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Tawog: Gumdrop Watterson


7 years has passed since Gumdrop Watterson left his family in search of strength. When he returns, can he put his life back together and what would happen when a old nemesis comes back? Will he be able to save his family from the brink of death?

Action / Drama
S. I D. E
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Start writing It was Sunday, 8:00 P.M at night, the sun was not present and the moonlight illuminated the streets and the highways of Elmore. On this particular normal night the curtains rose upon a legend.


[At the Arena]

"So Jim, we can safely say that the match between these two fighters, Gumdrop Watterson and Justin Simian will be legendary, just hear this crowd."

"Yes Indeed. I just can believe, that this kid not even a adult yet can make it to the finals without taking severe damage, or putting any effort in fighting his opponents. And yes I mean Gumdrop Watterson." Jim responded.

"If I had to choose, I would put my money on Justin Simian." Herald responded to Jim.

[In the locker Room.]

" o..one hundred and t..twenty five, o... one hundred and t..twenty six." Gumdrop squeaked, out while doing Air push ups.

[In the other Locker Room.]

"Justin, I just want to wish you good luck. You trained hard for this tournament. Now make use of it." Mojo Simian said, to his brother Justin Simian.

"Yeah, I'll make sure to kick that watterson kid sky high." Justin said, striking his fists together.

[in the Arena]

"Speaking of Gumdrop that's him. The newcomer to the tournament Gumdrop watterson!" Jim yelled out in excitement earning a cheer from the crowd. Gumdrop approached the ring, the ground of ring was sand and the outer boundaries of the ring where wooden walls. It was simple, and perfect for a death match. When Gumdrop reached his corner of ring, the lights went off.

"Now everyone quiet down, for the ultimate fighter of the underground tournament! His match record is 120 wins, zero losses the one the only Justin Simian!" Herald yelled out, earning another loud cheer from the crowd.

"Just look at his eyes Jim, I've never seen such a man with such vicious eyes." Herald said to Jim.

The referee came into the center of the ring, preparing for the match that was about to happen.

The crowd quieted down.


Justin took a boxing stance, while Gumdrop had his hands at his sides.


Justin was first to move, charging at Gumdrop at full speed. Once he reached Gumdrop's space, he unleashed a downward right hook.

but his strike only connected with the sand on the ground. Gumdrop seemed to have disappeared for a split second. But before Justin could know what was even going on. Gumdrop unleashed a upwards roundhouse kick to Justin's head.

Justin let out a cry of pain. Blood rushed out of his mouth and nose. He reeled back for a moment and he looked back but saw nothing, it was as if Gumdrop had just disappeared. He put his fists up in attempt to guard anything that was coming for him but it only to be met with crushing uppercut to the face.

Justin reeled back once again, as blood gushed from his nose. He looked at Gumdrop in fear, his face was grotesque and pounded to the point it was not even recognizable. Gumdrop was just standing there waiting for Justin to get up.

[Mojo's Point of View]

(No this can't be. Justin are you really going to lose to a watterson?) Mojo thought.

[Back to the fight]

"No, I will not lose to you!" Justin angrily yelled out. He took another swing at Gumdrop but gumdrop ducked under the blow. "Time to end this." Gumdrop said in a serious tone. And in blink of an eye. Gumdrop unleashed a devastating Blow to Justin's chest causing blood to rush out of Justin's chest. The muscle, the skin, the bone. all of it was destroyed by that one single blow.

Justin collapsed on the ground, lying in a pool of his own blood. The referee swiped his arm down.

"The Winner is Gumdrop Watterson!" The referee yelled out, finally ending the match. The crowd cheered loudly, as 4 medical men came into the Arena holding a stretcher.

[Gumdrop's Point of View.]

(Seriously. Another easy opponent. It seems like the underground tournament is nothing more than a place for losers.)

[???'s Point of View]

"It seems like he's getting more and more stronger by the day. Boss, what should we do?"

"Let's be patient. we can't rush this operation after all he did dealt with Justin Simian one of our elites like he was a child. We'll wait to when to time is right then we'll capture him."

[In the locker room]

Gumdrop was sitting down, while packing a bag of his blood stained clothes he wore from the fight. He put on a black tank top, and a pair of black shorts. Like his father he didn't wear shoes, for obvious reasons. He got up, and walked out the Arena's entrance and made his way down the sidewalk by the arena.

[The streets]

As he walked down the sidewalk, he saw the many houses and structures that ran endlessly down the street.

[Have I become to strong?]

Gumdrop thought to himself. Gumdrop then stopped in his place. "DAMMIT!" Gumdrop yelled out, "I FORGOT MY BAG."

[In the house]

"Hey, Honey where's Gumdrop?" Carrie asked her husband Gumball. The entire family was at the table eating dinner, the only person that wasn't present was Gumdrop.

"I don't know baby. He should be coming home. He really needs to stop leaving the house without telling me." Gumball responded as he took a sip of water.

Sindy glanced at her other siblings . "He said he was going off somewhere. But He never told me where he was going." Sindy stated, while playing with her food.

Carine sighed. [Boys] she thought, as she cracked her knuckles. [Maybe, I should prank him later] Carine thought with a sinister smile.

Marissa glanced at Carine, and smiled showing her razor sharp teeth. Carine glanced back and also smiled, "let's prank him." Marissa whispered to Carine, along with Carbon, and Stormy.

Skye looked at them. [why are they always picking on poor Gumdrop.] she thought.

Dinner was primarily quiet among the family members of the Watterson family. Manly because 90% of them are emo's. A few jokes and questions would be said here a there but other than that Dinner was quiet.


The man of the house Gumball Watterson is a blue cat, that resembles his mother in appearance. Ever since his childhood he's been a goofball and a fun loving boy, he and Carrie met in middle school but soon came to love each other once they reunited in their early 20s after they went to separate colleges, and now he acts a supervisor watching over his children.

Carrie is a ghost woman, and is the spouse of Gumball. In her childhood she's always been a emo type child as others would call her , "The emo girl." In her high school years she fell in love with Gumball and after she graduated from College she reunited with her love Gumball and they started a family.

Carine, is one of the ghost/cat offsprings of Gumball and Carrie. Because of her hatred towards men, she keeps a mentality to bully her other siblings especially Gumdrop. She's a light blue colored ghost cat that wheres a white vest with x's stitched on the vest. She wears purple shoes, and keeps her white hair in a emo type fashion.

Marissa is one of the ghost/cat offsprings of Gumball and Carrie. She try's in every way to make her siblings lives pure hell. She pranks a lot, and Bully's most of the male members of the family. Because of this she's a bad influence,which caused her to influence Carine to bully males. Marissa is white ghost cat, she has emo type haircut that is completely black and spikes up, she wears a black shirt which let's her ghost tail run freely, she also wears black spiked bracelets on each of her wrist . Sometimes she could be seen wearing piercings although Carrie makes her take them off at times, her and Carine are close siblings because of their hatred towards males. She can also be kinda kinky and incestous towards her siblings.

Marmalade is also one of the ghost/cat offsprings of Gumball and Carrie. Marmalade is a nice, and a respectful teenager, however she can be a bit annoying at times as she often uses the word , "Kinky" without knowing it's full meaning. Marmalade wears a black and orange vest, along with a black and orange bow. She has a head of blue hair, and like her Marissa doesn't have legs but a white tail.

Sindy, is another offspring of Gumball and Carrie. She's a caring sister, and is one of the nicest people to approach, but she can lose her temper at times. Sindy wears only a blue bow tie, she has blue ears, and dyed yellow hair. [Note: Sindy is in fact homosexual, and due to controversy I won't include any scenes of homosexuality due to beliefs of other people.]

Stormy, is one of the daughters of Gumball and Carrie. Stormy can be mischievous at times, but can also be quite fun to be around. She controls lightning due to the necklace Scrapper made for her. Stormy can often be seen wearing a black coat. She also wears a black shirt, with a pair of jeans with a pair of glasses.

Gummie is one of the elder daughters of Gumball and Carrie. Gummie resembles her mother in bodily appearance, though she has two blue ears like her sister, Sindy. Her hair (emo fashion) is white with blue streaks, and she wears a black head band and black wrist bands. Gummie is the twin sister of Gumdrop. She is a very independent female, and despises anyone who messes with her.

Carbon is one of the elder sons of Gumball and Carrie. Carbon is a blue, impulsive, and destructive cat like his father. He wears a black shirt with a skull imprinted in the center. He wears a checkerboard style belt with a C imprinted on the belt. He wears a pair of Ripped jeans with, spiked brackets on each one of his Arms. He has a head of white hair, and piercings on his ears. He also has a girlfriend named Sally whom he loves dearly.

Sabine is one of the daughters of Gumball and Carrie. Sabine has black hair with a small blue streak and blue ears. She wears a black shirt with blue stripes on both ends of it and blue on her sleeves, and blue at the bottom of the shirt. A skull is imprinted on the front of the shirt. Sabine is a emo type girl, and like her Siblings she always flips people off. She can often be very rude, but can be nice at times if not provoked.

Scrapper is one of the sons of Gumball and Carrie. Scrapper is a purple ghost-cat. His body is a cat skeleton which he and his brother, Gumdrop, found in a pet cemetary. Being in this skeleton is the only way that Scrapper can speak. Scrapper is not a emo type teen, but a fun loving, rowdy type boy.

Belle is one of the daughters of Gumball and Belle is a blue cat, with streaks on her hair. Belle wears her hair in a high ponytail. She wears a turqouise dress with purple girdle and pants. On the left part of her head, near the left eye, she has a white heart shaped birthmark. In her newest design, she has longer hair in pigtails. She's one of the younger daughters, and is a cheerful, and innocent child.

Skye is one the elder daughters of Gumball and Carrie. Skye is normally a funny, happy girl. However, she has a much angrier and darker side, which shows when she's angry. Skye has a passion for rock music, as she plays bass at an expert level. She normally wears a black shirt with "MCR" (short for My Chemical Romance) written in blue letters across her chest. Now, she wears a light green shirt with a neck hole past her shoulders. She also has a long term boyfriend named John Munoz whom she known since kindergarten.


[Now that the family has been introduced, let's continue the story.]


"You know, I don't think I'll ever understand Gumdrop. And I'm the boy's own Mother." Carrie said.

"Come on baby. It's just part of him growing up. Plus, he's been working extra hard these days. We should let him be free and let him enjoy life ." Gumball responded to his wife. Carrie sighed, he was right. How she could argue with that. The conversation ended when the front door made a closing sound. And with that, Gumdrop walked in the room.

"Where have you been?" Carrie asked her son. Gumdrop proceeded to sit down in his usual chair by Marmalade and Scrapper.

"Nowhere important." Gumdrop bluntly stated. "I was a taking walk, thinking about future stuff. I stopped by a friends house to say hi, then I just walked back because it was getting late." Gumdrop added.

"Did you pick up the milk?" Gumball asked

"Yeah, It's on the kitchen counter." Gumdrop responded shoving a spoonful of food in his mouth.

"I'm lucky I got on discount. It was good price for a gallon of milk." Gumdrop added.

"Well that's good to hear." Gumball responded while getting up from his chair. "Anyway, you're mother and I need to go somewhere important for the night. We'll be back Wednesday afternoon, so Y'all will be home alone for little while. Just make sure y'all don't invite too many people over, or make a mess in the house. And make sure not to kinky things." Gumball said, while looking at Marissa.

Gumball and Carrie exited the kitchen and went up stairs. Leaving all the siblings in the kitchen.

"Okay. Listen up!" Marissa yelled out. "Me, and Carine call dibs on the Tv! If y'all even come close to touching it expect to be pranked." Marissa added, to the irritation of her siblings. Marissa and Carine walked out of the kitchen and into the living-room. Scrapped got up from his seat.

"Hey do you expect m-!" Scrapper was interrupted by Gumdrop. Gumdrop had his hand on his mouth.

"Trust me scrapper. It's not worth arguing with them. Just let them have their way for now." Gumdrop said to scrapper. "Plus, I got some games we can play in my room." Gumdrop added to the excitement of scrapper.

Carbon, and Stormy got up from their seats. "I don't know about you losers but I'm going to hang out with Sally." Carbon stated earning a chuckle from Stormy.

"Going to hangout, more like seduce." Stormy chuckled earning a blush from Carbon.

"Whatever." Carbon said while exiting the kitchen. Gumdrop stood up and discarded his plate. Much to the surprise of his siblings he left out the Backdoor.

"Where are you going?" Marmalade asked Gumdrop. "Out." Gumdrop responded, taking a step outside.

"Okay kids. We're off." Gumball stated while walking out the front door. The car engine turned on and they quickly left the house.

[somewhere unknown]

??? : "Boss, should we send out a scout?"

???: "Yes. Let's put project : capture the wattersons in motion. Now is our chance to capture gumdrop watterson once and for all."


This story was inspired by Baki the Grappler, and Kengan Ashura. And I want to say thanks to lighting star for giving me motivation over Writing this story. Go sub to them, he/she are pretty awesome.

~Baki the grappler

[note: This story contains aspects of Gumball's inner demon, and Gumdrop: the brother. It's a combination of the two stories and the previous stories lead up to this story.]

[Second note: I will be adding more drawn pictures to the story to show what I mean.]

[Third Note: the publication of each chapter is at least 3 days, but could be a little longer due to the quarantine.]

[Fourth Note: Expect chapter Updates, Daily.]

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