Q's mistake


"Captain," Data said. "It seems this message was sent only hours ago."

Picard is staring at the screen, generally confused but overall puzzled.

"That means she can be alive, sir," Worf said. "Q has kept his promise."

"A new planet," Picard said, rubbing his chin. "Of course," Picard puts his hand on the arm rest of the chair. "No wonder we didn't find I-B's body where the Romulans said she would be. They sent her off and Q made a new planet to ensure her survival."

"A planet with wacky time?" Riker said.

"Yes," Picard said. "However absurd the timing is, we need to get the two aboard the Enterprise."

Our scene transitions back to Wedlon.

Sharuf is eying at a Ko'Jol; a panther that is huge in size and has claws serving as paws, keen eyes, elegant fur being a mix of emerald and sapphire in a beautiful dark color making the sun rays reflect off the animal. It has a club at the end of its tail with spikes dotted all over varying in shape. This is a fairly old Ko'Jol as the fur along its neck has gone gray and one eye of the beast has gone blind.

Sharuf has a scar on the left side of his face.

He had been given a scar by a Ko'Jol a few Wedlonian years ago.

Sharuf had the look to kill in the now jungle like setting that had since changed and grown during childhood. He has a bow and arrow aimed at the beast that is lapping up some water out of a pond. Wait, Sharuf thought, A warrior does not kill by the water's edge. He lowers the arrow towards the ground. He waited honorably for the Ko'Jol to creep into the clear prairie like scenery.

Sharuf stalks the aged Ko'Jol.

However a strange feeling in Sharuf's gut makes him stop.

Something is terribly wrong.

Sharuf ran back in the direction he came making over creeks,past the dam of a Kala'Mar, past the trees of Weldon, under large leaves sprouting out of the tree branches in the shape of a star creeping out providing shed to the forest life. Sharuf leaps over a wooden fence that he had made with his mother years ago when wild life intruded on their small cottage. They 'graduated' from a cave to a cottage as I-B put it because she had been constructing it for quite some time.

Sharuf opens the door and discards it to the side.

Sharuf saw I-B on her side on the floor.

"Mother!" Sharuf cries, coming to I-B's side. "Come on, wake up, what happened?"

He presses a button on her back using his fingers then does it again. There is no significant changes about I-B. He takes out a small machine with wooden parts and a monitor then scans her body. Something beyond Sharuf's reach is affecting his Klingon Android mother. Sharuf picks her up into his arms in a seemingly loss state.

For a long time I-B had been there for Sharuf in the most perplexing moments he had.

Even the time when he first asked why she can't eat and why he can.

The moment she told Sharuf the truth.

But now she is not.

"Mother..." Sharuf said, looking down upon the gray eyes of I-B.

Then a unique sound caught his attention drawing his attention up. Sharuf's surroundings change before his eyes to a strange room he had seen aboard the crashed passenger ship. It is a Transport room. Needless to say Sharuf is at first scared and confused. He hadn't been beamed aboard a ship anywhere before.

"They've been beamed aboard, Captain," Miles said. "But I-B does not appear to be responsive."

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