Molder said.

A flying metal pea shaped item appeared in between the two, then it let out a white bright light that send the beast away, and then it made what could be defined as a explosive sound releasing scrapmetal. The scrap metal was embedded into the Vulcan's skin. The two were left on the floor bleeding and injured. With what conscious the two had they began focusing all their energy on their wounds.

"That is . . . Not what she said what happened." Skully said.

"Am I insane or is the Dragon-Scanner still out there?" Molder asked.

"Let's keep it low key that it is dead,Molder." Skully said.

"But shouldn't we have it as a side note in a X-File only readable for a specific kind of light?" Molder asked.

"If it makes you sleep any better, why not." Skully said.

Molder smiled.

"Nothing makes me sleep any better except for knowing the truth." Molder said.

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