Deja Q-ed

Watching over us


"There was nothing we could do," Beverly said. "He is beyond return."

Picard looked down towards the unresponsive body of Q.

It seemed so unlike Q that he wasn't moving, pulling tricks on everyone, or just out right bolting up declaring everyone is a idiot for believing he is dead.

"He did what he had to," Picard said, softly.

Picard began to feel resurfacing memories from what seemed like a earlier experience with Q's body on the same table. It felt like he had done this before. Q's body was placed into a pod with a emblem of a Q symbol. Q, the ghost, stood in the corner of the room feeling light and free. He can feel the atmosphere is dreadful.

The blue fabric is blue lined in golden and the white Q symbol at the middle.

Oh Data, Q thought as Data noticed the reaction on Picard's face, So observant you are.

"Captain?" Data asked. "Are you all right?"

"I am fine, Data," Picard said.

Q came over to Data then whispered into the Androids ear.

"He is lying," Q whispered.

Data looked over and saw nothing. Data turned his head back to the Captain.

"I do not know much about their culture but I assume their dead are treated the way we do with ours," Data said.

"Someday," Picard said. "We will."

Q had to visit someone.

Someone he had rescued from the Borg by warning her before hand, vaguely.

Q appeared in Ten forward.

"What is wrong?" Guinan asked Riker.

"I don't know," Riker said. "It is like...The events of today happened before."

Of course it has, Q thought.

Q sunk into Riker.

"Guinan," Q said. "I am so sorry for warning you about the Borg."

The look on Guinan's face was priceless.

Out of Riker's mouth was Q's voice.

"I never do apologize," Q noted. "So I decided before I go; why not?"

"Because that is not acceptable," Gunian said.

"I have to tell you this," Q said. "The events of today happened...26 times."

Guinan looked at Q, with full doubt, raising a brow.

"How can I be so sure?" Guinan asked.

Q grinned.

"Think of how many times I ordered 10 chocolate sundae's," Q said.

Guinan frowned.

"Get out of Riker's body,Q," Guinan said. "You are suppose to be dead."

Q smiled.

"I will," Q said. "And you will miss me. Terribly!"

Q departed Riker's body.

"I won't," Guinan said.

Riker blinked.

"Won't what?" Riker asked.

Guinan smiled.

"I won't believe today has happened too many times," Guinan said.

Our scene transitions to the teleporter room. La Forge held the boatswain whistle. Q stood at the corner while Q2 happened to stand by the door with his back to the wall and his arms folded. Not one person noticed Q2. Picard stood on the steps to the Transporter with all eyes on him. Guinan had opted out on not being there for his funeral. Geordi,Data,Riker, Beverly, and Troi are there.

"Today, we bid goodbye to Q for good," Picard said. "He appeared on the bridge six years ago dressed up and started calling us savages and criminals. Along the way Q has taught us lessons in the most immoral way possible, and for that, we have grown as a team. No more 'Get off my ship!', no more tricks or games from Q, and no more ominous situations. I have learned, over the years, to appreciate his very lessons that I could see at the end." Picard cleared his throat. "He was a irresponsible man who told lies and intimidated others. Today, he will never step foot into someone's bridge."

Picard stepped down the steps to the transporter.

La Forge played the boatswain whistle, then he lowered it.

"Energize," Picard said.

"Yes sir," Miles said.

The pod is beamed out of the ship. The pod has a clear window leaving a good look of Q's face. Shortly afterward the crew dispatched leaving the transporter room all except for Data. Data just stared at the empty transporter beam. The ghost of Q came over to the Android seeing something inside that not many people can see.

Data turned toward the direction of Q2.

"Who are you?" Data asked.

"Q," Q2 said.

"But you're dead," Data said.

"I am not your Q," Q2 said. "That was a lovely speech...Almost made me want to go back and stop his death. Almost!"

"So you?..." Data said, staring at Q2.

"I am a Q," Q2 said. "Very omnipotent." He waved his hand. "There is more of us where I come from."

Picard entered the Transport room.

"Data-" Picard stopped short seeing Q2. "Who are you?"

"Q's brother," Q2 said. "Call me Q."

Picard turns pale.

"Another Q?" Picard asked.

"I am the responsible one," Q2 said. "All of us are named Q except for those who want to become more 'human' rather than being turned into one." Q2 clapped his hands. "I loved your speech!" He stopped clapping. "Right to the tea on my brother."

Data and Picard shared a look.

"I am the one who convinced the continuum to kick him out," Q2 said. "First time in a very long time that a Q befriended a human and they were stuck on saving him." He clapped again as though very impressed. "No wonder Q spoke highly of you."

Q wanted to pounce on Q2.

"You are the one responsible for that time loop?" Picard asked.

"No, not really," Q2 said.

"Captain, may I do it?" Data asked.

"Do it," Picard said.

"Do wha-" Q2 started to ask.

Q2 is slugged at the face and he crashed down to the floor.

"Are you the one responsible for putting the moon into orbit?" Picard asked.

"Yes," Q2 said. "And that was very uncalled for!"

"You deserved it," Data said.

"Hey, I did everyone a favor," Q2 said, using the wall as his support to rise up. "Now I don't have to apologize wherever I go for my brother's actions."

"What you did is unforgivable," Picard said. "And I never expected to find some good in Q's heart until today." He lowered his voice. "After...All the days we were stuck in," Data put one hand on Picard's shoulder for comfort. "Thank you, Data."

Q went through a white portal...To the afterlife.

"What my captain says is right," Data said, taking his hand off Picard's shoulder. "You are omnipotent and can undo his death."

"Not this time," Q2 said. "This timeline is the second one off limits for the Q to fix." He shook his head. "The first step to grieving over the death of a Q has been taken by the both of you with surprising strides. I made a promise to my brother shortly before his death and I will uphold it."

"Then never come aboard my ship," Picard said.

Q2 smiled.

"Gladly," Q2 said.

Q2 vanished in a streak of light.

"Captain?" Data asked, noticing a chance in Picard's demeanor. "Are you okay?"

"No," Picard said. "I am not."

The End.

A/N This idea came up as a 'What if Picard was also in the shuttle and tried to talk Q out of it?' but then multiple ideas excluding the ones where Picard admitted his feelings to Q came into my head. Multiple ways to start the story. So I decided to pursue it with different scenes of the same scene and went with the 'nebula' idea.

I hope you enjoyed this story as I did writing it.

Oh yes, Q2 basically would take Q's role that he later has in the other episodes such as Tapestry due to the significant points in Picard's life and the Enterprises's crew he appears in. Hope that cleared any confusion up!

For those new (and old) Q fans who recently come across it; you are welcome. :)

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