Deja Q-ed

Another attempt to stop Q


...Shuttle Bay...

"Q, don't go in," Came Picard's voice.

Q was halfway in the shuttle.

Q rolled an eye.

"Jean Luc," Q said. "Do you want to die in space because of me?"

"Turn around and face me," Picard said.

Q turned around, begrudgingly, toward Picard.

"I know what happens and it is not worth tossing your life away because of these alien beings,"

"I tried to help them, long ago, and this is what they repay me," Q said. "This is my business. Stay out of this, please!"

"No, I cannot," Picard said. "I know what happens."

Q stepped forward.

"I do, no dip Sherlock," Q said. "Now, you, lower the phase or just kill me before your precious ship is attacked again!"The ship goes into red alert and Picard is sent falling letting of the phaser. "Oh, just about anything will do!"

"Q!" Picard shouted.

Q grabbed hold onto the shuttle.

"You don't know how boring it is to be a human," Q said, then he made a salute. "Au revoir, mon capitaine."

Q swinged into the shuttle, pressed several buttons, and the door to the shuttle closed.

The shuttle shortly flew out the doors with the Calamarain chasing after Q.

"Q," Picard said, as the shuttle bay doors closed.

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