Mon capitaine,mon capitaine


This story is told through the perspective of Q, the omnipotent being. Q has a conflict with a M. This conflict leads to the death of someone very important and close to Q. Q goes back in time.

Action / Scifi
Ivy Bell
Age Rating:

A fight

We crashed through the glass dome and collided against the floor. We were mere 10 feet away from one another. What year was it? I really don't know. I manage to hoist myself up then see a boy gawking at me. His features were reminiscent of the Jean Luc Picard I knew on the Enterprise; only much younger. I saw the gray skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex right behind him. Apparently my landing had drawn his attention. I realize this child is infact the Jean Luc Picard before he knew me.

We hadn't met yet.

Oh dear.

We made a boo boo.

I saw a man and a woman along with a much younger boy coming over.

"Sorry, mon capitaine," I said. "I have to wipe your memory of this event."

I snapped my fingers and made time freeze.

"You cheater," I heard M name call me.

I also had removed my entire unplanned arrival from Jean Luc's memory. I turn toward M to see he had scars from crashing through the glass embedded on his forehead, the growing bruises along his face that is a direct result of his careless fighting style that is horrible at best, and he has one black eye.

"I am not a cheater, M," I said. "We just were not to land here."

"You were not suppose to use the power of the Q!" M said, pointing at me.

I roll an eye.

"Can we stop pointing for once?" I asked.

"You started it by insulting my mother!" M said, drawing a sharp glare at me.

I shook my head.

"You do not have a mother," I said. "And I was insulting some one elses mother!"

"That was mine," M said.

I pinch the bridge of my nose then shook my head.

"You are such a antagonist," I said. "That is it," I snapped my fingers. "I am done with you."

The glass above in the dome part of the metal ceiling is repaired.

M growls.

"Then I bet you'll not going to follow me to the Enterprise," M said. "This issue should be carried out on the bridge. And your little mortal will die."

M vanishes in a streak of light.

Mon capitaine, no!

"No, you're not," I said, becoming invisible to the human eye.

I snapped my fingers making time resume for everyone and made them be in the right places.

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