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"My name is Doctor Beverly Crusher," Crusher said. "Please, let me scan you."

"What kind of machine is that?" Sharuf said. "I will not allow for it until I get some answers."

"It is a scanner," Crusher said. "It detects for any threats that should be removed or healed inside or on your body."

"Ooh," Sharuf said. "Okay."

Sharuf sat still for Crusher allowing her to scan him.

"It seems you are healthy," Crusher said.

"My mother injected me with shots long ago," Sharuf said. "I never had a good reason why she did."

"Your mother gave you the necessary shots for a Klingon," Crusher said.

Sharuf smiles but then his face turns into a frown.

"What is wrong with my mother?" Sharuf asks.

Crusher has a brief pause.

"She has a computer virus," Crusher said.

Sharuf looks over seeing I-B on the table with parts of her processor exposed to wires and cables.

"She's had a virus?" Sharuf asks, in a low voice.

"Her Klingon memory bank wasn't infected, fortunately," Crusher said.

Sharuf looks down.

"She was fine yesterday," Sharuf said. "But..."

"But?" Crusher asks.

Sharuf sighs, raising his head up.

"It is probably nothing," Sharuf said.

"Maybe it is not nothing, but something," Crusher said.

"She called me 'Alexander'," Sharuf said. "I have wondered a great deal about who this Alexander is."

"Well, you may go," Crusher said.

"Go where?" Sharuf said. "I...I don't know what to do."

Sharuf's stomach rumbles.

"To the Cafeteria," Crusher said, with a laugh. She hands him a datapad. "Here's a map of the Enterprise."

"Thank you," Sharuf said, then he left the med bay.

Our scene transitions to the Cafeteria about twenty minutes later. Sharuf is using a fork to spin some pasta in a bowl raising a brow at it. It is very likely Sharuf is trying for the first time something not meat. He eyes at it quite strangely then held up his fork as though it were an alien being. He dives the fork into his mouth, takes the noodles off the fork using his teeth, and chews it.

He swallows what remained of the pasta down.

"Hello," Guinan said.

Sharuf looks up, at first frightened, dropping the fork into the bowl.

"Hey," Sharuf said. "Don't do that to me."

"I am sorry," Guinan said. "I heard you are from a new planet."

"Wedlon," Sharuf said. "Huh, is that the planet?"

Guinan looks over seeing Wedlon hovering in the distance.

"Yes," Guinan said. "It looks beautiful from here."

"I've have been on the planet for so long it feels strange not to be hunting for food," Sharuf admits.

"You're a hunter?" Guinan asks.

Sharuf nods.

"Yes," Sharuf said, seeing a Klingon about his age chatting with some other Enterprise crew members. Sharuf looks down with a sigh. "There are so many things that mind boggle me about how time goes for that planet and yet I don't see the moon move."

"Perhaps someone has changed the orbit," Guinan suggests.

"People can't change the orbit," Sharuf said.

"Aliens can," Guinan said. "The planet has been given a stable orbit."

"My mother taught me how to hunt," Sharuf said. "I was a young boy when I pleaded my mother to teach me. The wild life were aggressive and using our defenseless home to siege on during unexpected times. I caught a 'Cherkora."

"A 'Cherkora?" Guinan repeats. "What is that?"

"A bird, a huge bird," Sharuf said, taking a drink. He puts the cup on the table. "It had red and gray feathers,a massive beak, huge wings, tail feathers to clear a wide span of rocks, and talons that can jab through the skin when the grip is so tight. I had to save my mother from it."

Guinan looks curious.

"Interesting," Guinan said.

Sharuf nods.

"And I got my fair share of scars from it," Sharuf said, pulling down his sleeve.

There are three huge circular markings with a pointed edge along his forearm.

"That had to hurt," Guinan said.

Sharuf smiles.

"It did," Sharuf said, nodding. He rolls down his sleeve. "I used a leaf to stop the bleeding and put pressure on the wound."

"You know, you are a lucky Klingon," Guinan said.

"Why?" Sharuf said.

"Because not every day do we get a Android raising a boy," Guinan said.

"I will consider myself lucky when my mother is out of it," Sharuf said.

"Do you have other stories like that?" Guinan asks.

"I was visited by Kahless one time," Sharuf said.

"Kahless visited you?" Guinan asks, at first shocked but intrigued.

"Yes," Sharuf said, with a nod. "He came and told me 'Your mother will make you honored,' one night. It was a dark night and it was a scary kind of one. The panthers of the planet were stalking us, creeping up, and night was longer than it usually was. Night lingered for days. Sunlight did not return until a month passed. Hunting was rather tricky. I was frightened for my mother's life. I wanted to do honor in light of the situation."

"She is already proud of you," Guinan said, with a smile.

"How do you know?" Sharuf asks. "I just told you I saved her and I saw Kahless."

"A Klingon doesn't usually go up against a beast bigger than himself," Guinan said.

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