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Tawog: Gumdrop Watterson


[Karate Dojo]

"What!? So you're saying that every single black belt in this dojo was defeated this morning!?"

"Yes grandmaster Yano! He was a very strong individual for a white belt. We tried our best to fight him but he was just too strong."

"Who is this individual?" The grandmaster responded while cracking his knuckles.

"Right this way grandmaster." Karate student joe responded, while making his way towards the door.

[2 hours ago, 6:37 A.M]

"All right class, now listen carefully. In order to become a true practitioner of Karate. you must hone you're fists in battle, and not only just practice Karate but become one with Karate itself." Karate master josé stated.

"Those who care about what karate gives to them are nothing but scum. Instead, focus on giving Karate you're life and soul in order to truly become one with you're fists and the Karate gods."

"Excuse me. I hope I'm not intruding." A mysterious voice called out.

"Who are you?" Karate master josé said as the entire dojo turned to face the individual before them. It was Gumdrop.

"My name is Irrelevant. But, I came here in search of strong opponents. I heard of a man they call master josè. And I also heard that he's exceptionally strong, in terms of fighting. And I came here to fight with him." Gumdrop responded while taking his shirt reveling his muscular form.

"I am he. So you want to fight. I just want to make thing's clear that you have no chance of winning against me. I am a seasoned veteran In karate, and the mighty slayer of-"

"Blah, blah, blah. More chatter, more chatter. That's what they all say. Now get with it." Gumdrop said with a stone cold stare.

This caused José to get irritated real fast. "No one mocks me!!" He yelled out.

And in a blink of and eye he appeared before Gumdrop and unleashed a straight punch. Gumdrop blocked it, and smoke came off of his arms.

José then turned around and did a roundhouse kick to Gumdrop, only to be blocked once more.

José jumped away from Gumdrop, leaving a space of 8 feet before them.

"Heh, not so confident no-" José gasped, as blood suddenly gushed out his nose.

"What the, where did this blood come from?" José said clearly baffled.

"I can see why they call you Master josé. You're clearly strong. I heard they even say you're punches are fast a light." Gumdrop then took on a serious expression.

"However, my punches are faster than light." Gumdrop added showing the stain of blood on his knuckles, as well as the smoke coming off his fist.

Josè was taken off by that.

[How could he had hit me. I didn't even see his body flinch. Is he really that fast.] josé thought.

[No. It could have been a coincidence. No one can out match me. José the master of karate, the flash of Elmore.] josé thought.

"Pride before thinking I see. You've lost this fight. If you can't even see one of my light punches. Than what makes you think you can beat me when I don't pull my punches." Gumdrop stated.

"If you want to keep fighting me, than go ahead and do it. But know this. I am not responsible to any extent of damage that will be done to you." Gumdrop added.

This angered José.

[No one talks to me like that.] José thought. Then José charged at Gumdrop.

"Take this! Karate style: Centerline strike!" José yelled out while unleashing a flurry of knee strikes.

[He doesn't get it does he. He chose pride over his Karate, and it weakened his faith in the Karate gods. I guess, I'll finish him with this.] Gumdrop thought.

Then, in a time of a mere moment. The sound of many strikes made itself known. The strikes sounded as fast as a machine gun, and the impact sound sounded like how a bullet would sound it had hit a hard object.

After the series of sounds played. José fell on the floor and Gumdrop stood above him. Smoke came off of Gumdrops fists and blood gushed out of José's skin, nose, and mouth.

"You we're a tough opponent. However, you are no match for me." Gumdrop said while walking out the room.

"Hey!" A voiced called out from the other side of the room.

"If you think you can just get away from incapacitating our master than you're in for real treat." A karate student yelled out.

Gumdrop turned to face the Karate student.

"Oh please. Don't tell me that you're planning to fight with me. If you're master can't win than how can you expect to bare against me?" Gumdrop stated.

"Remember that it's 50 to 1 so either way. You're going down!" The karate student yelled out. He was then joined by other karate students.

[1 - 2 hours later]

"How... how can he be so strong." The karate student said, lying incapacitated in the floor.

"See told you. No matter how many of you they have. 50 x 0 is still 0." Gumdrop responded.

Gumdrop turned around to leave the room but was greeted by the Grandmaster.

"Can I help you?" Gumdrop stated, confused as to why a middle aged man was in front of him.

"Do you think you can get away with what you just did. You just disrespected my dojo and disrespected the Karate gods." The grandmaster stated taking a fighting stance.

"Karate gods? Never heard of them." Gumdrop responded, in a serious tone. But before he could say anything else.

The grandmaster swung his arm around his torso and flanged his fist towards Gumdrop. The strike was so strong that it caused the ground around Gumdrop the crack.

The grandmaster continued to unleash a barrage of blows to Gumdrop. But the blows didn't have much effect.

The grandmaster saw this, and attempted to kick gumdrop with a high kick. But was thrown off balance by Gumdrop tripping him by kicking his other leg.

The grandmaster got up from the ground. But he quickly noticed the trickle of blood down his nose. His nose was bleeding.

And the spot that Gumdrop kicked, was now bruising, and it felt numb. The grandmaster master tried to get up, but to no avail. He was incapacitated.

"How could I lose to you?" The grandmaster stated while holding his leg.

"Let it go. Let all of you're pride go and acknowledge our difference in strength." Gumdrop stated.

"Those who follow their pride are nothing but weak. Rest to fight another day." Gumdrop stated while walking out the door. Leaving the grandmaster on the floor.

[The streets]

(For a old man he was strong.) Gumdrop thought. He wiped his nose. And saw that their was blood on his finger.

(However, I was the winner this time.) Gumdrop thought. "Hmm... I guess it time to go to work." Gumdrop said to himself while looking at a construction site.

[In the house]

"I think you should leave Gumdrop alone Marissa, after all he is always busy." Skye said to Marissa.

Carine and Marissa was in Gumdrop's room setting up a trap in order to prank Gumdrop. Skye and Sindy was there too, to hopefully persuade them to not Prank Gumdrop.

"No way. He needs to get pranked. After all Marissa and I want to have a little fun." Carine responded.

"No. It isn't right. What did Gumdrop ever do to deserve getting pranked like this?" Sindy said, clearly worried.

Marissa looked at Sindy with her demon like smile. "Back off, or you'll get it." Marissa snarled, showing her razor sharp teeth.

Sindy back up. She was scared. Marissa is very, very bad, and she will do what she wants to do and nobody will stop her.

Skye didn't back up. She wasn't scared of Marissa in fact she despised her for seducing her boyfriend John Munoz.

"Please Marissa stop this. Before you go too far." Skye stated. But before she could say anything else, she was cut off by Carine throwing a empty bucket at her.

The bucket missed it's mark. And Skye turned around, and put Carine in a hold. Marissa was about to join in but Carbon came in just in time.

Carbon separated them.

"Okay girls calm down. We have no place to fight. Just let Marissa and Carine do they're thing." Carbon stated.

"But Carbon! It isn't-." Skye was cut off by Carbon putting his finger on her lips.

He than took her hand and they all walked away from the scene. Leaving Carine and Marissa snarling.

"She's gonna pay for that!" Carine said with boiling anger.

Little did they know, Belle was around the corner with tears in her eyes.

"I have to tell Gumdrop." Belle said to herself quietly, as she ran down the hallway.


"Damn fools. They will be begging for mercy." A spy said in his radio.

"Boss. Should I head in?" The spy said, cracking his knuckles.

"Wait til night fall. Then you'll strike." The boss snickered.

[Somewhere in a forest]

Gumdrop was in a forest, training for the next fight coming up.

"Fssssss..." Gumdrop exhaled. He was doing a special breathing exercise that unlocks the body's hidden potential.

Gumdrop sat in a crisscross fashion. Sweat beaded off his muscles.

Finally after 5 minutes. Gumdrop got up and stood by a humongous bolder. He reeled back his fist.

(Patient's....) Gumdrop thought. He was locked in a position where his hand was cocked back and his body was in a forward motion.

He felt a bead of sweat about to fall off his chin. Like a water droplets does when it's about to give up to gravity.

(Patient's...) Gumdrop once again thought. Finally the bead of sweat gave up it's hold and fell.

Gumdrop opened his eyes, and unleashed a right hook towards the water droplet.

The sweat droplet hit his fists and broke, in a mist of tiny sweat partials.

And like that the blow landed on the humongous bolder causing a giant crater to form. Cracks came upon the bolder, and like that the bolder split into many pieces of a different variety of sizes and shapes.

Gumdrop exhaled, and noticed that the sun was down.

(Could time really move that fast. God, I hate Mondays.) Gumdrop thought.

*Somewhere in Garfield*

"I hate Monday's too Gumdrop." Garfield said out loud.

"Who are you talking to Garfield?" Jon asked Garfield.

"Pooky." Garfield responded, wide eyed.

Jon grabbed the phone and called Liz. "Liz I think Garfield finally has lost it."

(Yup! I hate Monday's...) Garfield thought

*Back to the story*

(I think I should head back) Gumdrop thought, while making his way to his bag.

He put on a white shirt, with black pants. And made his way to the sidewalk. Into the now light lit street.

[In the house]

"So who's gonna cook?" Scrapper asked his siblings while coloring with Belle.

"I guess we'll order pizza." Carine responded, while grinning.

"And Carbon's paying." Carine added, chuckling with Marissa.

"Awww, come on man. Why do I need to pay." Carbon asked Carine.

"Because we are girls." Marissa responded, while running out of the living room and into the kitchen.

"It's okay Carbon, I'll help you pay for the pizza." Stormy stated, while taking out 20 dollars.

"Thanks Stormy." Carbon replied in a happy tone.

"GHHEEEEHHHH!!" A ear piercing scream came from the Kitchen.

The siblings looked at each other and made they're way from the living room to the kitchen.

What they found was shocking. It was a masked muscular man holding Marissa with a knife in hand.

"Where's Gumdrop Watterson?" The masked man asked while holding the knife tightly to Marissa's neck.

The siblings were all frozen in fear. The man had a gun in his pocket, and a shotgun on his back.

"Answer me!" The masked man stated in a booming voice.

"We don't know?" Carbon said, while putting his hand in a stopping position.

"Look I don't know what you want with my brother. But please leave us alone." Carbon added, walking closer to the Masked man.

All of a sudden the Masked man pulled out his pistol and shot Carbon in his knee.

Carbon let out a cry of pain as blood leaked out of his wound. This caused all the other siblings to tear up.

"Boss said If I can't find Gumdrop, than just kill his family. So, night, night little girl." The masked man snarled wickedly.

But before he could slice Marissa's neck, the next he knew was he was flying towards the living room with blood surrounding his face.

There standing in the kitchen was Gumdrop. Base by the glass on the floor, he jumped through the window.

Marissa got up and hugged gumdrop tightly and cried into his shoulder.

"Wow. So you're finally here?" The masked man asked, holding the blade up to his chest.

Gumdrop pulled Marissa off of him, and set her gently on the floor. He took of his shirt, and pants reveling his muscles.

He had many scars cascading his body, and his muscles where at the maximum natural limit.

Marissa felt her face heat up, and so did the other female portion of the Siblings.

"You're a dead man. I can take what people throw at me. But when people hurt my siblings. I will kill them." Gumdrop said in a serious tone.

"You think I'm scared of you're threats? Plus I got the perfect weapon for you." The masked man took out a Ray gun of some sort.

"This will nullify you're magical power." The masked man stated, while shooting Gumdrop with the Ray gun.

The Ray gun didn't do damage to Gumdrop. But it "Nullified his power."

"Now that you're power is nullified, it's time for you to die!" The masked man said, charging at Gundrop at full speed.

But before anyone in that Room could even respond to anything. The entire room shook violently.

The siblings opened their eyes to see, Gumdrop on top the now unconscious Man.

Gumdrop had his fast implanted into the Masked man's face. The blow was so powerful it completely destroyed the floor boards, and caved in the face of the masked man.

The siblings where impressed and shocked at the same time.

"Lucky. I wasn't born with magic." Gumdrop said to the unconscious man.

Gumdrop cocked back his fist, as blood trickled down it. And turned his attention to his siblings. He walked over to Carbon.

"Belle. Go get some bandages and some first aid." Gumdrop stated while looking Carbon's wound.

"Scrapper. Go call mom and dad." Gumdrop added, while attending to Carbon's wound.

"Yes sir!" Belle and Scrapper said while scrambling to get the items.

Finally Gumdrop turned his attention to Marissa. Marissa blushed because of Gumdrop's Muscular form.

But before she could say anything, she was pulled into a hug by Gumdrop.

"I hope he didn't hurt you." Gumdrop said while hugging Marissa. Marissa started to cry

He let go of Marissa, and kissed her check. He turned his attention to Carbon.

"Please forgive me." Gumdrop said to Carbon.

"I'm glad that all of y'all are okay." He added while pulling his siblings into a hug.

Gumdrop looked over to the masked man and noticed something. He walked up to the masked man and saw a badge with a symbol and text written under it.

It had a picture of a eagle, with text saying, "Justice."

Gumdrop picked up the badge, and put it into his pocket.

[So, they're back] he thought while looking at his fists. "I need to get stronger much stronger." He said while punching the wall.


Sorry for the late Upload. Had Mother's Day with family and got caught up with work. Anyway I hope y'all doing okay, stay safe, and stay calm.

Note: I will try to make every chapter 2,000 words or more so y'all can have more to read and enjoy.

Note: The art for this will be published soon.

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