Q's mistake

The offer

...August 17th,2015..

...Unknown location...9:22 AM...

My scenery is white.

"Am I dead?" I ask.

"No," Came Q's voice. "Not yet."

"Q!" I shout. "What did you do?"

"I did nothing," Q said, as I saw his figure come into being. "I just happen to be around."

I narrow my eyes towards Q.

"What....happened?" I ask.

"The truck was hit by a post carrier truck," Q said. "Spun out of control, flipped over, and hit a tree."

"So I am dead," I said.

"Your body is empty but your soul remains," Q said.

"So...I'll never get to see the advancements in this history," I said, sadly.

"Not if I can help it," Q said.

"What?" I ask.

"I have an offer," Q said.

I narrow my eyes towards Q.

"Q," I said. "No more offers."

"I recently made a promise to a Lady Q of mine," Q said, softly

"Oh, the Q that resembles Alexander's mother!" I said, in realization.

"Yes,that one," Q said.

"They are portrayed by the same actor," I said.

"She wants there to be a Klingon Q," Q said. "And I decided you would make the best candidate for that."

"In this universe?" I ask.

"Yes," Q said. "Unlimited power comes with great responsibly and I am sure you can handle it..irresponsibly."

I laugh.

"You don't wanna chicken out this promise!" I said. "What about my grandparent?"

"Dead," Q said, grimly.

I feel relieved.

She gets to be with her adoptive parents.

"And the driver?" I ask.

"Oh so distracted they were looking down to their phone," Q said. "They will stand trial and pay for the funeral."

I clear my throat.

"The offer," I said.

"You get to experience this world's version of Star Trek," Q said. "And I know you'll have fun bothering Klingons on Kronos until the time comes."

I smile.

"Three hundred years bothering Klingons?" I said. "I would get bored."

"I bet not," Q said. "Q's can time travel."

"I am scared," I said. "And I accept the offer."

Q takes my hand.

"You won't be scared by the time I am done teaching you," Q said.

I look up.

"You teaching a speedy person?" I ask. "You still have Junior Q."

"That's what will make this quicker," Q said.

We walk into the light.

Now let's span three hundred some years into the future. I walk through the doors to the very well 2009 Star Trek movie Enterprise. I had a datapad in my hand walking through the clear magnificent hall that is a corridor in a sense. The Enterprise is heading to somewhere, some where unknown and very vast. I came to this life aboard the Enterprise under the false name Mysterious Q aka 'Amy Inquisitor'.

"Hey, Amy," Came a voice I hadn't heard in along time.

Well, to me it is.

I turn around to see a very vastly different Data with a uniform.

Different as in; a good kind of different.

It is a Trekkie's dream come true to see their generation up to date.

"Yes?" I said.

"Why do you call yourself ' Inquisitor'?" Data asks. "I have been doing a research on last names."

I smile.

"Because U will always be behind me," I said. "I am a Klingon Q."

Data is puzzled.

"I don't understand that last part, but is that a joke?" Data asks.

"Yes, a joke," I said.

Data does his best laugh.

"That is nice," Data said. "But why, though?"

"Because I am always searching for something new," I said.

Truth to be told, I always did on Kronos which earned me a security guard detail job.

"Hm," Data said, looking down towards the blue transparent datapad. "Interesting. Thank you."

Data walks right past me as I smile.

"No," I mutter to myself. "Thank you."

I have gone the distance, where no Trekkie has gone before.

The End.

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