Q's mistake

Apology in order

"She is conscious," Crusher said. "But she cannot speak."

"I will take this chance before there isn't," Alexander said.

"I'll leave you two alone...For a little bit," Crusher said.

Crusher leaves the med bay.

Alexander looks over his shoulder and watches Crusher leave.

Once Crusher left, Alexander turns his head back in the direction it was.

"Look," Alexander said. "I am sorry for what I said back there on the Romulan ship." He rubs the back of his neck. "I...I had been tricked too many times by Q," He takes his hand off the back of his neck. "I honestly believed you were another trick to get under our skin by being 'friendly' and 'helpful'."

I never seen Alexander so apologetic but rather one that provoked forgiveness from what side of me that sought pity.

Alexander sighs then leaves the medical bay.

I didn't know what to tell.



Mixed? Probably mixed emotions knowing it is all over. What would happen to Sharuf? Hopefully he can be taken to Kronos and get his education there as a born Klingon in the right way that is up to date in the eyes of Klingons. I had to be there to say goodbye to Sharuf, my little Klingon. Being a parent is a lot like being a friend. I felt an emotional family tie towards Sharuf that I cannot pin into words.

I look over seeing a datapad.


I pick it up and read the datapad.

"Android was infected by Romulan virus," I read in my mind.

I stare at the text.

"Romulan virus," I reread.

Oh right, they ditched me and left some of their handy work behind in my processor. I felt a boiling anger towards the Romulans. A forgive-able burning sensation is radiating off the palms of my hand. Thank goodness for having a emotion chip installed into my processor in order to feel emotions.

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