Mon capitaine,mon capitaine

A choice was made

...April 2nd, 2374...

...USS Enterprise...

Instead of dying prematurely I was beamed to the transport room. I can feel the ship be rocked by a double explosion resulting from the destruction of two space ships. I step off the bridge to see Miles O'Brian. I made a wide smile seeing the mortal transport man. It is so convenient for these flourishing mortals that I understand the importance of it.

"The Captain would like to speak with you on the the bridge," Miles said.

"I know the way," I said. "Good day to you, too."

I whistle walking out of the transport room.

Some people gave me long drawn out stares as I walked by.

I caught up with Karzine.

"You are insane!" Karzine said, stopping me in my tracks. "To attack back on the Romulans-"

"That is the same Romulan that attacked my other ship a couple years ago!" I said. "So excuse me for not being scared and being determined on getting out a threat. At least your Captain did not die; take solace in that, Karzine."

Karzine frowned.

"You are insane," Karzine said.

It is time I reveal myself to this Klingon.

So I sighed and face Karzine.

"I am Q," I said. "I am mad, bad, and just about everything you've heard about me."

"You can't be Q!" Karzine said, in denial.

"I am Q; but very mortal," I said.

I gave Karzine the cold shoulder striding right past. Perhaps the moment of my very important move will happen earlier. M's are quite unpredictable in their killing hour because after their act has been done once; it can be done earlier within the prior hour. I look to the monitors then tap on it lightly. It read 4:40 PM.

I grew stiff.

The time has come.

How long did it take for the USS Twister to be badly damaged?

Long enough.

I turn away then enter the lift.

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