Q's mistake


"Oh and the..." I get up noticing no one is in the room and I am no longer bound.

I notice I am in a gray and pink uniform that lacks a comn pin.

The room is glowing red.

"Red alert, red alert," The alarms went off. "Space craft will be crashing."

I saw a door.

"Door!" I shout.

I rip open the door and then jump right out.

"Wooohoooo!" I shout, going straight down through the clouds.

My vision becomes clear enough,even with hair in my way, that the landing is mostly made of snow.

"Program: Activate survival," I said. "Specifications: Klingon!"

I crash land into a pile of snow and get wedged in it.

"Phew!" I said. "Now I have figure a way out."

So I dug my way up to the top feeling a mighty thunderous sound make the ground tremble and shake. I use my hands to dig away at the snow rather determinedly. Keep on going!, I thought. The sounds of window blowing over a mountain area became clear once my hole is big and long enough to poke out into the outside world. I pull myself out of the hole. I notice my feet have these unique ridges that go under the cuff of the pant uniform. My fingers trace the markings on both feet. Hard and rigid, both divided equally. Next up; the neck. I feel on the back of my neck to encounter the same surface.

Klingon's had that part?, I thought, How curious.

I look around expecting to feel cold but my temperature is regulated to stay the same as an Android.

The cry of a mighty large furry alien drew my attention to the left.

There I saw a large furry dinosaur like bear with spikes along his neck, lacking a tail, and a snout so long that it reminded me of a reptile rather than a bear. I can only see the striking resemblance because of the two stubby legs, the stop sign shaped nose, the big rounded eyes, and cutey big ears sticking to the side. His front limbs are capable to be used for walking or carrying but his phalanges are mostly paws articulately spread apart enough it can grab something using his claws.

Interesting, yet so fascinating.

The beast opens its mouth and let out a mighty roar.

"Oh frag," I said, and then I speed off.

Boy this reminds me of a scene in Star Trek 1 the 2009 movie where Kirk is being chased by a snow beast and comes across Spock Prime during his run. The snow crunches under my toes where patterns are made. The beast strikes at the ground. There is the edge of this mountain-ey surface where a vast majority of trees rest. Come on!, I thought, You will survive this jump! I narrow my eyes towards the trees covered by a blanket of snow on the branches similar to frosting on a cake dangling down the side of the various ledges.

I jump at the ledge.

I land on the wide edge of a tree safely using some programmed reflexes.

I look over my shoulder to see the beast roars.

"Memory base, activate the last dialogue spoken around this model," I said.

At first I can hear sizzles and screeches.

"We have been thorough and completed our research on the body," Romulan three tech said.

"In two days?" Romulan ten asks, baffled.

"Two days without her talking made it easier," Romulan three tech said.

I felt hurt, emotionally.

"I assume we are returning this Android to the Enterprise," Romulan ten said.

There is a pause.

"Yes," I can hear deception in that voice.

"Memory; end dialogue," I said. "I have heard enough."

The voices went away.

I crack off a tree one fat wide branch then lean myself against the tree bark. I held up my index finger watching it turn into a knife. Hmm, I thought, Data really thought about giving his daughter a way few handy dandy tools. I chip away carefully to make the weapon I had seen a couple times on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I probably sat there for hours on end making out the weapon using patience.

"All right, I-B," I said, balancing myself up. "Time to eat some icicles...If possible!"

I grab a icicle and chunk it off the tree branch.

I take a piece of the icicle off then put it on my tongue. I take another bite, another, and another. I leap off the tree branch where I fall for about five minutes. I land stealthy on the ground where a field of grass. Something wrapped around my leg and I am suddenly being dragged down the field of trees with a scream. I cursed out in cybertronian slang trying to swipe at the curled up piece tentacle thing.

"Right!" I shout,recalling a scene from Star Trek where Worf scolds a Klingon for not using the weapon properly. It must have been Alexander. "I am using it wrong!"

'The weapon is part of your arm,' I recall.

I successfully slide off the tentacle and kick it off.

"Come on," I tell myself. "We have to find shelter on this crazy planet."

So far, in my return to Star Trek: TNG, I have been ditched by Romulans.

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