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This is my first fan fiction, so I'm sorry if its unclear. This story is about a girl named Lee Y/N L, who was in love with her bully, Kim Namjoon, and tried to hide her feelings with all the pain she has been through. Do you think they will end up together? Read to find out...

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I sat patiently on my bed as I was thinking on what to do to avoid my bullies at school. I have had bullies ever since my parents died, and also my best friend. Ever since people always thought of me as an unlucky person because only I survived the car accident in where my parents died. My friend died because of depression. I also had depression but I grew over it somehow. I was always used to the insults and the things the kids in my school do to me. To me, it's just natural to be treated like this. I always felt this heat and sadness inside me. It always hurt me thinking about why I couldn't die with my parents. Why couldn't I have them by my side every single day. I slowly brushed my thoughts away while stepping into the bathroom and stared at the small window on the side. I thought about how I could make things right. I quickly did my morning routine and put on my uniform.


I quickly went downstairs in my uniform and ate an apple before exiting my house. "Bye mom and dad." I said to the picture of them hanging on the wall near the entrance of the house.

I was approaching a bus stop when I heard footsteps and laughter behind me. The next thing I remember was getting pushed on the hard concrete. They were running away while I stayed dumbfounded. I slowly got up and looked at my knees. "Wow. What a great way to start off school with bloody knees." I said with a sarcastic tone. You got a napkin and wiped your knees. I decided to walk to school since the bus already left.


I quickly made my way to the nurses office just to get alcohol so my rashes wouldn't get infected. As I went in, I saw my main bully. Kim Namjoon was his name. I cursed at myself for not being careful and accidentally dropping a jar of cotton swabs. He quickly turned around looking from where the noise came from. When he spotted me, he started walking towards me and looked at my knees while having an evil smirk on his face. He was really tall, his hair a light blonde color, and of course, his dimples showed while he smirked. I tried to run away from him but I failed with him trapping me in his embrace. He has a stronger grip than me do I gave up easily on trying to get away.


Where do you think you're going,hmmm?" He asked with a dangerous yet low voice. I avoided eye contact whenever I was around him, even though the feelings I had for him before are still there. I am always nervous around him. I didn't realize that he was still talking while I was looking at space, still lost in my thoughts. I finally snapped out of it when he yelled "ANSWER ME" really loud for the whole country to hear. I flinched. I stayed silent the whole time, because either way I knew he would hurt me. And I was right. He harshly grabbed my arm and made me fall on my knees making them bleed more. I started to wince because my knees bleeded a lot and started to sting. Namjoon left while chuckling. I tried to get up trying to get the alcohol and a bandage to apply on my knees. I suddenly heard a soft, and concerned voice speak while looking at me. "Oh my goodness. Are you ok? Who did this to you?" The boy was tall. I know, it's just me seeing people tall because I am short. Anyways he looked at me taking me to a nurse bed. "I'm Jung Hoseok,but you can call me Hobi or Hoseok. What's your name?" He smiled at me. His smile was really contagious as it was shaped like a heart. His dark red hair shined brightly because of the sunlight entering the room through the window. "Oh... I'm Lee Y/N, but you can just call me Y/N." I said smiling back at him. He took the alcohol from me and started cleaning my wounds. "Oh I can do it myself." I said trying to stop him. I felt embarrassed that he, was cleaning my wounds. I found it kinda weird though because he's one of Namjoon's friends, along with 5 other boys. "Oh, I don't mind. I just want to help you out... Listen, I know that you think I'm gonna hurt you because I'm friends with Namjoon, but don't worry, I don't see the reason on why he hates you so much. You look like a nice person that has been through a lot." He looked deep into my soul, I felt his stare while he was saying his words. He saw that I wasn't feeling fine. He saw me hurt when he said that. "Oh no, I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?" He asked as he kept his stare on me and me only. "No it's alright, I mean I think it's time to get this out my chest anyways." I said while looking out the window, because I felt dead inside."Can I ask you something before you start?" "Sure go ahead." I saw him and he smiled brightly while saying,"Can I be your friend?"

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