Deja Q-ed

You stubborn human


...Q's shuttle...

"Think you would get rid of me that easily?" Picard asked.

Q looked over to see thin air.

"How dare you turn yourself invisible!" Q cried.

There is a click and Picard appeared sitting down in a chair across from Q.

"It was the only logical solution I saw to this," Picard said.

Q narrowed his eyes.

"You do realize that you are going to be killed by the Calamarain too, right?" Q asked.

Picard had some Earl Gray Tea that he sipped out of.

"I do," Picard said, putting the cup down on the table. A field surrounded the tea. "But I prefer to be with the damned than watch them fall to their death," Q still had a frown on his ageless face. "Q...I didn't realize how much I would miss you."

"Miss me?" Q hissed. "Your crew would miss you more than me!"

"They have Riker," Picard said.

Q stared at Picard as though the Captain had lost his mind.

"They need you," Q said.

"I need you," Picard admitted.

Q's jaw went slack.

"No, take that back," Q said, as his jaw regained mobility. "You are not the one in danger!" Q waved his index finger. "It is me, Jean Luc!"

For some reason time is going slower outside of the shuttle.

"I know," Picard said, then he pressed a button.

The hailing signal was canceled.

"Why are you here?" Q asked.

"Because I care," Picard said.

"Human sympathy," Q said. "Gee, this is the reason why I am leaving. You know that, right?"

"Yes," Picard said. "I do." He takes another sip of the tea then puts it back. "My reason to be here is no different."

"Uh,yes it is," Q said.

"Q, when I say that I care; I care," Picard said.

Q is puzzled.

"Why?" Q asked.

"I love you, Q," Picard said.

Q is at shock and a loss for words.

It is then that it comes crashing down on Q about what will happen. Q dies, and so will the Captain. The thought of Picard DYING for Q frankly touched him. To the point that tears are forcing themselves out. Q shook his head, in denial. His best (and reluctant) friend admitting it out that he had feelings for Q.

The prospect of Picard dying after admitting his feelings towards Q is saddening.

"No, that can't be," Q said. "You are willing to put down your life for mine?"

Picard put one hand on Q's hand.

"You don't have to be alone, this time," Picard said.

Q heard ticking from behind.

"This time..." Q said. "Next time; you are not going to be here." He shook his head feeling so much sadness. "I won't allow it." Now they were facing each other. Picard put one hand on the side of Q's face. "I am so sorry to put you through this, Jean Luc."

Q felt strong emotions toward Picard; mostly sadness.

"Q," Picard said. "Your apology is accepted."

Picard grabbed Q into a hug, a rather tight and warm one.

"No..." Q said, tearfully. "Jean Luc."

And then the shuttle was destroyed.

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