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Metal's Return


After the events of Metal Sonic being destroyed in the lava, Sonic becomes depressed while wondering what Metal would've been like if he actually changed like he believed he would. One night, Sonic's wondering is answered when Tails tells him that he successfully repaired Metal Sonic with whatever parts of him left he could find and hope rises in the blue hero's heart that his wish just might come true.

Action / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

After a few minutes of Knuckles chasing Sonic around in the North Pole, both Sonic and Tails returned to their home island as nighttime had fallen and the crickets chirped their night songs, the waves of the ocean crashing from the wind that howled softly and the moon shined down on the Earth below and the stars twinkled with an all-knowing light. Once Tails landed the Tornado plane inside its resting place, he and Sonic both jumped out of it, Sonic stretching himself while putting his arms up and letting them fall to his waist, the blue hedgehog’s eyes dull in exhaustion from his long battle against Metal Sonic.

“Well today wasn’t so bad, now was it Tails?” Sonic said to his friend.

“I’ll be honest about one thing, it actually was pretty intense.” Tails replied as the two started walking through the long hallway. “Though I still can’t believe you did that.” He inquired.

“Did what?” Sonic asked, turning his dark brown eyes to the two-tailed fox.

“That you tried to help Metal Sonic, I mean, don’t you remember that he almost killed you twice yesterday?” Tails clarified.

Sonic was silent and glanced away from his friend, remembering the first time that Metal nearly killed him by kicking him off of a pillar of rocks, then the second time being when they fought in the North Pole and Metal Sonic had Sonic by his throat in an attempt to choke him to death. The memories of those specific parts made Sonic’s spine get chills in it, but after seeing Metal coming out of the smoke with the president and the old owl, he started to believe that there was a possibility of him changing, but Metal was destroyed in the lava before it was showed even more, but Sonic knew for sure that it was confirmed to what Metal Sonic was becoming.

“Yeah I remember, why bring it up?” Sonic asked Tails finally.

“Because I wanna know why you tried to help him, he did almost destroy the world after all.” Tails replied.

“Well if he had shut down afterwards, I could’ve asked you to reprogram him, plus he did help the president.” Sonic answered him.

“Reprogram him?” Tails asked, his eyes widened. “Sonic that tech is way too difficult, plus he was programmed to kill you and yet you seriously think he could change?” He questioned him.

“Yes, I do, you know I’m not one to be constantly angry at anyone like Robotnik.” Sonic answered him.

“But Robotnik’s literally the one you’re always angry with.” Tails replied. “Why is Metal any different?”

“Because Robotnik has lied to us all the time and lied about that bomb in the Land Of Darkness, sure Metal tried to kill me, but so has Robotnik.” Sonic replied.

(A/N: In case you don’t know who Robotnik is, apparently back in 1999 of the Sonic OVA movie on YouTube, Eggman used to be called “Robotnik” but his name was changed because of him being fat.)

“He was still created by Robotnik you know.” Tails replied.

Sonic decided to stay quiet and picked up his pace, reaching his bedroom door and opened it up before stepping inside, shutting the door behind himself and crawled up on his bed, not bothering to put the covers over himself properly while his one leg hung over the edge of the bed, Sonic sighing in exhaustion while thinking about his conversation with Tails about Metal Sonic turning good. Though Sonic didn’t care that Metal was created by Robotnik, he still had high hopes that if Metal had accepted his help instead of refusing, he probably would’ve turned good. Eventually by the least. ‘There is only one Sonic.’ Metal Sonic’s words rang in Sonic’s mind, having the blue hedgehog turn over to his side on the bed, his heart pounding in his chest from wondering what Metal meant by what he said before being submerged in the lava. ‘What did Metal mean by when he said that? Was it because he didn’t want to exist and just decided to accept his fate in being destroyed?’ Sonic thought to himself. No matter how much Sonic thought about what happened, his chest still ached from remembering Metal being destroyed as a single tear slid down his face, the blue blur deeply wishing that he was able to save Metal Sonic from his demise. Metal may have tried to kill him, but Sonic didn’t care, he still wanted to see if Metal would change if he had saved him successfully before his eyelids became heavy and Sonic fell into a deep sleep, his mind wandering off into a dream.

Sonic opened up his eyes finding himself standing on top of the lava in the same hole that Metal Sonic had melted in, the blue hero looking around his surroundings. Steam surrounded Sonic and the lava had bubbles that popped once they got too big to stay as its excellent glow illuminated a bright light from the deadly red and yellow liquid. ‘How the heck did I get here?’ Sonic though in confusion. Suddenly, a familiar beeping sound could be heard and Sonic turned around, seeing Metal Sonic standing there with parts of his body missing and sparks spraying from where he was missing some of his body parts, the robotic hedgehog having his usual emotionless look in his red eyes, but with both of them sharing a connection to each other, Sonic could tell that Metal was in need to be repaired.

“Metal? Can you hear me?” Sonic asked the robot.

Metal replied with a nod of his head, making a small beeping sound in speech, but to Sonic it was more in a whisper that even his hedgehog ears couldn’t pick up, so the azure hedgehog stepped closer to Metal Sonic to better hear what he’s saying.

“Mind repeating that again?” Sonic said politely.

‘You attempted to prevent my fate, why?’ Metal Sonic questioned him telepathically, his voice similar to Sonic’s but more metallic-sounding.

“What do you mean?” Sonic asked him.

‘When I was in here, you came and attempted to help me.’ Metal reminded him.

“Oh, that.” Sonic replied, understanding what Metal meant now. “The reason why is because when I saw you helping the president, I knew you were changing, one thing I don’t understand is why you refused to let me help you.” He said to the Badnik.

‘If I had accepted, my creator would have seen me as a traitor and tossed me aside, I was not to allow myself to be destroyed by him.’ Metal Sonic replied.

“I could’ve prevented that from happening.” Sonic argued.

At that Metal was dead silent, both his speakers and mind quiet, the only sound that was heard was the lava bubbling around them, Sonic’s gaze meeting Metal’s as the blue hedgehog’s ears went down, longing for Metal to say something.

“You seriously still think Robotnik could’ve destroyed you?” Sonic asked Metal finally.

‘Either way my demise still would not have been prevented, I would have continued the battle even in the state I was in.’ Metal said to Sonic.


Before Sonic could finish, the ground began rumbling and the lava bubbled up intensely, almost getting ready to erupt. Sonic tried to reach Metal Sonic to grab his hand and get out of there, but before he could so, the lava had already erupted and sprayed the Badnik, destroying him instantly.

"Metal!" Sonic yelled while sitting up from his lying position.

Sweat trickled down Sonic’s head as he was panting, the sight of how Metal Sonic was suddenly destroyed having him tremble in terror, it had all happened so fast that even Sonic’s mind couldn’t comprehend what happened in his dream, what gnawed his nerves even more was Metal’s explanation to him denying Sonic’s help during the time that he tried to save him. ‘What a crazy dream, and Metal saying that Robotnik could’ve tried to destroy him? Even I would’ve protected him!’ Sonic thought, feeling frustrated. Sonic let his eyes close and sighed to himself, still sad that Metal was destroyed and feeling upset that he witnessed it twice now even if the second time was just in a dream, but to him it felt so real.

“Sonic are you okay?” Tails asked while entering his bedroom. “I heard you scream from all the way in my bedroom and panicked for a second there.” He said while approaching Sonic’s bed.

“I’m doing fine Tails, just some crazy dream I had.” Sonic said to the yellow fox.

“You sure?” Tails asked in worry.

“Yeah.” Sonic replied, nodding his head to him.

“Okay then.” Tails replied before exiting Sonic’s bedroom.

‘I’ve got a feeling today’s going to be a long day.’ Sonic thought to himself.

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