Mon capitaine,mon capitaine

The plan is unfolding


...July 4th...1:58 PM..

Eight years since I decided to go back in time by voluntarily making a mistake for the continuum to turn me into a mortal. It is all part of my great plan, you see. Something that M didn't see coming. I will be there: this time. I had choosen to be sent to Earth at least 30 years before the events in 2374 on April 2nd aboard the Enterprise.

My brother wasn't aware of my plan.

"Daddy," Abbigal said. "I broke my toy, again."

I had chosen, in effect, a new life but with the advantage of not aging.

My mortal name is Quarty Riker Dodgers.

Silly name but it would turn out to be undoubtly handy. I fell for a mortal within months shortly after landing in a recreation site for a camp ground. The year I landed in was 2344 at the time; the year gap I intended. That is where I met Abbigal's mother, Sarah Hofflestetter, the fateful day I met a mortal more grand and elegant than Lady Q. I swore that day not to tell who I really was from that day on.

I work for the federation currently as a engineer.

"Let me fix that," I said, picking up the toy train.

I knew how to fix things and that's what made me useful.

My past self hadn't appeared...Yet. He's quite busy being mischievous playing games and showing lessons to worthy mortals of his attention. Our attention, really. I put the train back together. Abbigal is a eight year old girl. A beautiful one. She has my eyes, her mother's cute nose, and her mother's looks. She even had that apologetic look I sported in my childhood days.

I hand the toy train back to Abbigal.

"Thank you, daddy!" Abbigal said.

The name Q became a reminder of who I once was.

But never did I forget the reason why I did what I did.

Jean Luc Picard.

"You are welcome, princess," I said.

I understood what humans felt towards their squishy mortal children. I had hoped long ago I would never know why mortals felt a need to protect their children,but after having two children I have a good idea why they do. Parental instinct. It is a thing that haunts every mortal once they conceived a child. My child is fair, cute, and innocent for the time being. I just hope she won't turn out like my son.

I will not spoil my daughter.

"Daddy," Abbigal said. "Do I have a grandpa?"

"No," I said. "I was conceived in a tube...A science experiment."

"What's that?" Abbigal asked.

I smiled.

"You'll know...eventually," I said. "But you do have an uncle." I put my hands together leaning forwards on the bench. "His name is Jean Luc Picard."

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