Q's mistake


Crusher returns inside the medical bay. She stops short in her tracks to find no one there. She is confused at first to see that the Klingon Android's presence is no where to be found. She goes over to the wide screen monitor that has a message icon on the screen. Crusher is visibly confused.

"Computer," Crusher said. "Open new message."

"Message opened," The computer replies.

There is a paused video.

"Play video," Crusher said.

"Video is playing," The computer said.

Crusher watches the video appearing to be confused. Then within minutes of watching the video Crusher requests the video to be paused upon hearing the mention of 'Q' then goes out of the med bay on a hurry. What uniform I had worn is on the seat and I wore a new on in place of it. I am right there in plain sight and no one can see me.

Save for Sharuf.

I went out the still open door leaving a trail of whatever ghastly emissions.

Follow your heart, I thought.

I follow my heart on a trail for Sharuf until I came to the Holodeck where Data is showing the setting of Kronos to Sharuf. It is more beautiful at night with the lights beaming on in lanterns dangling on threads hung along rooftops beside support beams. Data is teaching him how to not pick a fight with someone of his gut even though Data does not have a gut it is very aww inspiring. If an Android can raise a Klingon why not another teach that same Klingon about not being hostile towards others?

This is very genius.

"Now, Sharuf," Data said. "The setting of Kronos will vastly be different and so will the people."

"I know," Sharuf said.

"And you cannot give them the 'I will kill you' look," Data said.

"Bad habit," Sharuf said, shyly.

"Now, I will start this program and you will have to walk among them," Data said.

"To where,grandfather?" Sharuf asks.

"To the merchant over there," Data said. Data goes behind a pillar. "Start program."

Suddenly the scenery is populated by Klingons varying in appearance.

I sigh.

You can do this, I thought.

I walk forwards towards Sharuf.

I recall how he learned to walk on his own. It was just only four days ago when I was busy making a long sword for self defense against other creatures not just using the sword of honor in combat. The sword of Bat'leth should be used in a much more honorable form of combat. Maybe that was all part of the Klingon programming where logic,reason, and religion all molded together. I came to a stop putting my hand on Sharuf's shoulder.

Sharuf turns towards me.

"Mother?" Sharuf said.

"You'll make a fine warrior," I said.

Data is confused staring at Sharuf since he abruptly stopped in his tracks.

"Are you all right?" Data asks.

Sharuf is confused.

"Are you really here?" Sharuf asks.

I put one hand on Sharuf's face feeling his scar.

"I am always there for you, in spirit," I said. "Don't forget that."

"What about grandpa?" Sharuf asks, as I take my hand off his face.

"Tell him 'Thank you for everything, father,' no short cuts," I said.

"Are you leaving?" Sharuf asks, sounding sad.

"Yes," I said. "You'll have to ask Picard about this one."

Sharuf takes my hand.

"Please," Sharuf pleads. "Please, don't go."

"I never left," I said. "Goodbye, Son of Vor."

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