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I spent a week on this planet I have since dubbed 'Wedlon' because of how weird it is, how time on this planet seemed so short, and the last part of the name is derived off 'Klingon'. I grew rather skilled in my fighting style against wild animals but some of the moves were rather already known due to the programming I initiated. The sky is so blue it can be depressingly sad to know that maybe such a chance mentioned by a figure claims to be a omnipotent individual that will happen will in fact never happen.

I had college to forward to.

I had the chance to improve my storytelling skills.

I had the chance to clear it all with fundamental writing.

Now, that has been blown away off the league of proportions.

"Sky so blue," I sing, in a tone similar to 'Demons' by Imagine Dragons. "The Clouds above cloud the sun, and it all becomes so fuzzy."

I saw a Klingon Passenger ship flying in circles towards the forest.

Hurling right towards me!

"Uh oh," I said, feeling scared.

I leap off the branch then duck into a cave nearby and use it as my shelter. I turn away holding onto the wall's mounted parts that stuck out. I close my eyes then hear a massive crash followed by the scent of smoke and the sound of flames rising up engulfing the oxygen rich in this environment.

Could there be survivors?, I thought.

There had to be survivors!

I turn away from the cave wall then pick up the Bat'leth by the handle. I ran after the smoke leaping over logs and boulders. I ran fast as I can wearing a kind of moccasins made entirely of a Kala'Mar. A Kala'Mar is like a Beaver and a Platypus put together that had a lizard tail at the end faintly covered in fur. It had a great long bill, a fatty body, and legs capable to be used on land or water. It usually is found chowing down on wood breaking it apart for the dam being made in a creek.

It took a lot of time and stitching tediously.

I came to the crash site landing on a boulder.

"Help!" I hear the cries of a woman, weakly but loud enough to be heard.

"I am coming!" I shout.

Probably a Klingon woman who survived the crash because she may have been kept safe because she is under some form of witness protection or she was in a pod while someone else was driving. Apparently the driver passed away during the crash landing into Wedlon's uneven unexpected forestation. I saw a figure in what remains of the passenger inside. I climb down quickly kind of like a monkey feeling panic setting in.

"Help," I hear the cry again.

I travel the passenger ship until I came to a hall where part of the ceiling is on the back of a woman figure with ridges on her forehead and brown skin. A Klingon, I thought, I am so correct! I came over to her side.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

"No," The Klingon woman said. "My back...I can't feel my back."

Oh no.

"I think you're paralyzed," I said.

"Get it off me!" The Klingon woman pleads. "Get this metal off!"

"I'll try!" I said.

I use the Bat'leth as a life forcing the metal ceiling up and tug the Klingon woman out. I notice she has a rounded big stomach. Double whammy, I thought, She is pregnant! I eventually get her out of the scrap metal potential falling areas. She grabs me by the arm then leans herself forwards while propped against the wall.

"You must raise my young one," The Klingon woman said.

"No," I said. "You will live."

"I am paralyzed," The Klingon woman said. "I must commit Hegh'bat."

I shook my head.

"I can't do that," I said. "It is wrong!"

The Klingon tightens her grip.

"I cannot live like this," The Klingon woman said. "You know our traditions."

"I have files on it," I said.

"Please," The Klingon woman pleads. "Do it."

I sigh.

"Your honor will be intact," I said. "You will die honorably for your child."

"That is my intention," The Klingon woman said.

"Who is the father?" I ask.

"Vor, Son of Churen," The Klingon woman said. "He was taking me to Q'onoS."

I take out her blade and help her get ready for the delivery.

It was quite disgusting to me helping her get the pants off but it had to be done.

"If it is a boy," The Klingon woman said. "Name him Sharuf."

"Sharuf?" I said. "Sounds like a wolf sneezing."

"That is the intention," The Klingon woman said. "If it is a girl, she must be named Da'Kira."

I nod.

"And she will be choose who will be the head of her house," The Klingon woman said. "As will he...If it is a boy."

I take her hand and squeeze it staring into her eyes seeing a soul ready to go.

"Let your child come into this world," I said. "Before you pass."

The Klingon woman nods.

And she pushed.

I caught the newborn into my hands.

"It is a boy," I said, feeling quite happy.

"Vor will be so proud..." The Klingon woman said, in pride. "Thank you..."

The Klingon woman takes out a blade from the sheath then stabs it into her chest. I saw the flicker of a soul start to fade out. I tilted my head up towards the sky--where a part of the ceiling is gone--then howled. I never knew I can howl that well as a Klingon but it is sure better than a Werewolf howling. I look down towards the empty shell that lay before me then take the blade out of her chest. I wipe the blood off on my sleeve even with a young baby in my arms.

"Sharuf," I said. "Sounds a lot like Sherrif."

Sharuf cries for his mother.

I wonder if Data programmed my breasts to produce milk?

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