Deja Q-ed

Trapped in the nebula


..2:57 AM...

Picard got out of bed.

"Who is there?" Picard asked.

Picard had been stirred awake by what sounded like a cat. He only awakened because Picard realized he didn't have pets. Only Data had a cat aboard the Enterprise. Picard can see a shadow sitting down in a chair leaning against the arm rest. Picard narrowed his eyes after the strange figure.

"Show yourself," Picard said, getting out of bed.

"You are stuck, Jean Luc," Came a awfully familiar voice.

"Q?" Picard said, in surprise.

"Very dead," Came Q's voice. "You are having a dream right now."

"Q, stop it this instant!" Picard demanded.

Q got up from the chair.

"I am here to tell you," Q said. "Move on."

Picard edged toward the door.

"I have moved on, very well," Picard said.

"No, you have not, Jean Luc," Q said. "This is the 10th night this has happened!"

"What happened?" Picard asked.

Q frowned.

"The repeat of today," Q said. "I am very irritated and annoyed with this repeat." He walked around the bed. "Ten times it has gone and you forget; all over again!" He puts his hands behind his back. "Jean Luc, I ask of you to not enter the shuttle."

"One of your tricks?" Picard asked. "That is cruel of you!"

Q sneered.

"Look," Q said. "The first step to grieving, with the death of a Q, is moving on."

"You have just said this is the tenth time!" Picard said.

Q sighed.

"You are stuck, Jean Luc," Q said. "The continuum has no doing with it, as I have been told, and you will repeat the same event until you decide to change something about it..." Picard can tell, somehow, that Q is being honest. "Such as staying at your bridge."

"Why?" Picard asked.

''You are stuck in a nebula," Q said. "And it concerns you as it does with me." Q pointed to himself. "I only was able to find out after my death...For the tenth time in a row!" He seemed not-so-happy about it. "Once it is 3:30, time will go back to the moment before I leave the Enterprise aboard the shuttle."

"Before," Picard repeated.

"Yes, before," Q said, with a nod. "My interest in rather selfless;but, I'll like to rest in peace."

Picard hadn't seen Q so sincere in a long time.

"So this is the first time we share this discussion," Picard said.

"Yes," Q said.

"And if I chose to arrive sooner and this happens for the 12th time; what do I say?" Picard asked.

Q contemplated.

Then Q had a wide smile on his face.

"Q, I love you," Q said.

"Q!" Picard said, his head steaming red.

"I would be thrown off gaurd, Jean Luc!" Q said, backing away shaking his hands in defense in front of himself. "Trust me; I would."

Picard sighed.

"There has to be a better way," Picard said.

"Fine, if that's what you want," Q said, sitting into a chair. "Just to make it a little harder."Q crossed his right leg over his left knee. "Say..."

Q told Picard the phrase.

"If I manage to remember that phrase," Picard said. "I won't remember it."

Q sighed.

"I want you to think of the number eight while going to sleep," Q said. "It is your only chance." The last part was directed to Picard. Q leaned forward taking his leg off his knee and put his fingers together. "The next time we come across each other in this bedroom will be probably the same conversation. We'll make progress. At the end; you will have a choice."

"What choice is that, Q?" Picard asked.

Q frowned.

"I don't know," Q said. "Good night, mon capitaine."

Q disappeared in the night.

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