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Judith Lee Evans, is not really the most stable person. She's very clingy and overemotional. She also has the hugest crush on her best friend Yoo Kihyun. But one fight sends her over the edge, and she feels like there is nothing left to live for anymore.

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Judith’s P.O.V

Sigh... things are really slow today. I mean, school has been going by so slow today. It’s Friday! It’s supposed to go by fast. Ugh, I hate school. I’m not really good at it. I never was. Going to school in Atlanta was difficult, but going to school here, is just giving me headaches. I hate it. The only thing I like I about school, is the sports... because I’m very athletic. I play volleyball and tennis, and I also do some dancing. I really know what I’m going to be after high school, and that’s a dancer. I look over to see my best friend Yoo Kihyun, just listening intently to this stupid lecture, that I thought was so pointless, because are we really going to use this later in our lives? No! We’re not. I mean, I don’t blame Kihyun for listening to this, because he grew up in a conservative household, where he had to get good grades. But, when he was in Freshman year he used to smoke and drink... and I was really shocked by that. As someone as nerdy as him, smoking and drinking... it made me laugh. But he stopped doing that stuff in Sophomore year. But, I actually started smoking and drinking recently - but I don’t do it as much - I do it once in a while. Kihyun, is a very sweet person, he cares for you, sometimes he’s very nagging, to the point where it’s annoying, but I still love him for it. I met, Kihyun the summer before Freshman year and he had this long hair, and it was so tragic, I cut it, and I told him to keep it short, which he’s been doing for the four years, I’ve known him. Kihyun, has dyed his hair numerous of colors, but this recent one is like this faded silver, and I just think he looks so beautiful... ugh I need to stop. I’ve had the biggest crush on Kihyun ever since Freshman year, but as a way to get over it, I dated this guy named Jeon Jungkook, but he broke up with me like 6 months into our relationship because he didn’t like how “clingy” I was. Which is true, I’m pretty clingy. I can’t really help it. I grew up without a mother, and I didn’t want to cling to my dad or my sister. I guess I didn’t get that motherly love as a child. My mother left when I was two years old, only a month after my younger brother Minho was born. She walked out because she couldn’t handle it. I find that just cowardly. I despise her. I sighed softly, as I turn my head back to the teacher who was giving the lecture, and I felt myself getting more bored as each second passed... I really want to go home now. “Right, Miss Lee?” The teacher asked looking at me, and I look up confused... what the hell did he just say?

“What?” I ask, and that cause people to laugh a little

“Not paying attention, I see.” He says and I sighed softly “Pay attention, before I give you detention for not paying attention.” He continued and I nodded, and I groaned, putting my head on the desk and I raised it again, and sighed

“Don’t worry, Judith, I’ll lend you my notes.” Kihyun whispered to me, and I felt redness go up to my cheeks... I really need to stop!


I walk down the school hall, fidgeting with my locket, that Kihyun got me - it’s a thing I do, without even realizing I do it. It’s not because I’m nervous or anything, it’s just the thing I do when dozed off. But the thing I do I when I’m nervous is cracking my knuckles. I then hear my phone go off, and I pull it out of my back pocket and I saw it was text from low and behold, Kihyun

‘Smolboy♡‘: Hey, Jude, are we still on for tonight?’

‘Jude: Of course.’

I always feel happy hanging out with Kihyun. I get to be clingy around with Kihyun, without him thinking it’s annoying. That’s what I love about him. I love how he’s so funny, confident, honest, weird, and how sweet he is. I also love how nagging he is, and how he is a neat freak. I don’t know. He’s just the perfect person to be around and to be friends with. As I was walking, I feel myself bumping into someone... shit!

“Watch it!” The person exclaimed... great. I just had to bump into Jungkook

“S-sorry.” I stutter, feeling tears well up in my eyes... this is another thing about me, I’m super over emotional as I am clingy... god kill me now!

“Jeez, Judith, can you not watch we’re you’re going. Instead of thinking about a boy who’s never gonna want you, you should just thinking about the real world.” Jungkook snapped pushing me in the forehead and I feel tears just roll down my face

“Jungkook, enough.” I hear a familiar voice say and I turn around to see my school counselor, Hoseok or as he goes by Wonho, standing there

“Whatever, just telling this thing the truth.” Jungkook says pushing me back as he walked away and I sigh shakily and I look over at Wonho and I wiped away my tears

“Thank you, Wonho.” I say in a small voice and he sighed

“Do you want to have another session?” He asked me, and I shook my head. I go to Wonho whenever I feel really bad about myself, and I tell him the stuff, that I can’t tell Kihyun, because when I talk to Kihyun about stuff, people find out about it, and I know that he doesn’t tell anyone, but talking with Wonho in a closed room, nothing gets out, and nobody gets to bully

“No, I’m fine.” I tell him and he nodded

“Well, if you ever want to talk - you know where to find me.” Wonho told me and he patted me on the shoulder as he walked away, and I sighed softly, as I wiped away the extra tears. I need to get to Kihyun.


Here’s chapter 1 of my new story!!

Sorry that this chapter is so short, just wanted to introduce you guys to Judith and stuff haha!!

Alright, this story will involve: angst, fluff, depression, and car accidents... you’re used to this already haha



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