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"You're the one who brought the morning dawn to my eternal nights with no end to be seen. Will you let me hold your hand now?"

Romance / Drama
Donna Mohanty
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I need a girl like you...yeah!

The Secret Admirer

Once upon a time, there lived a high-school teenage girl named Y/N. She was one bubbly girl with a sociable character and modern demeanor. She was well-mannered and a mature child. As her parents were famous personalities, they lived elsewhere while she stayed back in her hometown along with her grandparents. She had always been an exemplary student and in other words, you can say that she was an elegant and flawless girl, but she had one problem- she was a major daydreamer, she would frequently doze off in her classes, skip her lessons just to have some peace of mind to complete her fantasies. But she wasn’t the only one amongst her class! There was one more boy named Jungkook who had a bashful personality and he was a calm person, he was an average student with average family background. He wasn’t an outcast but he didn’t like to interact much with the others. But there was one person who frequently interacted with him and befitted to his liking and that person was Y/N.

Jungkook was a new admission in Y/N’s high school, he won a scholarship to get in. The story of how Y/N and Jungkook met was unique. One would foretell they would-be partners, seat-mates, project partners, frenemies, teachers’ most biased students and many more, but it turned out that they were locker pals. It was Jungkook’s first day in school and he was having difficulty finding his homeroom when he was offered help from Y/N. He politely rejected her help, but she was one headstrong girl. At last, he accepted her help and found his homeroom and coincidentally they both had the same classroom. Jungkook was mentally sulking because he found Y/N highly bothersome, but day to day communications and chats with her caused him to unknowingly grow feelings for her and feel tender towards her. Y/N was also feeling the same thing, whenever Y/N would feel low or had obstacles which she couldn’t share with her family or her friends, she would, without any doubt approach Jungkook and weep in his embrace, same was his scenario too. Y/N’s grandparents also loved Jungkook dearly as he always appreciated them as his own family and the same was with Jungkook’s parents, they also gladly accepted Y/N’s presence at their house. This love-hate friendly relationship kept going on and time flew by that they both didn’t realize that it had already been over a year and they were already in their last year of high school. It was without a doubt, really clear that they both had a crush on each other. It all sounds so dramatic just like a Disney movie where there is a troubled princess and prince charming saves the day! But it’s a really exciting experience for Y/N and Jungkook to have someone that would shower them with affection and love like no other person, or assume their feelings and think of their partner before themselves.

It’s easy to realize your feelings but it is a very challenging task to confess your feelings to the person you like or love. But this didn’t stop Y/N and Jungkook to prove how they feel. Being the fantasists they are, they both understood that they should write messages to their crushes as secret admirers! Just how they do in movies. Their lockers were adjacent so it didn’t seem to be a problem to pass on some letters without making the other person notice. They both knew that this was a berserk idea but still didn’t mind and went for it. It had already been a few months since they both had been getting letters but they both didn’t dare to share this with each other cause at the end of the day if they tell each other, both the sides will be pained to hear that someone fancies that person so dearly and you must have come in the way. After a while, Y/N got a letter saying that her secret admirer would expose himself soon. He wrote that she should be waiting at the nearby blossom park. The day had arrived when Y/N would meet her admirer and she had been waiting for him from a long time, until, she saw Jungkook running with two beverages in his hands, he was panting hard when he stood in front of her. She was beyond confused as to what was happening around her at that moment but all her worries and queries vanished when she heard Jungkook speak, “I know you must be confused and it must be embarrassing and surprising to hear this from me but I am your secret admirer. I am the one who had been writing you those sweet notes while expressing my true feelings, those notes were for every moment when I felt ethereal around you and felt as if it was a whole new horizon for me.” She was mentally screaming from optimism and dancing cause this was an occasion to party. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize that Jungkook had asked her to go out with him, her mind went vague but when she got back to her senses, she gladly accepted him and since then they both had been seeing each other.

One day a thought struck Jungkook that he had still been getting letters in his locker in which the admirer would write how pleased she was to see him together with the one he truly relishes. He faced Y/N and told her that he didn’t want her to be unsettled so he would find this admirer and tell her that he is already taken. That’s when the world around Jungkook stopped after he heard Y/N’s words, “Chill Jungkook! I am your secret admirer, what are you getting worked up for?” she said while sipping her iced tea. Jungkook’s jaw dropped in awe and he asked Y/N that why he wasn’t informed that she had had feelings for him from god knows how long. And that was the moment when Y/N felt caught in a heavy situation and swiftly escaped by responding just a short ’oops!’Indeed love stories and high school romance is plausible in real life, you just have to anticipate for the true one or the chosen one for you!

The End

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