Q's mistake

Stupid me

...One day later...

...Different room...

I regained consciousness.

"Urgh..." I said, turning my head upwards facing the ceiling.

My perspective clears up.

"Good morning, Klingon Android," Came a Romulan voice that is discreet.

"Ah spare me the morning crap," I said. "Which one of you repaired me?"

"We didn't repair you," One Romulan Tech said.

"Riiight," I said, nodding my head. "Q did."

"Q," The second Romulan Tech said in a bitter voice.

"You've dealt with him before?" I ask.

"The times I have dealt with him are crazy," The second Romulan tech said. "Beyond reason."

"I'll like to join that club," I said.

"Only Romulans can be in the club!" The second Romulan tech said.

"Nice to hear some humor from a Romulan," I said.

"I wasn't joking," The second Romulan Tech said, in a serious fashion.

I roll an eye.

"Sounded like one to me," I said.

I can see the inner wires to my forearm is revealed and some part of my metal flesh had been retracted. I look down to see my legs are exposed and so are my feet, but as it seems I am completely naked. Naked. Well, at least I look better than my human self! I look like a well healthy Klingon girl who has strange markings on her shoulders in the shapes of unique circles as though sketched out during the credits of a magical disney movie.

I saw my hands are cuffed to the table.

Wish I can really shut myself down about now.

"How long are you gonna fiddle around my body?" I ask.

"For how ever long we like," The third Romulan tech said.

I pause, contemplating the best response.

"This is part of your sentence," The first Romulan tech said.

"So..." I said. "Whenever this is done....I get to go wherever I want?"

"If we are able to make a map on how to male a duplicate of yours but more Romulan," The fourth Romulan tech said. "Then yes."

Stupid me for killing a Romulan.

"How far are you?" I ask.

"Less than one percent," The fourth Romulan tech said.

"Erm," I said. "Can you deactivate me?"

"No!" The second Romulan tech said.

"YESSS!" I said.

"No way," The fourth Romulan tech said.

"Okay,I'll babble until you decide to deactivate me," I said.

Which I did.

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