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The Lost One: When Destiny Calls

By Marietta Huaute

Adventure / Romance


Prologue: Deirdre's Beginning

Once upon a time on the mystical island of Avalon, there lived Lord Oberon and his beautiful wife, Queen Titania. They ruled over the Faes, or Fair Folk, as they were known by mortals, and the Fae were called Oberon's Children. For many long years, they longed for a child of their own, but they had none. Finally, a daughter was born, and the whole Island rejoiced. While her parents were filled with great joy, they knew that many with evil intentions would try to steal their daughter and use her powers for evil. So they named her Deirdre, which meant sorrow, because they knew that their daughter would not have an easy life. Nonetheless, Oberon swore to protect his child and keep her safe from the outside world.

To celebrate Deirdre's birth, Oberon declared a celebration, and all of the Children traveled back home to Avalon. Even those of low and high estate from the Kingdom of Disney, a kingdom which they had never seen eye to eye with, were invited in hopes that this show of good will would form an alliance on that most joyful day, as they came together to pay homage to the infant princess.

Joyfully, now to our princess we come,

Bringing gifts and good wishes too,

We pledge our loyalty anew

Hail to the Princess Deirdre!

All of her subjects adore her!

Hail to the Lord!

Hail to the Queen!

Hail to the Princess Deirdre!

Health to the Princess,

Wealth to the Princess,

Long live the Princess Deirdre!

Hail Deirdre!

Hail Deirdre!

Health to the Princess,

Wealth to the Princess,

Long live the Princess Deirdre!

Hail to the Lord!

Hail to the Queen!

Hail to the Princess Deirdre!

They made welcome to the 3 good fairies of the Disney Kingdom who had come to bless the child with a single gift, no more and no less. Oberon and Titania were both incredibly grateful that the three fairies wanted to gift their precious child.

Flora blessed the baby with the gift of beauty:

One gift, beauty rare,

Glow of moonlight in her hair,

Lips that shame the darkest rose,

She'll walk in starlight wherever she goes!

Fauna then came forward to give her a gift: the gift of song.

One gift, the gift of song,

Melody your whole life long!

The nightingale her troubadour,

Bringing his sweet serenade to her door.

Just as the last fairy, Merryweather, was about to give her gift, there was a blast of wind as the doors flew open and swirled through the room. The room darkened, before there was a crack of thunder and a flash of green light. After the light faded, there stood Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil.

Oberon ordered Maleficent to leave, but she did not. Instead, she gave the infant a terrible curse. Before the final stroke of midnight rang as the old year dies in her 21st year, she would lead the Darkness in a war against the Light or die.

She then disappeared, cackling madly as Titania clutched her baby to her. Merryweather still had her gift to give and gave them a ray of hope. She said that only an act of the truest love could spare her from her dreadful fate.

Oberon dismissed everyone and vowed to keep his child safe himself as he knew that others would try to come for her. Fairy Godmother and the 3 good fairies approached Lord Oberon and Queen Titania and presented them with a plan. They would take the baby into hiding and raise her to be good and protect her. Oberon would have none of it, and in his rage, he ordered them to leave.

Out of all the other villains, Hades did not agree with Maleficent's curse. He said that if the babe was allowed to live, there was always the chance the curse could be broken and they'd be defeated. However, Maleficent wouldn't hear of it, and sent him on his way. Hades was furious to have been dismissed, but he left. If there's one God you don't want to get steamed up, it's Hades, 'cause he had an evil plan.

He ran the Underworld

But thought the dead were dull and uncouth

He was as mean as he was ruthless

And that's the gospel truth

He had a plan to shake things up

And that's the gospel truth

That night, while her parents slept and Deirdre was peacefully dozing in her cradle in the nursery, Pain and Panic snuck into the nursery and took the baby from her cradle. Oberon and Titania, hearing her cries, ran to save her, only they were too late. Titania collapsed by the overturned cradle in tears while Oberon roared, his fury exploding and could be felt all over Avalon.

Pain and Panic had been sent by Hades to make the child mortal and kill her. He didn't want the chance of the babe growing up, as the Fates had told him if she were to find true love and join the Light, then the Villains would be destroyed. Pain and Panic managed to get the baby away, and forced her to drink a potion that would turn her mortal and destroy her powers, but they were interrupted by a mysterious woman before the baby could drink the last drop.

Oberon sent out all the Children on a frantic search, but all he found of his precious Deirdre was the shattered remains of the bottle that held the potion to make her mortal. In his heart, he knew he was too late. The Third Race was not allowed to interfere in mortal affairs. So, with a heavy heart, he returned home to his heartbroken queen.

The Fae was mortal now

But since she did not drink the last drop

She retained her fairy strength

So thank her lucky stars

Oberon and Titania wept

Because their babe could never come home

They had to forget their precious baby

And never know her love

Though the villains' horrid plan

Was hatched before she cut her first tooth

The girl grew stronger ev'ry day

And that's the gospel truth

The baby was safe. The woman, who left the baby with someone she could trust to care for her, while she began the long task of wiping everyone's memories of Deirdre, making everyone believe the infant had died  When it was done, she took the baby to another realm and high into the mountains where they both rested in the ice for a thousand years.

In the two years following, Titania began to look down upon the human race, and anger, that she could not place a reason to, began to well up inside her. Oberon banished her and all the other Children from the island, so they would all learn humility, and the exile lasted for a thousand years. Both he and Titania roamed the mortal world, searching for something, though they knew not what.

The villains of Disney, however, never forgot, and in the Kingdom 1000 years passed. The villains searched high and low, but they could never find the infant Princess. The Forbidden Mountains thundered with Maleficent's wrath as, year after year, they failed to find the princess, never knowing that they had passed her hiding place many times as she lay safely entombed in the ice. They knew that she couldn't stay hidden forever, and that the time was coming and soon she'd return. They would wait until the time was right. They knew that the curse would be complete, and that nothing would stand in their way.

Once 1000 years had passed, the woman awoke and took Deirdre into the realm of Reality in the year 1992 and left her on the doorstep of a kind couple who would raise the girl to be kind and good. Once the baby was safe, the woman left to begin the preparations for Deirdre's return.

The Battle between Light and Darkness was at hand, and the fate of the entire Disney Kingdom rested on the shoulders of one 20 year old woman who had no idea about was to come.

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