Q's mistake

Amazing for a trekkie

..August 8th,2015...

...Illinois, Victoria...9:32 PM....

"Come on, wake up!" I hear Q.

I tumble out of bed.

"WHAT!" I shout. "I thought we were done with this business!"

Q laughs as I help myself up.

"Not exactly," Q said.

"What do you mean by 'Not exactly'?" I ask.

"I have an offer," Q said.

"Q," I said. "No more gifts, no more offers, NO MORE visits to Star Trek! I don't wanna ruin the Trekverse!"

Q shook his head,turning on the lights.

"You will like this offer," Q said.

I put my hands on my hips and narrow my eyes towards Q who happens to still be in the Captain uniform.

"Why is it so important you bug me?" I ask.

"I still feel bad about taking you on a really emotionally damaging visit to the Enterprise," Q said. "It is the least I can do."

Q snaps his fingers.

I am in pitch black. Darkness is evident. I didn't have my slagging glasses on! Damn you, you ungrateful piece of scum rotten garbage Q! You shoulda' known I can't see from the distance without my glasses! I grumble stepping forwards grabbing at thin air. That is when I saw light in the shape of a door pouring out and a shape coming down. I can hear guns being drawn. My eyes adjusted to the scenery to where I see I am on the front lawn of the white house. The freaking white house! I can see red dots in the distance and I can hear barking.

I had used the Star Trek device to heal Lakota and sent it back earlier after it served the purpose.

My attention returns to the light where the shape of this air craft becomes clear.

I gasp.

A Vulcan shuttle.

I take it back all that I had thought and said about Q.

Three figures came down out of the space craft.

"Vulcans," I said, feeling my excitement running around in circles.

The first approaches me.

"Are you the one who possessed a Klingon Android?" The first Vulcan asks.

I nod.

"Can you tell us how that happened?" The first Vulcan asks.

I am speechless.

"Oh, speechless," The first Vulcan said. "Let me guess. Was it Q?"

I nod, holding my hand out.

"Ah, the handshake," The first Vulcan said, then shook my hand. "Nice to meet you too."

The guns lowered.

"You are awesome," I said. "Awesome as the magnificent titanic."

"We've heard about your adventures," The first Vulcan said.

"Adventures?" I said. "I wouldn't call them adventures," I let go of the Vulcan's hand. "I call them 'trips'. So you just came to Earth because a Trekkie...Wait...How do you know that?"

"We know everything, child," The first Vulcan said, tapping on the side of his forehead. I had to keep my temper at being called a child. "We have been watching humanity for a long, long, long time."

Men in suits came over taking small steps.

I turn around.

"Hai!" I said. "'Vulcans, vulcans, vulcans!" I point at them. "Look,look,look, aliens exist!"

I saw one about Q's height aiming the gun at someone's elses foot.

"Q," I said. "'Don't you dare shoot at someone's foot!"

All eyes went to Q in the suit.

"I am not Q," Q lied. "I am Bob Normandy."

Some of the officers attempted to dive bomb him but as you know Q is gone in a bright flash.

I turn towards the Vulcan.

"So," I said. "Interested in forming a United Federation of Planets?"

And so began our version of Star Trek.

To discover new planets and civilizations; where no man has gone before.

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