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The Mafia's Blind Mate


Jungkook is a ordinary man who has a disability caused by the people he trusted the most This story is a omegaverse Top:Namjoon Bottom:Jungkook Side ships :yoonmin, vhope There will be some smut here so beware

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Chapter 1

This is my first ff and English is not my first language so if there is any grammatical error please point it out😁😁😁

And guys please go easy on me 😇😇

Jeon Jungkook/kookie:


Status: Human(future luna)

Friends: Luhan(from EXO)

He doesn't trust people easily because he used to be beaten up by his parents because he was different than all the other children , and one day he was hit so hard that he lost his eyesight. And his parents died because of drinking and driving (don't drink and drive kids).

Kim Namjoon/RM:


Pack:The Blood Diamond

Status:True blood alpha/Mafia king

Friends:Everyone in BTS

Mate:Jeon Jungkook

He is only nice to his friends and Jungkook. His parents died protecting him and that is why he is cold blooded to everyone except Jungkook and BTS.

If you touch anyone in his pack you are going to die same goes for anyone else.

Min Yoongi/Suga:


Pack:The blood diamond


Friends:Everyone in BTS

Mate:Park Jimin

Even though he is cold on the outside he is all soft and squishy on the inside and if anyone dares to wake him up from his slumber there will be consequences.

Kim Seokjin:


Pack: The Blood Diamond

Status: Pack Doctor

Friends: Everyone in BTS


He is basically the mother of the pack and is the nicest and sassiet. He cooks and cleans. If you touch any one that is close to him your dead.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

Age:25(he is younger than yoongi)

Pack:The Blood Diamond

Status:Lead Warrior

Mate:Kim Taehung

He is a literal ball of sunshine and he is nice to every single pack member.

Park Jimin/Chim Chim/Chim:


Pack: The Blood Diamond

Status:Betas mate

Friends:every one in the pack

Mate: Min Yoongi

He is soft, squishy and nice his favorite foods are kiwis and strawberrys.

Kim Taehung:


Pack:The Blood Diamond

Status:The lead warrior's mate


He is cute,cuddly and at times extremely serious and he is called a alien by BTS.

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