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Generation One: Kittyclaw’s Sorrow


Kittykit is a young kit born into ShadowClan. She faces many hardships because of her name and her unknown father. Her mother seems to despise her for no apparent reason. As she trains to be a Warrior, she is determined to find out who she really is, and what secrets have been hiding from her all her life.

Adventure / Mystery
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Leader: Cloverstar - Light brown tabby she-cat with stunning green eyes

Deputy: Breezepath - Gray Tom with long legs and amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Maroonpelt - Mottled black and red she-cat with long whiskers
Apprentice: Deerstripe


Ivoryriver - White she-cat with gray tipped ears
Apprentice: Quietpaw

Luckycatcher - Very dark gray and brown mottled Tom with dark eyes

Lightningfur - Fluffy golden tabby Tom
Apprentice: Lizardpaw

Peppersnap - Bright ginger and black she-cat
Apprentice: Zebrapaw

Ursula - Black she-cat (former loner)

Sparrowflight - Brown, longfurred tom with long whiskers

Tallfall - black and White tabby Tom with blue eyes
Apprentice: Stripedpaw

Blackleaf - Black She-Cat with white spots

Creamstem - Cream tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Vanillapelt - Cream colored she-cat with a brown muzzle and ears

Quarryripple - Dark Gray tom with dark tabby stripes
Apprentice: Pineapplepaw

Greennettle - Black tabby tom with luminous green eyes


Deerstripe - Light brown tabby she-cat with a darker stripe down her back

Quietpaw - Small White she-cat

Lizardpaw - Brownish Gray tabby tom with Amber eyes

Zebrapaw - White she-cat with black stripes

Stripedpaw - Longfurred calico tom with deep blue eyes

Pineapplepaw - Golden She-Cat with black spotsn


Daisyheart - White and golden tabby she-cat, expecting Breezepath’s kits

Sweetnectar - Ginger she-cat with a white muzzle, mother to Lightningfur’s kits: Peachkit (Ginger tabby she-kit), Songkit (White and Golden she-kit), and Sunsetkit (Golden she-kit)

Silverwish - Silver tabby she-cat, mother to Kittykit (Black she-kit with Gray tipped ears and tail with a gray belly)


Sharptounge - Very old tom with gray fur and blue eyes

Frostyriver - Pale Gray and White she-cat with one paw missing

Turquoisepelt - Blueish She-Cat


Leader: Pandastar - Black and white she-cat

Deputy: Eclipseshadow - Tortoiseshell tom with a big, golden tail and yellow eyes

Medicine Cat: Emeraldshine - Pale Gray tom with green eyes


Heatspring - Dark ginger and white tom

Watermask - Blueish black tom with white stripes

Apprentice: Satinpaw

Rainysky - Mottled Gray she-cat with blue eyes

Brightface - White She-Cat with golden spots around her eyes

Thymebush - Light brown tabby tom with one yellow eye and one green eye

Apprentice: Herbpaw

Darkheather - Black and cream tabby she-cat

Jumpfern - Calico She-Cat

Apprentice: Garlicpaw

Frogthorn - Very dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Grasspaw

Silvereverest - Silver she-cat with a white face

Creamtail - Cream and white tom

Cricketleap - Brown tabby tom with longer than average legs

Apprentice: Leafpaw


Satinpaw - Longfurred White she-cat with blue eyes, deaf

Herbpaw - Gray tom

Garlicpaw - Mottled white and brown tom

Grasspaw - Cream and ginger she cat

Leafpaw - Pale brown tabby she-cat


Icypool - Pale Gray tabby she-cat, expecting Cricketleap’s kits


Appleseed - Cream tom with black spots

Turkeyfeather - Pale tortoiseshell she-cat

Rabbitfang - Black She-Cat

Longeye - Dark Gray and brown tom, retired due to failing eyesight


Leader: Cottonstar - Longfurred, large white Tom with yellow eyes

Deputy: Lemonshade - Golden yellow and white she-cat

Apprentice: Mistypaw

Medicine Cat: Russetfoot - Black Tom with dark ginger paws


Ravenstorm - Black she-cat with white spots across her face

Ashface - Mottled pale gray Tom with firey eyes

Mountainheart -Tortoiseshell and White she-cat

Tabbystripe - Brown and white tabby Tom with blue eyes

Apprentice: Springpaw

Swiftcatcher - Pale gray Tom with black stripes

Autumnberry - Dark calico she-cat with tabby stripes

Apprentice: Fastpaw

Horsepelt - Bracken colored she-cat with a black stripe going down her back and a white muzzle

Flamepool - Ginger and White Tom

Apprentice: Twilightpaw

Volcanofur - Gray Tom with ginger highlights


Mistypaw - Silver she-cat with white paws

Springpaw - Golden she-cat with green eyes

Fastpaw - Black and White Tom with blue eyes

Twilightpaw - Black she-cat with golden specks


Birdrain - Brown tabby she-cat, mother to Flamepool’s kits: Stormkit (Tortoiseshell Tom), Finchkit (Brown and White tabby she-kit), Lightkit (Pale ginger tabby she-kit), Featherkit (White Tom), and Whiskerkit (White and ginger Tom)


Timberpath - Very dark brown tom, former Windclan deputy

Crimsontail - Very dark ginger Tom


Leader: Icestar - Pale grat and white mottled she-cat

Deputy: Primrosesnap - Pinkish cream tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat: Stardream - Pale yellow tabby she-cat with a white muzzle

Apprentice: Shellpaw


Beavertail - Brown Tom with a large tail

Otterslip - Gray she-cat with green eyes

Jumpingfoot - Bracken colored Tom with black tabby stripes

Yarrowtounge - Golden tabby Tom

Apprentice: Rockpaw

Bloodclaw - Redish orange tabby Tom

Salmonstream - Pale gray she-cat with a pink nose

Apprentice: Fishpaw

Butterflywing - Blue gray she-cat with a black tipped tail

Gorgestream - Blue gray tabby Tom with dark blue eyes with black spots across his face

Lavastorm - Bright ginger she-cat

Apprentice: Inkpaw


Shellpaw - Gray tom

Rockpaw - Gray tabby Tom with brown eyes

Fishpaw - Pale brown She-cat with green eyes

Inkpaw - Black she-cat with a white belly


Whitefeather - White she-cat with long fur, expecting Bloodclaw’s kits

Earthstorm - Brown mottled she-cat, expecting Gorgestream’s kits


Rainfall - Gray and blue gray mottled she-cat, blind

Dogsnap - Very dark brown Tom with big ears

Violeteyes - Black and White she-cat with purple eyes

Jingle Bell - Golden tom, former Kittypet

Other Animals

Splat - Black and White tom

Lion - Long furred golden tom

Nala - Pale ginger she-cat

Shadow - Black she-cat

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