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Be Who You Are (Markiplier X Reader)


This is my very first X Reader story I've ever wrote, so sorry if it sucks

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Be Who You Are

( HI! Sorry if this sucks, I’ve never written an X reader story before. Hope you guys like it )

“Finally, it’s done.” You say to yourself while clicking upload on YouTube. You had just finished editing a new video of yours to put up on your channel, it had taken you 3 hours to edit it! Once the processing was finished, the video get’s upload onto your channel, [ INSERT CHANNEL NAME HERE ]. You get up from your comfy computer chair & go down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. You grab a glass from the cabinet & turn on the sink faucet to fill the glass with water. You take a few sips before going back to your room to see if you got any comments yet. You click on the video & scroll down to the comments. They were comments that you were used to getting at this point. People saying such things as...

“This video is trash, just like you!”

“You’re so ugly”

“You should go kill yourself, you ugly bitch!”

The comments just got worse the more you read. You sigh & close your laptop, then get up & go to the bathroom. You open up the medicine cabinet & pull out a razor. You drop yourself to the floor & roll up your sleeves, pressing the razor to your arms, small strands of blood dripping down from your fresh wounds. You start to tear up, but keep on cutting. “They’re right. I’m too ugly. I’m ugly. I don’t deserve to live. I DON’T!” You say to yourself, cutting deeper & bleeding more & more. All of a sudden from downstairs you hear the front door open & close.

“Y/N, i’m home!” You hear a man’s voice yell out. “Shit” You say to yourself quickly before getting up & quickly rinse the blood off your arms & put the razor away. Your best friend Mark was home. He didn’t know that you cut & you didn’t want him to know. You quickly run out of the bathroom & plop down on the bed before Mark knocks on your door.

“Come in” You say quietly. He opens the door & walks in, smiling at you. “Hey Y/N! What are you doing?” Mark asks. “Just finished making a new video” You say to him, faking a smile. “How was Pax?” “It was great!” He exclaims. He goes to say something else, but stops & he stops smiling & looks down at your arms. You give him a confused look, until you look & realize that your arms are still bleeding, blood dripping down your arms & onto the bed. Mark quickly runs over & grabs some tissues. Before you have a chance to stop him, he rolls up your sleeves to wipe the blood off & see’s all the cuts. He gasps & looks up at you in horror. “Did you..” He doesn’t finish his sentence. He wraps his arms around you & hugs you. You hug him back carefully. You start to cry into his chest. He gently strokes your hair & tries to calm you down.

“Why?” He suddenly asks. You look up at him & wipe your eyes. “B..because i’m ugly. No one loves me” You say, sniffling. Mark carefully puts one of his fingers under your chin & lifts your head up to look at him. “Y/N, you know that’s not true. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met” He says to you. He then very carefully grabs your arms & leaves gentle kisses on them, making you blush. Once he’s done, he looks at you & smiles.

“I love you Y/N” He says to you, smiling even more & gently caressing your cheek. You blush more & smile slightly. “I love you too Mark” You say to him. Mark’s face lights up & hugs you again. You hug him back. You both press your foreheads against each other’s. Mark smiles & presses his lips against yours. You smile back & kiss him back.

For once, you had someone that actually loved you for who you are.

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