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Him & Her


//BOOK ONE// Lucy Heartfilia has been living an unhappy life under her father. Always being thrown into unwanted marriages, never had any friends except a select few maids and body guards that are throughout her father's mansion. One day, she bumps (literally) into a young man with odd pink hair. His name is Natsu Dragneel. As events happen, they quickly fall in love. Sounds like your average fan fiction, right? Wrong. Follow the characters as they tell the story themselves as we explore what happened in their lives and how they were destined to be together. *||Art in book cover belongs to rightful owner. Main Characters based off the Fairy Tail series by Hiro Mashima. Any other characters are made up by yours truly and hold no value or effectiveness to the original series.||*

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1


It all started when I woke up one morning, and for some reason I just felt like it would be a special day. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I felt it. I felt like something big was going to happen! Maybe getting to eat food all day? Was there some kind of festival I forgot about? I didn’t know.

So deciding to finally get out of bed, I hopped in the shower and ate some breakfast after I got out. You know, the normal routine for me. After that I decided to get dressed in my usual attire that consisted of an open-collared, one-sleeved long overcoat which is tucked in and zipped. My left arm is always covered the sleeve with a leather brown armband while my right arm is exposed. I typically wear white pants and my favorite item of my outfit is my scarf. I constantly have it on, no exceptions. It’s very important to me. I also have a brown belt around my waist. Once I fiddled with my brown belt a little, adjusting it to my body correctly, I was ready to go.

I began walking in the streets of Magnolia, a city in the kingdom of Fiore. It was a lively city. Lots of people, reaaaally good food(I would know, I nearly ate an entire restraunts supply of food), and a lot of things to do. I typically just walk around and go to the little shops sometimes and buy a few random things like food, food, and more food.

After of strolling the inner streets of Magnolia, I found myself in the park near an old water fountain that has a weird looking symbol on it. I never really knew what it was, but whatever.

As I reached into my bag full of food, I pulled out a box of Pocky. Also known as the best thing on Earthland. When my eyesight was locked onto the box of Pocky, I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going and bah-bam I walked right into something. Oh, I mean someone.

“Ouch, hey!” A female voice exclaimed. I immediately looked up to see a blonde girl with some fancy dress on. And then I noticed the bodyguards behind her, who had their heads turned towards me. I gulped when one of them let out a weird growl. I wanted to make a run for it, but all of the sudden, my body hits the ground and I feel an extremely strong pair of hands holding me down, and my arms were twisted behind my back.

Did they just pin me down?! That’s crazy! They’re crazy! I frantically exclaimed in my mind. I struggled under their grip.

“Hey! Let me go! This is crazy, I didn’t do anything!” I yelled a little. I glanced around and saw that only a few people were looking my way. There weren’t many people around anyways. Just my luck.

“Miss Heartfilia, please step away. We have it under control, we shall protect you.”

“But I didn’t do anything wrong!” I demanded. I looked up at the girl who I apparently bumped into. She didn’t move an inch, she just stared at me in more of a curious way than afraid.

After a minute more, her voice was soft yet confident. “Let him go.”

“But Miss Heartfilia--”

“I said let him go. He didn’t mean to,” her gaze flicked to me and she tilted her head as if now speaking to me, “right?”

“W-Well, yeah. Why would I run into you on purpose?” I raised a brow.

“See? This stranger meant no harm. Now don’t make me say it again after this. Let him go.”

Both bodyguards hesitantly let me go. I slowly got up, then dusted off the dirt that got on my outfit. I paused and looked up at her. I could see that her brown eyes never moved their gaze off of me. I also noticed that both bodyguards silently returned to her sides.

“Thanks for getting them off of me. Sorry about running into you, I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going.” I rubbed the back of my head as I explained. “I was just reaching for Pocky.”

“P-Pocky?” She raised an eyebrow, her chocolate brown eyes studying me curiously. “What’s a Pocky.”

I blinked amazement that she’s never heard of them and the fact we are now discussing Pocky after I was just pinned down by two freakishly large bodyguards like it was just yesterday’s news.

“Haven’t you ever had one?”

“Uhm..” She bit her lip then shook her head. “No.”

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