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"How do you plead to the death of a Romulan?" Came a voice of authority.

I blink adjusting my eyes to the scenery and the setting is a court room that is apparently Romulan style. I hadn't been aware Romulans had court rooms! Some of them had the V shaped forehead and some of them did not but it certainly did give insight that they are Romulans because of their clothing style and hair style that is different to Vulcan's. Their ears are a little more curved, their shoulders are a little more sharper and broader, and the look in their eyes are full of emotions.

"Um..." I said. "Remind me what I did,again, please?"

The Romulan Judge frowns.

"You twisted the wrist of a Romulan and killed them with their own weapon," The Romulan Judge said.

I blink.

"I do not recall killing a Romulan," I said.

"You aimed it at your self," The Romulan Judge said. "It passed through you into their body."

"An accident!" I said. "I recall making them unable to shoot and...then dying."

"Our engineers have brought you back to stand trial," The Romulan Judge said. "Now how do you plead?"

"Accidental death," I said. "I am sorry."

"How do you plead?" The Romulan Judge asks.

I turn my head away to see Q under the disguise of a Romulan.

"Q!" I shout.

Q smirks snapping his fingers and he is gone in a flash of light.

"How do you plead, I-B of the Enterprise?" The Romulan Judge asks.

I growl turning my head up towards the judge then my hands on the table clenching into the wood. I felt feisty and defiant against the Romulans in a court room for a strange reason. It must be anger, I justify, towards these guys. I thought of Thor being a math teacher so I laughed at the image.

"Answer the question,Klingon!" The Romulan Judge orders me. "Or you will be in contempt for not answering."

I furrow my brows and my mood turns sour.

"Not guilty," I said.

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