Mon capitaine,mon capitaine

A star ship


..USS Calnahan...

"Captain!" I said. "Are you serious about going through a conflict between Romulans and Klingons?"

The Captain I am serving under is Dove Stewart.

Ah yes, I am his first officer.

"We need to stop them," Captain Dove said.

I made a mental note to myself to request a transfer to a different station that was stationary and didn't move a budge. I sat back in the chair taking a grip on the arm rest fearing for my own life. I was suppose to live until a specific year! But no, Captain Stewart wanted to commit a suicide mission. The Calnahan torpedos through the conflict. I am going to die, I am going to die, and I am so going to die early.

I thought back at Abbigal, Sarah Hofflestetter, and Jean Luc.

The ship was struck.

"Captain!" Came Lieutenant Commander George Staffo. He's a strange case of lab equipment gone wrong. "We've been hit."

Red alarms went off.

Oh my Q, I am scared.

Then time froze.

"Q!" I heard Q2. "Where have you been?"

I look up.

"Hello, Q," I said, with a smile.

"Q," Q2 said, folding his arms. "What are you doing living out the rest of your pathetic life as a mortal rather than a Q?"

"You heard," I said.

"Damn right I heard!" Q2 said. "What was on your mind turning Geordi into a Q?"

"Mon capitaine," I said.

Q2 frowned.

"You are pathetic obsessing over him," Q2 said. "You are the one who murdered him."

I stood up, enraged.

"I did nothing of the sorts!" I shout. "I was too late."

"For what?" Q2 asked. "Apology?"

"It was M," I said. "He disguised himself as me. And I want to fix that."

Q2 stared at me for the longest while.

"That is suicide," Q2 said. "Putting yourself in front of a M about to kill a mortal! That is never been done,including when it is a former Q."

"It has to be done," I said, sitting down.

"You expect me to watch you die prematurely?" Q2 asked, horrified.

"It is not my fault these two are at war," I said. "Prematurely."

"You got me,Q," Q2 said. "Just to get your attention."

I glare up at Q2.

"Call me Quarty," I said. "Do not test my patience. They are very, very, thin."

Q2 frowned.

"Fine," Q2 said. "If you want to go out this way...So be it."

Q2 vanished in thin air as did the Klingon ship.

Oh my Q.

The Romulans are now facing this ship!

Time then became constant and going. Captain Dove stared at the screen in shock at the sudden departure of the Klingon ship. Now the Romulans are firing at us. What did I get myself into? Exactly the question I ask myself every day on this hunk of metal not at all up to the standards of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. I recalled the strolls I had taken on the Enterprise within outer space.

The Romulan ship fired numerous times on the Calnahan.

It was all crazy for the next hour firing back and getting struck. One of the phasers shot made a scar across the bridge of the Romulan space craft chipping off a great detail of metal. Other than that the shape of a crescent moon is visible. There was no way to escape this situation. At least I thought there wasn't. I lost consciousness after one attack struck the bridge allowing several blows to be sent. I was only out for a couple of minutes. I manage to regain consciousness hearing the space sucking sound being loud as it could be. I pulled myself up using the chair.


A lone surviving human, oh Q, it is Tactical Officer Troy. He is a Beastazoid. He presses several buttons on the panel while I hang onto the chair flying in mid air looking down upon the Romulan ship just mere feet away! I saw Captain Dove's unresponsive body float into space where it became encased in ice and his skin so dead it cannot be brought back to life. Then gravity returned.

Now we are Captainless.

"The USS Trieste is hailing us, sir!" Troy shouted.

I saw the Romulan ship fleeing into space.

"On screen," I said.

I saw Captain Benervo.

"Need some help?" Captain Benervo asked.

This is currently the posting of Data. I have done the math in my head for awhile regarding his career in Starfleet. He is currently a lieutenant and will be promoted to lieutenant commander in 2360. In four years he will be transferred to the Enterprise as its second officer and learn more about humanity. I often wondered how my humanity professor was able to overcome many challenges posed in the Star Fleet academy.

"Yes," I replied.

Captain Benervo shouted out an order to someone to which I hear Data's voice.

"Yes sir," Data had said.

Captain Benervo squinted at the screen then his eyes returned to their norma size.

"Where is Captain Dove?" Captain Benervo asked.

I sighed.

"He is dead," I said. "I am acting Captain."

"Who are you?" Captain Benervo asked. "I never seen you before."

"I am Commander Quarty," I said. "Some people call me Q."

"Well Quarty," Captain Benervo said. "You just survived a Romulan attack."

"Commander," Troy said. "The sick bay is destroyed!"

I lower my head thinking back at Doctor Voctor. Doctor Voctor was a nice man I will forever keep dear to my heart for he was a great listener. I hold him highly just not as high as I do to Data and Jean Luc. I felt a sudden rage toward the Romulan race. The never ending war with these futile species. I should trick them to eating a several cans of watermelons for a entire week. I wish I had done that before embarking on this mission.

I raise my head up.

"We'll beam the wounded to your sick bay," I said.

"It seems you too need some medical attention," Captain Benervo said.

"Huh?" I said, then feel the side of my right temple. Sharp pain is what I felt attempting to feel it. "Oh." I had a sheepish smile. "I'll see you aboard, Captain Benervo." I turn towards Troy lowering my hand. "End the call."

Troy nodded then turned off the communication.

I can't get around it.

Data will recognize me on the first interaction we have including my voice. It is problem of the century. Why of course! I remember a conversation we shared where Data said I reminded him of a Commander Quarty. Ah, so that is where I chose that name. It was the easiest name to choose of course. We didn't have anyone to be on the bridge; no one. Except for Troy and I.

What survivors were left were beamed to the other ship.

"Hold still," Doctor Connor said, as I had a sigh.

"I am trying," I said.

"Not trying hard enough," Doctor Connor said. He stopped. "Do you have anything in particular you can think about? This will take a good thirty minutes, depending if you do not sit still for one minute, with your cooperation."

And in came Data.

I froze.

"Much better!" Doctor Connor said, applying the medical tricorder.

"Hello," Data said. "I am Data. Do you know why the Klingons and Romulans were attacking each other?"

I try to figure the right words but nothing would come out

"Sir?" Data said, looking over to Doctor Connor.

The pain that I once felt went away.

"There, done," Doctor Connor said.

"Hi," I said.

A pathetic 'hi' is all I can think of? How pathetic of me.

"Sir," Data said. "The Captain's logs did not mention of the attack."

"It was a moment of..." I try to figure the words. "Spur of the moment."

"Spur of the moment?" Data asked.

"Yes, Data," I said. "Spur of the moment."

"I have heard people use that word a lot and I can't seem to place it," Data said.

"Oh, humanity professor," I said. "Human nature takes us over when it seems someone is going to die."

"Ah," Data said. "A moment's decision."

"I cautioned him!" I said. "But no, he wanted to interfere." I lower my head towards my hands feeling survivors guilt. I should have insisted further we not interfere. "We had no idea why they were fighting. It was like a random attack taken from somewhere and placed right in our backyard."

I can tell the Android saw pity in me even without a emotion chip.

Data is fully capable of emotions!

Data just believes he needs a chip for that.

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