Mon capitaine,mon capitaine

My captain!

I arrived too late.

Riker stood up glaring up at me.

"Q," Riker said, his voice in a pit of fury.

I saw Jean Luc on the floor, dead, and the weapon used to kill him right across from him. I can see the stain on his captain uniform. He can't be dead, he can't be dead, he can't be dead. But over all, Jean Luc perished aboard the Enterprise in the year 2374. His last year before retiring as a Ambassador to Vulcan.

"Get off the bridge," Riker said. He is clearly furious. "And never come back for what you've done."

I look back up.

"I am so sorry," I said. "But that wasn't my doing."

I snapped my fingers.

I felt so angry, infuriated, and most of all...sad. I arrived in deep space sitting on a disk around a planet I couldn't care less. I had caused the death of Jean Luc Picard. It had been 30,000 years since I had last spoken to Jean Luc. I had been teaching my son how to be a Q, be responsible, and now...Jean Luc is gone. Just like that. I stare down at the stars with my hands cupped along my face.

"Hey Q," Came Lady Q. "What's up?"

"M," I said, not in the mood for Lady Q's obnoxious character.

Lady Q stares at me for awhile.

"Your human is dead," Lady Q said, in a low voice.

"My fault," I said. "I provoked M!"

Lady Q elbow punched me.

"You should've known," Lady Q said.

"I wasn't even insulting him!" I said. "The Q and M continuum's have been enemies since the M insulted our mothers...Which we never had in the first place."

Lady Q sighed.

"Q," Lady Q said. "You can always prevent his death from happening."

I take my hands off the side of my cheeks.

"What?" I ask.

"But it would result in a loss, as well," Lady Q said.

My eyes grew wide.

"Tell me!" I said. "Tell me!"

"You know he'll die," Lady Q said. "You'll have to die for him."

I put my hands on the disk edge to the surface.

My death would possibly result in the 2nd Civil War in the Q continuum unless...Someone made another Q. The only Q I know of to be capable of having a child would be Junior and Amanda. If they know how to raise one at all. Perhaps they won't make the same mistakes that I and Lady Q made raising Junior.

It is a possibility that the Q continuum could go into war.

Just a possibility.

"How," I said, lowering my head toward endless space. My voice lowered. "I can't even go to that point."

Lady Q turned my head towards her.

"You are Q," Lady Q said. "You can create another Alternate Universe where Captain Picard lives."

I cleared my throat.

"But that..." I said. "I'll have to.." A light bulb goes off in my head. "Be there..."

Lady Q smiled.

"That's my Q," Lady Q said, patting the side of my face lightly.

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