Q's mistake


I-B's log: activated

I-B is alone in the captain's chair.

"Hello," I-B said. "This is Log 15 of many to come. I have already done fourteen other logs aboard The Enterprise," She taps her fingers together. "My internal clock indicates it has been a day since I crash landed. But on Wedlon... Time is crucially different. Sharuf is aging according to the passing of time occuring on this planet while I do not. I could be wrong but time seems like it is continually changing and not very fixed."

"Mother!" Came a young male voice. "Where is the dagger?"

"In your sheath," I-B shouts back. "Sharuf!"

"Oh," Sharuf said.

I-B sighs.

"My memory must be failing," I-B said. "A day ago Sharuf was just a newborn and I recently started breastfeeding him," She smiles at the memory. "Oh right, yes, it has been...months since I started taking logs. Something is not right," She sighs. "I have done the bonding ritual with Sharuf. I have taught him the ways of Klingon and his most basic skills as well. He knows how to read in English, speak English, and speak Klingon."

"Mother," Sharuf's voice came from the background. "Who are you talking to?"

"No one," I-B said.

"I am going to hunt," Sharuf said. "I will be back in a few hours."

"Don't get yourself killed," I-B said.

"Oh, I won't," Sharuf said,with a laugh.

I-B turns towards the camera.

"I am honestly scared of him dying in my arms," I-B said. "This planet is called Wedlon. Right, I already said that in Log 36!" She freezes then turns her head. "What is going on with my processor?" She seems puzzled at best then puts her fingers on the keyboard and presses buttons. "This message will be retrieved by anyone who is 2 days away from Wedlon. We are alive and waiting for transport off this planet."

She looks at the screen after pressing numerous buttons.

"Let's get this clear," I-B said. "I may look like a Klingon..." She leans back in the chair. "But I reassure you, I am an Android."

I-B log: Ended.

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