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Life to Love


Blair got into a crash, she lost her memory which caused her mom to give her away. As she was on the plane so much happened, and somehow she spent the rest of her life in a whole other country. But, things got so much more complicated when college time arrived and her dorm house.

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Chapter 1

WARNING: First time writing.....might not be good....trying my best tho. First 13 paragraphs might seem a little boring as it is a lot.

Screeech.... all I see is my dad saying something , I don’t have my headphones on. Why can’t I hear what he is saying?! Why is he pointing to the other sider of the car. Bzzzzz..... ahh that noise.. I close my eyes for a seconds and all I can feel is I am being carried out, but why did they drop me? What is it?! WHAT IS DRIPPING INTO ME, I FEEL IT GOING INTO MY VAINS??!!

As I open my eyes I see my parents, my dad with a broken arm, and my mom in a wheelchair, but I don’t remember anything except my parents, what they look like, and my name.... “Blair, Blair? You woke up, do you remember what happened?” asked the doctor. “What? No I don’t” I replied. ” Do you remember anything?“, ” I remember my parents and my name that’s it”. The doctor walks over to my parents and says,” She seems to have lost of memory, we’ll do some tests and see how serious it is” My parents both look at each other after the doctor leaves, and walk out.

I hear them talking through the door, my mom upset ” What are we going to do? All our memories, every place we visited.” While my dad is furious, ” You care about the memories more than about her health?! She is only 13!“, ” That is the reason we had her so she can save our memories in her head!“.... after that I hear silence, they must have noticed they were loud.

I suddenly felt hate did she really have me for that one reason, no, right I must have heard wrong, right? They entered the room and my dad walked up to me, mom stayed behind, he said in the softest calmest voice ever, ” It will be fine, the doctor said you will go home in a week”

3 days past and only my dad has visited me, I always asked where mom was but he changed the subject.

A week passed by and mom came on the last day to pick me up, I over heard the doctor say, “She should get her memory back soon, if she doesn’t she may be a lost cause... I am sorry... but she does have a higher chance of getting them back, it may be a month or two tho.” As I go home, and walk into the room, I feel weird like not myself. I look through the drawers and found beautiful pictures I printed out. I grab a pencil and paper without thinking and start drawing what I see, but I feel a presence watching me, so I stopped.

Three months pass by-----------------------------

I was about to walk downstairs to eat dinner but stop as I hear my parents fighting, ” Do we really have to that?“, “Yes, I booked a flight already”, ” I do not want to do it”, ” Ok, then you divorce me and keep her, but your parents wouldn’t be too happy about that right?” My dad just sighs. Chuckle " I guess your choice is made then.”

I walk back up to my room, thinking what are they gonna do?, I know it’s something with me.

I hear footsteps, so I put on headphones,Knock Knock.

My mom enters, ” We gotta talk” So I put my headphones away. “Ok about what?” ” So you know how you love drawing?” ” How did you know, I drew only one time since I came from the hospital?” ” Uh well you see you used to like it before the incident as well, and you applied for a exchange program to expand your drawing skill. Today I got a reply form them, and you’ve been accepted. Start packing your bags, the flight is tomorrow.” “i-” She walks out the door.

That seemed very odd, I thought. I started packing my bags, suddenly my dad comes in and says,"Here keep this number, you will need it in the future” He walks out. I look at the number and check my contacts and it doesn’t seem like any one I know, but I still put it in my locket.

Next morning, a taxi dropped me off, and the last thing I remember from leaving home is my dad shedding tears. But I tried to be positive. ------

As I board the plane, I find my seat but there is a guy sitting next to me. He looks older, maybe by 3 years, so he is about 16. I try to lift my duffel bag into the cabin, but I am too short. Suddenly the dude stands up and helps me put it in the cabin. I thank him and sit down next to the window.

The plane is in the middle of the flight and a middled aged man sits down next to the dude, so I lower my music to hear what they are talking about. I hear him say, ” Dad what do you want?“, “Blake, when we land were heading straight to practice, understood?", Blake nods his head, the middle aged man leaves. Oh, so his name is blake...

After an hour it’s 11pm and I still don’t want to sleep, a girl plops down next to blake and , she has a drink in her hand, she looks at me and just pours it on me. I look at her and Blake says “What the hell?” She laughs and says ” That’s for flirting with him”. I am so confused, who the fr*** is that girl, his girlfriend? She leaves.

I get up, but Blake says ” Wait”. “What your girlfriend going to come a spill a second drink on me?“. He stands up and grabs his bag from the cabin, “No, first I don’t know her, and second here a pair to change, you probably don’t want to use your clothes just in case she comes back.”

I take the pair of sweats and a shirt, as I was changing ( In the bathroom duh)I thanked the lord that I watched a video on how make sweats a different size with just folding and tightening.

It’s 3am and I still can’t sleep, as I open my eyes, Blake is sleeping, and I notice how cute and handsome he is. I look at his features and find them amazing. His nose perfect, he has black hair, eyes that are oval shaped, I think his eye color is brown too. He lips are pouty, full, but look smaller from afar. I suddenly realized what I was doing so I went to look in the window.

Suddenly, the plane started shaking, the speaker announced, ” We are experiencing some turbulence, please buckle up while the plane stabilizes.

As it was happening I felt my brain hurting and things just flashing by.

As I got off the plane and went through security, I walked out and I remembered everything.

I tried calling my parents, but the phone numbers didn’t exist.I remember them saying someone will be there waiting, with my name written on a paper so I know it’s for me, but I found it weird they didn’t give me money.I also didn’t sign up for an exchange program. Maybe she did it for me

So, I waited two hours and no one showed up. I walked out and felt the breeze. “Guess its walking now”, I said to myself. And I walked and walked.

I walked through streets and streets looking for a place to stay the night, but I had no money, so I thought I could just walk through the night until morning.

Until I fainted in front of someone’s house, great......

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