Time of the Enterprises

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. . . 2296 . . . July 1st . .

. . . Foresti Planet . . .12:38 PM. . .

"Data, we found a doorway back to our Foresti planet." Riker said, but then he came to notice no one was in the room.

That was odd.

How could they just vanish?

"Data?" Riker called. "Mr Pocirld?"

Riker stepped forward and the next he could see was that the room is covered in dust. One second ago it was not covered in dust. That was entirely strange. Riker tapped on his combadge then said, "Riker to Enterprise."

"Riker, you just left." Came Jean-Luc's voice over the com badge.

"The Enterprise or the room, Captain?" Riker asked.

"You just left the bridge with Data and Worf." Jean-Luc said.

Wow, that was odd.

"Riker out." Riker said, then he tapped on the combadge.

Riker stepped back. The room was remarkably back in its clean condition without dust. Riker opened the door to the building then he departed out of the unusual time fixtured house. What was going on for the small Away Team? Could it be connected in some way to John-Luc? How could there be a trail of messed up time behind one Vulcan?

"Riker to Worf, what is wrong with the machine?"

"Nothing is wrong, sir," Worf said. "It seems the machine is at a standstill."

Riker paused.

"Did you feel . . . Time change?"

"I did not."

"I just had a chat with Captain Picard in Mr Pocirld's house."

"The Vulcan claimed not to be him."

"They weren't in the house."

"Have you checked around for any machinery plugged into the wall?"

"No, I have not . . But I will do it. Riker out."

Our scene switches to Worf's scene. Suddenly across from him appears Data and John-Luc. John-Luc appeared as though he had aged ten years from the last time he had been seen. Data, on the other hand, just looked the same. Worf looked up startled by the sudden appearance of the two. He was just about to tap on his combadge when John-Luc said, "Destroy that machine, Mr Worf."

Worf lowered his hand.

"What?" Worf asked.

"Drop what you are doing and dismantle it." John-Luc said.

"We are exactly ten years and four days from the future," Data said. "John-Luc is one hundred one."

Worf is baffled.

"But you were just-" Worf started to say but John-Luc interrupted.

"At the cabin," John-Luc said. "We were until you turned on the machine and tested it out. It chose us, an illogical choice, to displace us before Warp Power had been developed on another planet." He shuddered. "Worst decade of my life."

"But we could use this to go home." Worf said.

Data stepped forward.

"I have done the calculations that no matter what you do, it will send Riker further than it did to us," Data said. "We were also sent here too early to embark on a rescue mission."

"Riker is still here in this time." Worf said.

"There is a time rift in my home and if he takes another step inside of it; you will never see or hear of him again." John-Luc said.

Data lacked his combadge.

"How do you know that?" Worf asked.

"Because I saw him die, Mr Worf," John-Luc said. "And I couldn't stop it." John-Luc sounded upset saying 'stop it'. "Tell him to stay away from the house and return. This rift cannot be closed. And if you want to go home then you better trust me when I say 'destroy that machine'. It only brings heart ache to your Enterprise crew." He pointed over to the machine then lowered his hand. "I,myself, have a tough time placing my trust on a Klingon. After being part of the war my Federation had with the Klingons for so long . . ." He sighed. "I have faced Captain Worf numerous times that I have doubt that you are any different from him."

"Captain . . .Worf?" Worf repeated, startled by the revelation.

"Yes, a rather fierce Captain who died facing off with my spouse." John-Luc said.

"I am not anything like your Worf." Worf said.

"Then prove me wrong by terminating that machine!" John-Luc said.

Worf pressed a red button turning off the machine then tapped on his combadge.

"Worf to Riker," Worf said. "Do not enter the house a second time."

"Riker here," Riker said. "Why?"

"There is a imminent threat pertaining to your life if you enter it for the second time," Worf said. "Mr Pocirld has another plan in mind to return us back to your timeline."

"Oh, so he sneaked off with Data back to the lab." Riker said.

"Not exactly," Worf said. "Mr Pocirld will explain it better than I, hopefully."

"I am coming," Riker said. "Riker out."

Worf turned his head toward John-Luc.

"I told you I am nothing like Captain Worf." Worf said.

John-Luc sighed, relieved.

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