Deja Q-ed

In the transporter room


"There was nothing we could do," Beverly said. "He is beyond return."

Picard looked down towards the unresponsive body of Q.

It seemed so strange he wasn't moving, pulling tricks on everyone, or just out right bolting up declaring everyone was a idiot in his council meeting (of course, Q doesn't have one but he would just say that to get on everyone's nerves.) of today. Q's body was placed into a pod with a emblem of a Q symbol. It was thanks to their collective memory of what they had seen so long ago when Q tried to make Riker a Q.

The blue fabric is blue lined in golden and the white Q symbol at the middle.

"Captain?" Data asked. "Are you all right?"

"I am fine, Data," Picard said.

"Don't know much about their culture but I assume their human dead are treated much like this," Data said. "Perhaps we'll come across another Q and learn what they do with their dead."

"Someday," Picard said. "We will."

Our scene transitions to the teleporter room. La Forge held the boatswain whistle. No more Q appearing in their lives, at least; just this specific Q. No need to worry about Q popping up once a year. No more of that. Picard stood on the steps to the Transporter with all eyes on him. Guinan had opted out on not being there for his funeral. Geordi,Data,Riker, Beverly, and Troi are there.

"The first time Q appeared on the bridge," Picard said. "Was the most surreal day, and only just the beginning. From then on, he tested us. And we learned more about ourselves through that way. He always had humanity's interest in heart. Speaking of which; he did good in the worst and immoral way possible. Now, he will never appear on my bridge or in my chair. Q will only appear in space within a pod adrift."

Picard stepped down the steps to the transporter.

La Forge played the boatswain whistle, then he lowered it.

"Energize," Picard said.

"Yes sir," Miles said.

The pod was beamed out of the ship. The pod has a clear window leaving a good look of Q's face. To everyone that would be the last time they would see Q's face, ever. Shortly afterward the crew dispatched leaving the transporter room all except for Data. Data just stared at the empty transporter beam. It was as though it just hit him that Q was never going to be in his life again.

"Goodbye,Q," Data said to thin air.

Data went out the door.

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