Mon capitaine,mon capitaine

A unexpected surprise


..April 2nd...

Abbigal was twenty when she enrolled into Star Fleet academy. Thomas, the father of the twins, took care of the twins for the next four years. I had a video message from Abbigal talking about the academy and how 'cool' it was on her first week in 2364. Four years ago Abbigal died aboard the USS Quint when it was attacked by Romulans. Today is the day that Captain Picard will surely not die.

I am currently under the command to Captain Tonya, still.

She is a very good Captain, enough said.

"We'll be intercepting the Enterprise in 2 hours," Came Karzine's voice behind me.

2 hours.

In standard time it is 3:00 PM.

"Good," Tonya said. "I have a lot to catch up with Picard."

"Or maybe not," I grumbled.

Tonya usually ignored my statements that were muttered,grumbled, and whispered. I assume she must have grown accustomed to my complaints as one time Tonya had once asked me what was on my mind. At the time she had asked I wasn't speaking at all during a chat she shared with the captain of a Klingon ship.

"Sir," Lieutenant Commander Audri said. "We are picking up a wormhole approaching."

"Change course," Tonya said.

"Aye aye," Audri said, pressing a few buttons.

I notice then that time seemed to be going quicker. The rounded hole became clear to the screen. I will forever hate wormholes if they make me miss my target time. The time that I am suppose to be interfering in. I had to figure out a way to get myself on the bridge without drawing attention. Well, I would get attention anyway!

"Audri," Tonya said.

"I am trying, Captain," Audri said, pressing a few different buttons. "Won't seem to work!"

"Hold on," Tonya said.

The USS Twister was pulled into the wormhole. Then the next thing everyone knew is that lights went out and so did the power, at least for the time being. Suddenly the lights clicked back on.

"Everyone okay?" Tony asks.

To which there is most of a 'yes, sir'.

"My feet are still attached," I said, wiggling my shoes.

"Sir," Karzine said. "We've time travel two hours into the future."

It is 4:00 PM.

"What?" Tonya said, puzzled.

Then the USS Twister is shot at. It sent most of us falling out of the lovely chairs onto the floor like someone tipped over the Twister. It must have been shot at the side, I assumed. I manage to help myself up knowing there's likely to be a bruise within the hour on the side of my thigh. The ship came into focus to which it is revealed this is the Romulan ship. It had a scar alongside the area where the bridge would be.

The same one that attacked the USS Calnahan many years ago.

"Activate phasers!" Tonya orders.

I stood up in shock.

"Oh no," I said.

It felt like Q2 must have some doing in this.

If the idea of pulling up shields was enough try them being knocked out during the first fifteen minutes of battle. I braced for impact expecting history to repeat itself. Tonya shouts orders in a fleet of panic. I didn't know what to do. If I had the power of Q then I really would know what to do. For now I braced for impact hearing the reports of damage being done to the USS Twister.

"The Enterprise is coming to intercept us, sir!" Karzine said.

"Send them a message to beam aboard the passengers they can," Tonya ordered. "Now!" She looked over her shoulder. "Get them to the transporters, ASAP!"

"Yes sir," Karzine said.

"Quarty, go," Tonya ordered me.

"I will not!" I snapped back.

"You most certainly will," Tonya said, right as the ship trembled.

I admired Tonya's leadership and temerity.

It was like serving under the female version of Jean Luc with hair.

"Fine," I said. "I will go."

If this was her idea of saving what men and women she could; I have to applaud her. Tonya shouted the same order to the other people on the bridge to which some comply and some did not. Karzine obeyed the orders of her Captain well. I went into the lift along with Karzine and a few other people. I waited for the lift to bring the few of us down from the bridge. I wipe off a tear from my eyes. The lift stops then opened up letting out the vast number of personnel.

"Come on Quarty," Karzine said, waiting for me.

I shook my head.

"You go," I said. "The Captain needs some help."

Karzine's eyes widened.

"Quarty!" Karzine shouted as the doors shut on her.

I look straight up tapping my shoe on the floor counting the thirty some years that had passed since my first decision. It is not five, yet. I will be there, I thought. It is my fate to be there to save the only legendary Captain beside Kirk. I waited five minutes as the ship trembled and the lights began to go out. I kept my ground now more eager to help the last person in this life shoot down the worst possible killer in a lifetime.

The doors opened again.

This time to a wrecked bridge.

I came over to the panel where Karzine had abandoned her post.

"Captain, are you still there?" I ask.

"Quarty!" Tonya shouted. "Get off the bridge!"

I laugh.

"That is...the most comforting thing I ever heard," I said,mockingly.

I slide up the bar aimed at the bridge to the Romulans.

"I told you to get off!" Tonya said. "You have disobeyed my orders, Commander."

"In your dreams Tonya," I said.

The shot instead struck the wing of the Romulan ship.


The bridge is struck creating a hole in the glass.

"TONYA!" I shout leaping over the counter over to her unconscious body.

I grab Tonya's hand preventing her from floating out of the bridge through the hole.

"Not..." I tighten my grip. "On..." I stare down upon the Romulan ship. "My..." I use the chair's arm as my grip. "WATCH!"

I toss over her then grab onto the side bar button and press in some buttons.

The force field went up.

"Ow..." Tonya groaned.

I heard the sound of Tonya being beamed up.

"I am right behind you," I said.

Being beamed up has a unique sound similar to a piano.

"Enterprise to the Twister," Came a very familiar voice. "Identify yourself. Who started shooting?"

I turned my head toward the screen to see Jean Luc.

"Hello, Jean Luc," I said. "Remember me?"

"Q," Jean Luc said. "Get off that bridge."

I walk right over to the controls.

"Well..." I said apologetically. "I am not a Q. The name is Quarty."

"Sir, Captain Tonya has been beamed to sick bay," Worf said.

"You are lying," Jean Luc said.

"Try to beam me up," I said. "I dare you."

"You can transport yourself off the ship at any given time!" Jean Luc said.

"Reminds me of old times," I said, making the phasers aim at the Romulan's bridge. I look up toward the screen with my most serious expression yet. "Your choice, mon capitaine."

I ended the communication before he could say another word.

Jean Luc always wanted the last word.

"That is for Dove," I said. "And my wife!"

I press the button using full power.

"Occupants have been beamed off the USS Twister, except you," The computer said.

I felt adrenaline running through my body and boy, oh boy, did I feel so good what I was doing. I look over seeing numerous dead bodies to those I had served with. Wires, wall paneling, and the works were dangling out basically everywhere. I heave out a light sigh accepting my fate.

I look forward right toward the Romulan ship. I guess someone other than the crew is dying today. There is a strong phaser blast headed right toward the USS Twister's bridge. The only thoughts I had on my mind witnessing the approaching blast of light was about my daughter and a apology to Jean Luc for everything I had done to him.

I am so sorry.

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