Q's mistake

Why you

...August 8th,2015...

...Illinois, Victoria...8:02 AM....

"Drinking while looking on the computer?" Came a voice I knew too well.

I whip around with the red cup that has a straw inside towards the sound of the voice.

"You," I said, narrowing my eyes towards Q with the straw in my mouth.

"Yes, it is me," Q said.

I finish drinking the rest of my chocolate milk.

"I told you not to come back," I said.

"That you did," Q said.


"Er, that I have," Q said, and then with a snap of his fingers the cup and straw are gone.

"Q," I said. "Tell me the cup is in the dishwasher!"

"It is," Q said. "I came to tell you it is urgent you return."

"Nah uh," I said.

Q sighs.

"Look outside," Q said. "If I have to go this far then I will."

Lakota's bark filled the air.

I ran out of the house,through the porch door, and stopped short looking at the sky to see a gigantic square floating spaceship resembling The Allspark in design. It reminded me of something I had seen long ago on television. I hold my hands up in the form of a camera then squint my eyes. I pictured the ship this time above Earth in outer space. My mouth fell open upon realizing what the heck is going on.

"You..YOU BROUGHT THE BORGS?" I roar, turning towards Q.

"Not being cooperative," Q said.

"If I go along with what you want; will you make them go away?" I ask.

"Technically after I do, they will be back in three hundred sixty five years," Q aid.

"Then..." I stop short. "Introduce the Vulcans in the year 2017 to humanity."

"I can't do that!" Q exclaims.

"If you want me to come," I said. "For how ever long, that is part of the package! Make the Enterprise and The federation exist in this world." I step closer to Q deepening my voice. "If that is not enough then you must do it this year! Make the Vulcans make themselves known to Planet Earth since in the movies they make FIRST CONTACT!"

"You know the movies," Q said.

"I have a rusty brain right now about First Contact," I said. "But Vulcans are very important to history."

Q snaps his fingers and the Borg ship disappears.

"Fine," Q said.

"Now make time freeze," I said. "I am not staying in the world for Star Trek for long...Why do you want me to return?"

"To accept Alexander's apology!" Q said, taking my hand.

Oh shit.

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