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Hot to the Touch


Marco has been captured by Toffee and Star decides to rescue him. She just didn't know it'd end up being a rescue party consisting of her, Tom, and three of his friends. As we all know, Tom hates Marco. But, why does he act upset when Marco is shown affection? Star thinks she knows even if Tom is too dense to notice.

Action / Romance
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Chapter One: Storm the Castle

"Marco! Uhh... Marco, where'd you put your legs?" Star asked warily.

Marco's upper body that was covered by his usual red hoodie turned around revealing a large fly in his place.

"If you ever want to see Marco again you will come to Ludo's castle alone."

I'm so bored. Nothing to do and no one to get pissed at. Since everyone was scared of me (more so than ususal) because of my slight slip up at the Blood Moon Ball where I planned to burn Star's friend alive, all things breathing did eveything in their power to stay out of my path and avoid me. Which only succeeded in making me angrier and even more frustrated. I haven't had a face-to-face conversation in over a month and I needed someone to talk to or I would go fucking crazy and turn eveything around me to ashes.

I decided to go and see Star, but wanted to bring a few of my friends along incase she threw me out. I decided on the three I've known most of my life: James, Leo, and Rat. All of them were around the same age and height as me, but none looked similar. James had black hair that was slicked back, his eyes an electric blue and sickly white skin with small pointed horns on the sides of his head and big, dark wings that looked like a bats would. Leo had blonde hair that spiked out messily with yellow eyes that had slitted pupils and a tan tail that had the tip covered in orange fur. Rat on the other hand had navy blue hair that was in a small ponytail and silver eyes with a rat tail. You can guess why his names Rat. They all had fiery tempers like myself if you pissed them off, but they controlled their's and never let it get the best of them. Rat was on the quiet side while Leo was as loud as an airhorn. James was a neutral talker. Talking when spoken to or when something needed to be said. But, if he wanted to say something he would say it, no matter how hard it hurt someone or how dirty it was. Explaining them in short: James would be the stereotypical Jock (I've learned about Earth terms in the time I've been alone) since he is stong and doesn't use his wits much, Leo would be the one who's friends with everyone considering how bubbly and outgoing he is, and Rat would be the loner with how quiet he is and never wanting to talk to people. All of them were rather built, like myself, but I had grown even more muscular since my alone time had started, so it's hard to tell exactly where we stood now.

I called them in a three way on my mirror, telling them I needed to see them imidiatley and they said they'd be here as soon as possible. I'm incredibly impatient and although I usually hate waiting, at this moment it wasn't so much about that, but seeing people. I wanted to see someone, anyone.

They arrived in ten minutes. Impressive timing if I do say so myself.

"So, Anger Management, what was the rush to see us?" James asked teasingly.

Tom hated the nickname, but said nothing considering it might end in him getting infuriated. Something he didn't want to do when he was exstatic about seeing people.

Tom cracked his knuckles and popped his neck before speaking with a lopsided grin. "I wanted you guys to come and meet my soon to be girlfriend. She may say we're over, but I will get her back. I wanted to visit her and thought you guys would like to come along and meet her and her... friend."

The three males exchanged glances with eachother. James calmly replied with "sure, why not. I got nothin' better to do", Leo said "sounds amazing!", and Rat simply nodded as confirmation.

They made their way to his flameing carriage and told the gargoyle they were going up. He made quick work of taking them to their destination in fear that the prince would get a little hot-headed. One at a time they stepped off and into Stars bedroom. Tom raised an eyebrow in question. Her room was torn apart and she was pacing back and forth in front of her mirror murmuring to herself.

"Um... Starship?" Tom asked slowly. He looked back toward his companions as they gave him a questioning look. He shrugged.

She looked over at them, worry evident in her features and dread filling her eyes, turning them a darker shade of blue. "Tom?"

"What happened in here? Your room's a mess..." he trailed off.

"They have Marco..." she breathed out.

Everyone but Tom looked confused at who this 'Marco' was. Tom explained briefly before turning to look at Star. In his mind he was leaping with joy and having a party, but on the outside he stayed emotionless. He couldn't pretend to be sad about it, but he doubted it was a good idea to start dancing and singing. He'd save that for later.

Tom was going to say something, but Star spoke first. Her bottom lip was trembling slighty as she spoke. She was trying not to cry. "I'm going after him. I've spoken with Ludo and he doesn't have him, he's not even in control of his castle anymore. Toffee is and by watching him... I don't know how long he'll keep Marco alive. He told me to come and that's exactly what I plan to do."

The demon prince had seen that look before and he knew she wouldn't budge on her decision. He looked back at his friends again. "You all up for a fight?" he asked with an animalistic smile forming on his face.

All three slowly smiled hungrily and spoke in unison.

"Hell yeah!"

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