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Never Ever Land: The Untold Story


This story unfolds in the second star to the right and straight on till morning— the island of NeverLand. What was supposed to be a sanctuary from the mistreatment of the world turned into a survival game of hide and seek from Peter Pan. The story you know isn’t the truth. Wendy never made it home. She died at the hands of Tinkerbell who framed Hook’s friendly Crocodile in a surge of jealousy. Peter never recovered from it. Instead the darkness ate at him from within. He lost everything and everyone except Tinkerbelle. That was until he finds a crying Mae about to jump out of her apartment building. She looks an awful like Wendy and finds herself whisked away for an adventure she never planned.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Third Lost Girl

Was it all a dream?

Or so Maeve believed. She hadn’t ran away from that rotting treehouse. Away from the constant reminiscing and story telling of the good old days. Out of the grasp of his close eye and forcing her to wear that stupid blue bow. Away from the pipes he held as he always played the same songs. Her songs. He promised Maeve a chance for a second life. He offered her a place where she didn’t have to grow up if all she did was believe.

However, what Maeve didn’t wake up to the pipes or the itchy feeling the hammock against her skin. Instead she felt cool moist sand on her fingers and toes. Rhythmic sounds of the ocean pulling into the shore and the wind gliding against her body. It felt almost heavenly. Even more so when she opened her eyes and saw the sunset.

A mixture of colors that were brown and green flooded the sky. Oranges and reds as bright as fruit mixed to form blue and lilac smeared across white clouds. Maeve smiled softly at the sight.

“Beautiful,” she breathed out and suddenly two boys heads popped into her vision. Immediately she screamed and try to jump up to run away. The two boys immediately put their hands on her shoulder to keep her from moving.

“Hey it’s alright,” one of them said. He couldn’t be older than fourteen, “you’re safe.” His eyes being brown just like his hair.

“We found you in the woods,” the other one with light hazel eyes spoke. He couldn’t be older than eleven at best. “She looks an awful lot like...you knows who” hazel eyes says.

“Don’t say her name,” Maeve sighed as she looked at the blue stained gown, “how long have I been out?”

“Can’t say,” brown eyes speaks now, “but not long enough for Tink to find you. So I’d estimate an hour. Once we get you aboard I’ll see to Smee to find you something else to wear.”

“It’s sick that he still has that gown,” Hazel eyes sighs as he offers his hands to help Maeve up. She rejects it as she stands on her own. “Well, you’ll be safe with Captain. Promise” hazel eyes smiles cheerfully as he and brown eyes begin guiding Maeve further down the shore.

“Captain..” Maeve whispered to herself. She remembered a story he told her about a certain wicked Captain and his crocodile. Slowly around the corner a ship came into a sight. On the back was engraved ‘Jolly Roger’.

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