Time of the Enterprises

Worry for ones you care about

. . . 2296 . . .Fort Madison . . .

. . . January 10Th . . 9:48 AM. .

John-Luc entered into the hospital building in Fort Madison. He could see there being four huge holo-pictures with flowers and what seemed to be fake greenery laced under the memorial. He recognized the blond woman as Mrs Sweeter, the first woman in the nursing home who seemed to understand his problem. Now she is dead. Beyond return. Well, death is a funny story for Q and former Q alike. For the Q, death is never ever the end . . . Really.

He came to a man with red hair talking to a woman with brown hair.

"What happened here?" John-Luc asked.

"A Dragon-Scanner took four people . . ." Molder stopped. "You are Mr Pocirld."

"Why yes, that I am."

"You are a legend," Molder said, holding his hand out. "Fox Molder, big fan."

John-Luc shook Molder's hand.

"Fox Mulder?" John-Luc repeated.

"Molder not Mulder," Molder said, then he stopped shaking John-Luc's hand. "I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures aboard the Enterprise."

John-Luc smiled.

"Nice to hear of that," John-Luc said. He could have said, "You two share a striking resemblance to the original members of the X-Files. Are you possibly related to Dana Scully and Fox Mulder?" But perhaps it was only a coincidence or a matter of time that two figures be given reincarnation. "How does this involve my husband?"

Skully had a surprised expression on her face.

"He's in another section of the building," Molder said, not very surprised by the question. "Just ask . . ." He started to point toward a rather short Vulcan with little hair and had dark skin and had prosthetic legs. John-Luc had on a look of recognition. "You might know about him . . . If I am correct."

"Of course I do," John-Luc said. "That's the man who dragged me out of what could have been my demise."

John-Luc went off in the direction of the short dark Vulcan.

"Molder," Skully said, once John-Luc was far from them. "There is no record what-so-ever about Mr Pocirld being Mr Q's spouse."

"It is only rumor that just happened to check out," Molder said.

Skully narrowed her eyes.

"Spill it." Skully said.

"Quarty's son wed him and Mr Pocirld," Molder said. "On the planet Colo." He took out a Note padd. "I have the marriage certificate right here. I didn't think it would be anything important to tell but . . . This tops the cake."

"So Mr Q's son wed his father to a Vulcan without adding it to the Federation data banks," Skully said. "That is close to impossible. If someone were married; a Captain or a Priest would have made note of it."

"You've heard about Trelane, Skully?" Molder asked.

"Yes." Skully looked at Molder strangely as though she realized something.

"He is Quarty's son," Molder said. "And I suspect he married them."

"That makes sense," Skully said. "If they were married. Why didn't he just make add their marriage to the data banks so Mr Pocirld has the same spouse support and rights that everyone has when their spouse is dying or dead."

"I guess he never thought of it." Molder said.

Our scene transfers fifteen minutes later in a different waiting room for the elderly. They still didn't know what was going on. Some were visibly frightened about the strange people, some had enough sanity to be the one coaxed the scared elders and reassure them it is going to be okay, and some just stared out into no-where.

John-Luc entered the secondary waiting wing expecting to see me there.

Boy, was he in there for a surprise.

John-Luc at first was confused then he went to the nearby nurse who was behind the desk.

So he approached the desk.

"Nurse, where is Quarty?" John-Luc asked.

"Neural sector." The nurse said.

John-Luc raised a brow.

"Why?" John-Luc asked.

"He refuses to take a nap," The nurse said. "In fact he won't take a nap at all. Not since the way we found him."

John-Luc's fingers tapped on the counter, lightly.

John-Luc's eyebrow went down.

"Maybe I could talk to him." John-Luc said.

"He is scared, Mr Pocirld." The nurse said.

"But he can trust me." John-Luc said.

The nurse sighed.

"If you can stand his current state . . ." The nurse started.

"I have been with him for three decades, miss," John-Luc said. "I have seen him at his worst."

The nurse looked at John-Luc reluctantly.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." The nurse said.

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