Mon capitaine,mon capitaine

Warned about one self


..USS Twister...

I have been briefed about myself. Everything is going according to plan. One more year as a commander and I will apply for a different role. I know so many things it can be a pain to be me. No one knew that Q and Quarty are the same person except for Data, possibly. I was in my chambers listening to a good song when the message came through.

"Commander Quarty, you have a message," Came the computer.

"Allow message," I said, getting off the couch in my bathrobes.

Data appeared as a holoform sitting down at a chair.

"Quarty," Data said. "Long time no see."

I smiled, with a nod.

"It has," I said.

"Do you have a brother who happens to be Q?" Data asked.

I laughed.

"No!" I said. "We just happen to look alike, my friend."

"I was going to tell my Captain about the resemblance," Data said. "When I thought about asking you first."

"Please, don't," I said, more like begged.

"Is this very important?" Data asked.

"It counts on the life of your Captain that you do not," I said.

"Is that a threat?" Data asked.

"No," I said. "I am on a mission."

"Are you Q?" Data asked.

"No," I said.

"You are implying you are," Data said.

"I am not Q," I said. "Q died long ago."

"I do not understand," Data said, sounding confused.

I looked sadly at Data.

"Data, for my sake...Do not," I said.

"How long are you going to be in Star fleet?" Data asked.

"I will be applying my skills to something else," I said. "I am retiring next year."

Data glares at me.

Was it a glare or was it me?

"I think not," Data said. "Whatever your mission is; it is perimeters is probably within the range of my Captain as you indicated it is a life and death matter."

I lowered my head.

"I am Quarty," I said. This time I believed it. "Not Q."

"You are a twin of Q," Data said. I raised my head up."Who has been told information about the future for all I am concerned."

I smile.

"Thank you, Mr Data," I said.

"End message," Data said.

Data vanished before my eyes.

I realized then that Data just convinced me not to leave Starfleet. Who knew an Android could do so much to the human mind? Well, he had black mail on his side. I never knew how much I hated blackmail until it was given back to me where I would be exposed. How would I continue my Star fleet career? I am the first officer to Captain Tonya. Suddenly I heard a beeping from the door.

"Come in," I said.

Karzine, a female Klingon, came into my chambers.

"Quarty," Karzine said. "You are needed at the bridge."

I roll an eye.

"You could have just announced that instead of coming to my room," I said.

Karzine's face did not change.

"This is very important," Karzine said.

She is the second Klingon to be part of Starfleet asides to Worf. I understood their way of honor and very interesting culture. If only they knew that Kahless's brother is the one who actually had the most honor on him.

I sighed.

"I will get dressed," I said. "Wait outside for me."

Karzine nodded her head then went out.

If only I could snap my fingers and be dressed.

I did miss being a Q. I had a daughter. Abbigal recently got married to a young man and they have twins. Now she isn't the little girl I knew anymore. I had been so strict on her for getting married so young! I had a word with this young man on screen about my daughter, but as it turned out he was about her age and he had her consent. I came to find out he had problems of his own trying to get the courage up to speak with his parents about his little gift.

In four years my daughter will be 20 with two four year old twins.

My daughter promised she will finish High School and gave her word.

Abbigal always kept her word.

Though I trust she'll find someone to baby sit those twins.

I came out of the room in uniform then make my way down the corridor.

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