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Eye of the Storm (A Marvel Story)


Ororo Munroe (Storm) is still recovering from her intense break-up with Thor. To make matters worse, she's been assigned to a mission with the Avengers. In her attempt to get over Thor, she finds comfort and love in the most unsuspecting person, America's finest, Steve Rogers (Captain America). As Ororo's friendship with Steve blossoms into something more, disaster strikes leaving her feeling desperate, empty, and even more miserable than before. Will the Avengers help Storm through this disaster before it's too late? And will Thor win Storm back or will she seek a future with America's Golden Boy? This book has three endings you can choose from. Enjoy!

Adventure / Erotica
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1: X-Men, X-Mission, X-Boyfriend

Are you happy now, my love?

White rose petals flutter around her silky-soft brown feet. The softness of its skin brushing against hers. She digs her fingers into the slightly damp grass as he again thrusts inside her, sending electric shockwaves coursing through her body. She arches her back lifting slightly off of the ground. She feels his massive, strong hand wrap around her small waist while the other grips tightly at her hip. Another thrust and she moans a poetic melody that sings to his heart. His intense blue eyes roam her moonlit face twisted with ecstasy.

Her eyes flutter open, her brown orbs now completely white as the wind around them starts to pick up. Green leaves and white rose petals encircle them. Thor gently leans down to his lover, his electrifying blue eyes never leaving hers as his pink lips seek out the soft flesh on her neck. Breast to chest, he moans loudly in unison with the thunder now booming to the rhythm of their love. He grabs her hips and thrusts again, biting gently on her shoulder leaving his mark of ownership. White and blue lightening course through both of their bodies as they both scream out in melodious ecstasy.

My love?

Storms eyes slowly fade to brown as she stares at her lover whose eyes never left her throughout her climax.

“I love you, Ororo.” He runs his massive fingers through her long curly silver-white hair and leans down to kiss her.

Come back to me my love.

Storm looks at him, confusion setting in her eyes.

Come back to me.

Ororo’s eyes pop open to the sound of pounding fists on her door. She slowly sits up rubbing her face. She glances outside her window to see a raging thunderstorm outside.


“’Ro!!” More banging on her door. She swung her long legs out of bed, slipping her feet into her slippers. She pulled her silk robe around her body, tying the belt around her waist as she headed towards the door.

“’Ro!!” The voice boomed again with more loud banging on her door.

“I’m here! Jeez, Logan!” she said abruptly opening the door. She stared at the rugged hairy man in front of her.

“Dammit, ‘Ro. I thought you were dead or somethin’. You, alright?” he asked eyeing her.

“I’m fine,” she said pulling her robe tighter.

“Mhm. Is this your doing? Or that big jackass in the sky?” He said referring to the thunderstorm.

“It’s not me this time, I swear,” she said defensively.

“Well, can you tell him to stop?” came a small voice. Ororo turned to see Kitty standing halfway through the doorway of her room. “He’s scaring the kids. I know it’s supposed to rain every now and then but this is ridiculous.”

“She’s right,” Logan said his eyes not leaving Ororo’s form.

“Since when did I become the Son of Asgard’s babysitter,” she huffed.

“Since two of the most powerful beings broke up leaving the rest of us to be victims of emotional tantrums. Listen... at least talk to him,” Logan said stepping closer to her.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” Ororo said turning her head away and crossing her arms.

“Now you know just as well as I do, ’Ro, that that just ain’t true,” Logan said.

“Ugh, Logan...”

“Please, Storm?” Kitty called out.

“Sigh... Fine.”

Ororo turned on her heels and headed back into her room. She slipped out of her robe and threw on a pair of black yoga pants and a white tank top with a black sweater zipped to her neck.

She opened her window and the rain curved to the side keeping her dry. Standing on the sill, a small wind picked up around her feet. She lifted off of the window sill as the wind flurried in a frenzy around her. She sought out in the heavy downpour to seek her ex-lover.


Thor sat at the edge of a high mountain. Mjolnir rested to his side. His legs dangling off the edge of the cliff of the mountain. His head drooped as his long blonde locks cascaded down his broad shoulders and around his face.

He looked up suddenly when he felt it.


His eyes searched the rain anxiously until he spotted her. A tornado encircling the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. And the love of his life.

She paused in front of him, the wind still whipping majestically around her. Her silver-white hair blowing freely and furiously about her face.

“Ororo.” His eyes gleamed and his heart picked up pace as he scrambled to his feet.

“I’d expect you to be a little bit more responsible than this.” Her words were curt and unfeeling but his heart still tingled when she spoke.

He just looked at her. His words caught in his throat. She peered at him for a moment before rolling her eyes. She whisked next to him and lightly stepped onto the cliff he stood on. He could smell the familiar scent of vanilla and coconut as she settled next to him.

“You’re drowning New York,” she said folding her arms.

“My love,” he started.

“I’m not your love,” she snapped quickly.

He gulped visibly.

“I felt you,” he said softly though his voice still rumbled as expected of a god of Thunder.

Ororo took a step back and wrapped her arms around her shoulders uncomfortably turning her head away from him. She couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes.

“I wish you would stop doing that, Thor. It’s a complete invasion of my privacy,” she muttered with slight vulnerability breaking through the frustration bubbling in her voice.

“This... I cannot help, Ororo. You are the love of my life. The connection between us cannot be so easily forgotten. I felt you, as I know you have felt me,” he said calmly stepping closer to her. He reached out to touch her before she shrunk back from his grasp.

“That connection was long broken when you decided to sleep with another, Thor Odinson,” she seethed. “The love of MY life, would never hurt me like you did.”

Her words cut through him like a sharp knife. But he could not blame her. He had betrayed her when he slept with Lady Sif. And though he tried to explain to her that he was in a drunken state when it happened, the act was unforgivable for her. Ororo and Thor had their issues though they tried to make their relationship work. Odin wanted Thor to marry a woman of Asgard, but Thor had always been in love with Ororo since the moment he first laid eyes on her during the cleanup after the Battle of New York with Loki when the X-Men offered to help restore the city. They immediately took to each other. Their powers complemented each other, and their love-making was the most electrifying and enjoyable mind-blowing sex for either of them. But out of concern of his father’s blatant disapproval, Thor hid his relationship with Ororo causing a rift in their relationship. Sleeping with Lady Sif had sealed the deal.

“I have no right to ask of your forgiveness,” he started.

“Then don’t,” she snapped at him not giving him another second. A wind started up again around her feet as she lifted herself from the cliff.

“Quit it with the thunderstorms,” she said before flying off back to the X-Mansion.

Thor watched as the affection of his heart flew off. The rain transitioned from a hard fall to a sad soft patter as the thunder became silenced. He sighed heavily and grabbed mjolnir.

“Heimdall...” he choked out before blasting upward in a thunderous rainbow clap.


“We’ve got a few press conferences that Hank and Angel have been assigned to take the lead on,” Jean Grey said adjusting her glasses as she went over the clipboard she held in her hand. She stood at the front of a circular table where Beast, Cyclops, Angel, Wolverine, Iceman, Storm, Rogue, and Professor Xavier sat.

“Scott and Bobby will take care of a dam leak in Vermont. Rogue and Logan, you’re to scope out a couple of disturbances that have been reported numerous times in our Eastern division. We think it may be some lost mutant children and we want to make sure we get to them before our less friendlier neighbors. Make sure you guys keep me updated on your progress so I can keep track of anything out of the ordinary,” Jean Grey finished up.

“Why am I on babysittin’ duty?” Logan groaned.

“I thought you’d jump at the chance to visit your old pals back in the Eastern sector,” Angel smirked.

“Eh... I’m all for slicin’ and dicin’ an old fling, but babysittin’ brats just ain’t my thing,” Logan said flippantly.

“You betta cut that out righ’ now, Logan. You know good an’ well, you just love the kids,” Rogue joked wagging her finger at him.

“Bullshit,” Logan snorted.

Scott stepped up to Jean Grey and wrapped his arms around her waist comfortingly.

“I’m gonna miss you,” he said nuzzling into her neck.

“Well you better hurry up and fix that damn so you can come back to me ASAP,” Jean giggled taking his face into her hands.

“Seriously, guys? Get a room,” Bobby rolled his eyes grabbing his tablet as he got up.

“Bobby, stop being a cockblocker and go get yourself a girlfriend,” Ororo teased.

“Wow, ’Ro! That’s ice cold, even for me,” Bobby said feigning a hurt expression.

“Oh god... not your puns again,” Storm said rolling her eyes as she went to leave the room.

“Ororo,” Professor Xavier called to her.

She turned around to see Charles beckoning her. She took her place next to him while he adjusted his wheelchair to face her.

“I have a particular mission I’d like you to go on,” he said. She raised her white eyebrow in curiosity.

“I had an interesting conversation with the Iron Man, Mr. Tony Stark,” he started.

“Ugh, I can’t stand that guy,” Ororo said rolling her eyes and crossing her arms in frustration. “He’s such a dick.”

“Yes, well... Mr. Stark can be a bit... egotistical... that being said: his team has been working on an important secret mission that requires someone of exceptional power, keen wisdom, and a particular set of skills... I’d like you to go,” he said to her.

Storm nearly gave her self whiplash with the double take she gave.

“Excuse me! Charles, no...I can’t,” she said agitated. “Why can’t Jean or Jubilee go?”

“Ms. Grey and Ms. Lee are already working on a special assignment,” he stated.

“I can switch with one of them,” she pleaded.

“I want you to handle this. I trust you and you alone with this assignment,” he said sternly.

She went to speak.

“I am aware of your history with the god of Thunder. Mr. Stark advised that Thor returned to Asgard to deal with family affairs and is not expected to return for a while,” Charles said plainly

Ororo looked at him confused. Family affairs? What family affairs? She thought to herself.

“That’s none of your concern right now,” Charles said reading her thoughts. “You would be an extremely valuable asset not only to the mission but also to their team,” he said smiling warmly.

Storm sat back in her chair with a huff as she crossed her arms. She wasn’t sure how to feel about the Avengers, especially after her breakup with Thor. but she trusted Charles with her life. If he wanted this, it must be important.

“I know I can trust you, Ororo,” he said wheeling out of the room.



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