Mon capitaine,mon capitaine

Time will be made

..2374...April 2nd...

...USS Enterprise...

I enter the bridge.

"Q," Jean Luc said, appearing dead serious. "My ready room."

Jean Luc entered his ready room.

I sigh.

"Long time since someone called me that name," I said. "Thank you, Data."

Now everyone's attention went to Data.

I entered Jean Luc's ready room.

"Q," Jean Luc said. "Why did you send the USS Twister through a worm hole?"

I sighed.

"I did not send the ship through a worm hole," I said. "You are the most paranoid man I ever met."

"Q," Jean Luc said. "This is not a game of yours."

"Search Quarty Riker Dodgers," I said. "I have a file."

Jean Luc raised a brow while typing into the computer then his eyes went wide.

"Last time I saw..." Jean Luc said, turning toward me. "You never had a record."

"I am sorry for all that I have done to you," I said. "Taking you without permission, playing games on you, warning you about the Borg," I earned a sharp glare from Jean Luc. "And I am more sorry about giving a crap about this civilization. I am being honest with you, Jean Luc, because after today I am not going to be bothering you anymore."

"Really?" Jean Luc said, turning off the monitor.

I nodded.

"I am being honest with you," I said. "For the first time in my entire existence, asides to my other honest moments I've had,...I just want you to not be paranoid about me popping up around in your life. True you've been the subject of my numerous games...But the thing is, I...I...I missed you. I missed my best friend."

"I want a recording of this statement that you are never to meddle with humanity," Jean Luc said.

"After today, I will never meddle with humanity," I said.

Because I'll die.

It is fate that I die, my choice, for you.

I saw the clock above reading 4:55 PM.

"Time is so short, mon capitaine," I said. "And so is life. I will like to make the announcement to the bridge."

"Do so, please," Jean Luc said.

What I am going to do afterwards is for you, Jean Luc.

I even made you have two sisters who didn't die and your older brother survived a fire along with his family. Your bloodline does not end with you. Oh by the Q continuum do I wish I can tell you so much. You are the hope of humanity. The best person to be put on trial in front of 'they'. I wish you had known how much you meant to me.

I came by Data.

But as I did, I dropped a phaser that is capable of being used on a M.

Then I whispered, "M in 5 minutes."

True I am going to be getting rid of an M.

The instant they press the trigger is impossible to prevent. Their fingers are already wrapped around the trigger and pulling it is done within seconds. In the next minute they'll be dead. An Android could kill them shortly after a minute has passed. It is how I know this will go exactly to plan because I have seen how it goes through numerous timelines. I die in the end. No way to prevent that. I walk into the center of the bridge with eyes on me.

"I am sorry for my tricks and games on you," I said. "But starting today I will not be bothering you."

"Are you telling the truth?" Worf asked.

"I have lived a lie for 30 years," I said. "I am being honest. It is nice to be honest." Jean Luc came over to the Captain's seat. "Mon capitaine,mon capitaine...How I wish this wouldn't turn out this way."

It is 5:00 PM.

I turn around to see M, disguised as me,who didn't think before he pressed the trigger.

I stepped in the way right in the line of the shot.

"Q, you idiot," M said.

Data stood up and fired at M.

"No!" M cried turning himself around clutching at his wound fading into a more different humanoid disguise and then he vanished.

I collapse on the floor feeling a hot stinging pain in my chest. I held my hand up to see it slowly dissipating into nothingness. I can not move. So this is how a former Q dies when they haven't fully accepted their humanity side decomposing as a whole. Data came over me appearing to be concerned.

"Thank you, Data," I said.

"Data, who was that?" Jean Luc asked.

"M, Captain," Data said. "Q just foiled a assassination plot on you."

"This time..." I said. "This time you don't die."

"As I have calculated it seems Q made another timeline where you didn't die," Data said. "On the price he is mortal. He wasn't able to stop your death the first time around."

"You saying this is a different Q?" Jean Luc asked, with shock in his voice.

"No," Data said. "Same Q."

I am fading from existence.

Deanna Troi looks over me, along with Riker and Jean Luc.

"He's happy," Deanna said.

Can I not speak? I try to open to open my mouth except it wouldn't. I can't speak, I am fading from this life quickly as I know it. Some Q don't go out this way for sure. This is a rarity to go out this way with a bang!

"Goodbye Q," Jean Luc said.

Goodbye,Mon capitaine.

Sadly no one will try to prevent Jean Luc's death.

And then I left this world.

The End.

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